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LEO Weekly Horoscope (March 18 - 24

Leo Weekly Horoscope for March 18 - 24: Overview

At the start of the week, whatever you have your arms wrapped around might be choking you to death (figuratively speaking, of course). Release your hold and observe how the object behaves on its own. Check if the plan works. Monitor the plant's growth.

Additionally, ignore anyone who tries to get you to think about money on Wednesday or Thursday because you are thinking about more important things than pennies and dimes. At the end of the week, creativity and art play a big role, and the weekend is jam-packed with amazing (but shocking) life lessons. When Sunday rolls around, you're not into absolutes; you're into complexity.

Leo. Photo: Allure
Leo. Photo: Allure

Love Weekly Horoscope for Leo (March 18-24)

Whether it was a mutual or unilateral decision, Leos who have recently experienced a breakup will keep this information from their inner circle so that everyone believes nothing has changed. If you continue in this manner, two things will occur: first, you will be alone and without support from others because of your ignorance. Furthermore, some rumors will eventually leak your secret as the days pass.

And this will serve as the week's central theme: a game of secrets, information hiding, and revealed truths. As a matter of fact, you'll also learn things about yourself and your partner and kids and other family members have been keeping from you.

These circumstances will be perplexing to Leo singles who are just starting out in dating. The person you like will reveal information to you that the person's friends won't. Your emotions will be tumultuous!

Finance Weekly Horoscope for Leo (March 18-24)

Mercury enters Pisces in your eighth house, where it suggests you communicate your ideas clearly, especially when it comes to investments or conjunct finances. The Pisces communication star will cause messages to seem unclear and cause miscommunications.

But there's no need to freak out. There's more good news for you from the stars. The adjustments you make at work will enable you to earn more money. Seek out new opportunities as they may lead to your ideal career.

The spring equinox and a new astrological year begin on Saturday morning. The Sun's entry into Aries will greatly heighten your desire to travel and learn. Now would be a great time to relocate abroad and build on your success there.

Health Weekly Horoscope for Leo (March 18-24)

The astral aspects in your health area are very positive, you'll have great energy that will help you reach your physical goals. Your mental health will play the main role this week, as well as curiosity for the occult arts.

Career Weekly Horoscope for Leo (March 18-24)

As this week gets underway, you have the ability to use your intuition to achieve amazing things in your career. Mercury will sextile Uranus in your career sector on March 21, indicating that you will be able to understand all of your possible next career moves by delving deeply and understanding the meaning of things. Mercury is in your investigative eighth house.

In fact, it would be wise to use your connections to form a partnership with someone for a long-term relationship, as Mars in your eleventh house of teamwork forms a trine with Saturn in your relationship sector.

Leo Daily Horoscope for March 18 - 24

Leo. Photo: Honey Nine
Leo. Photo: Honey Nine

Monday and Tuesday bring a strong sense of independence and instincts. You'll want to follow your instincts and not hold back. Now is a good time to advocate for new or ongoing projects and stand up for what you believe in. Additionally, you're not afraid to take chances and fully engage with novel, distinctive, contentious, or experimental things. People might be very interested in you because of your sexuality and captivating charm.

Wednesday to Sunday confers dignity and self-assurance. Now is a good time to reflect carefully on your long-term objectives and your obligations to other people. Additionally, now is a good time to formalize a business partnership or pursue commitment in an intimate relationship. Any new relationship would need to take certain important factors into account in order to be dependable and long-lasting.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Tarot Card Reading

The Tower. Photo: TarotTools
The Tower. Photo: TarotTools

The card of the Tower is one of change. The Tower is not nearly as scary or foreboding as most decks' illustrations of it. These days, it can be disastrous to try to cling too tightly to the status quo. Accept the changes as they come.

In Conclusion

It's possible that some of the circumstances or people you have relied on to support you won't be there in the same capacity. This need not be catastrophic; life is full of change, and resisting it is akin to trying to paddle upstream without a paddle. This could be the moment when some of the castles you have been building in the sky collapse to the ground. That only becomes an issue if you allow it to.

If some fantasies fall apart this week, you will be able to replace them with some more grounded and achievable dreams and goals. While it's vital to dream, it's equally critical to live in the present. You will get through this period just fine, especially if you keep in mind that you already possess all the tools you need to deal with life and complete your tasks.

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