LEO Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly predictions for 28 Dec - 03 Jan
Horoscope and tarot reading for Leo. Photo: Hello Life 4 U

Weekly Horoscope Overview for Leo

Ready for a fun Monday? You can make a good time out of almost any situation as the week begins -- so don't be bashful about getting others in on the game. Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thursday morning too) should take a decidedly more serious slant, as your attention turns to your reputation (your career? your ego?). In any case, it's a good time to show off and collect deserved praise. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, friends will look to you to lead the way on some collective effort, whether for work or just for fun. (Which makes sense for a natural leader like you, right?) This Sunday, your earnestness and warmth will win you respect and affection.

Weekly Romancescope for Leo

This week, you might be faced with some unwanted advances from someone you consider just a friend. On December 28, the moon moves through your platonic eleventh house and forms an opposition with romantic Venus in your spicy fifth house. Unfortunately, you and someone in your life might be on separate pages, forcing you to let them know that you might not share their feelings. Don’t let it get more out of hand than it already is.

However, if there’s someone you actually do have feelings for, things could get confusing by the thirtieth. Venus forms a square with Neptune in your emotionally deep and intimate eighth house, leaving you unsure of whether these feelings are rooted in lust or something more, like true love. Keep your wits about you because there’s no way of knowing just yet.

December 31 is when the truth behind your love life might come into play. The moon in your first house of the self opposes the heavy Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your partnership sector, revealing what’s blocking you from having the love life you desire. This particular relationship may feel like it’s more work than it’s worth. Follow your heart but try to be realistic.

Weekly Businesscope for Leo

Feel free to take it easy at the beginning of the week. When the full moon takes place in your spiritual twelfth house on December 29, you may feel like you’re drifting through a dream state. Give yourself time to rest and reflect. By December 30, the moon will oppose Mercury in your sixth house of routine, messing with your plans and disorienting your priorities. The frustration could really start sinking in by December 31, when the moon squares Mars in your expansive ninth house. You may feel the instinct to get up and get going, but it may be difficult to get focused.

Luckily, the moon will also enter your first house of the self on December 31, reenergizing your confidence and sense of self. Tap into your individuality and independence but be aware of how that affects others. The moon opposes the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in your partnership sector, so put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

By January 2, you’ll get your second wind. The Leo moon will form a trine with Mars, opening your perspective and revealing new roads you can embark on. By January 3, the moon in your money sector will form a trine with Uranus in your career sector, helping you generate revenue in brilliant new ways.

Weekly Travelscope for Leo

Generate some good traveler's karma at the beginning of the week. Keep your eyes peeled and offer help to someone who needs it. Listen and absorb instead of offering up your opinion. On Wednesday or Thursday, with a little patience, you can find a creative solution to a bump in your plans. Think about an interesting side trip instead of just cooling your heels. Proceed with caution in money matters this weekend. Do a little research before you fork over a significant amount. Sunday's a fabulous day to try something out-there that you can't do at home.

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Weekly Flirtscope for Leo

You will be totally driven on Monday and know exactly what (or whom) you want. Move quickly. You won't get another chance like this any time soon. Friends and roommates start to get aggressively boring midweek, so ditch them as soon as you can and try to just fly solo. Regroup on Friday and spend the weekend figuring out what to do with the big block of time you have coming up soon. By Sunday you should have it all figured out and be ready for good fun.

Leo Personality Traits: Strengths

Big & warm energy

When Leo enters the room, you will know it. Leo’s have a strong and impressionable aura, and they light up the room wherever they go with their warmth and radiance. They exude generosity, and they have incredibly open hearts, which causes people to flock toward them. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and just like the Sun, Leo’s energy is big, warm, and bright.

Popular & easy to like

Leo’s have an extremely warm heart, and they care a lot for others. They possess friendly and vibrant personalities that make others feel comfortable in their presence. Due to this, Leo’s can be rather popular among their peers, and they find it extremely easy to meet new people and make new friends.

Prideful & confident

Leo’s see themselves as royalty, and they will not show their weaknesses and failures to anyone. Most Leo’s prefer to focus on their best traits and achievements, and proudly tell others what they have accomplished and achieved, and not where they have failed. They stand firmly behind their beliefs, standards, and values and cannot easily be swayed or manipulated.

Powerful leaders

Leo’s make the best bosses, CEOs, and directors as they know how to manage a team more efficiently than most other signs. A Leo will richly reward those beneath them for their hard work, and they will be passionate about helping those that work for them succeed. A Leo boss stands with their employees through thick and thin, as a Leo sees their employees as their “pack” or “pride.”

This week Leo Tarot Horoscope

Your card for the week: 9 of Swords

LEO Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly predictions for 28 Dec - 03 Jan
Photo: Psychic Reach

The 9 of Swords indicates that you are suffering from some kind of loss or disappointment right now. This could have been something you saw coming, or it could have been something sudden and unexpected. Regardless, this stress has been weighing on you, possibly making you feel as though you'll never recover from this situation. Take the time necessary to grieve and heal, keeping in mind that although what you're going through is tremendously difficult, you can move on and grow from this experience, as said by Tarot.

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