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Knives out 2: Release Date

Knives Out 2 looked ready to hit the production fast track in February 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic got in the way. The good news is, now that Knives Out 2 has a new home on Netflix, filming is reportedly set to begin in June 2021.

With that in mind, the sequel could be released at some point in 2022 at the earliest. Based on Johnson's desire to make a sequel fast, and Craig's stated desire to return, a 2022 release appears exceedingly likely. How long filming on the Knives Out sequel will take remains to be seen, but fans can get excited that it's finally happening.

Knives out 2: Dave Bautista to join the cast

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The only confirmed cast member returning from Knives Out for the sequels is Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, the famous detective with a Southern drawl who was modeled on Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

Knives Out 2 cast is adding Dave Bautista, best known for playing Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy. He is also starring in Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix zombie flick, Army of the Dead. No details are known about Bautista's character in Knives Out 2.

Other Knives Out cast members are unlikely to return. Johnson has said that any future sequels would have new casts. Blanc presumably moves on to another case involving new characters.

However, some fans have campaigned for the original actors to return in completely different roles, kind of like a repertory company. For example, Toni Collette could play Blanc's partner or Chris Evans is the murder victim. Then, they could all return for Knives Out 3 in new roles again, according to Netflix.

While Johnson is starting fresh with the Knives Out 2 cast, that doesn't preclude calling up actors from his other movies, like Laura Dern (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick, Looper) or Rachel Weisz (The Brothers Bloom). Bonus: Weisz also happens to be married to Craig.

Best known for his action-heavy roles in like Guardians Of The Galaxy and the upcoming Army Of The Dead, this latest role should give Bautista some fun scenery to chew on given Johnson’s first Knives Out script that was full of fun characters and snappy dialogue.

Netflix is know stranger to getting in big business with Bautista, who is set to star in Zack Snyder’s tentpole zombie pic Army of the Dead, another film viewed as a possible franchise at the streamer. He is also set to star as Jason Momoa’s brother in the next season of Apple TV+’s See.

He is set to reprise his role as Drax in not one but two Marvel pics, Thor Love And Thunder, which he just finished shooting and Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. III. He is repped by CAA, Meisner Entertainment Group and attorney Karl Austen.

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Who else to be in Knives Out 2 cast?

Knives Out had a huge cast with huge stars, so the expectation is that Knives Out 2 will have a huge cast with a bunch of big-name actors and actresses.

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Daniel Craig is back as Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2. Craig was the only confirmed cast when the Netflix deal was announced.

It’s since been confirmed by Deadline that Dave Bautista, who stars in Netflix’s Army of the Dead and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as Draz, has been cast in Knives Out 2. It’s unclear what Bautista’s role in the film will be.

Deadline also reported that Edward Norton has joined the cast of Knives Out 2!

Knives Out 2: Sequel Release Date, Dave Bautista Joins Cast and Updates
Edward Norton. Photo Fresh Headlines

With the recent announcement that Bautista has joined the cast, we should find out the rest of the cast in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear if any of the cast of the original film would be back for the sequel.

Knives Out 2's Trailer

Knives Out 2: Plot twist

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In a new plot twist, Lionsgate will no longer be releasing Knives Out 2 or its sequel, Knives Out 3. Rather, Johnson and producing partner Ram Bergman signed a whopping $469 million deal with Netflix, which gave the pair complete creative control over the sequels. This happened because Johnson and Bergman owned the rights to the films and their reps at CAA began shopping Knives Out 2 around due to the unlikelihood that the sequel would be released in theaters considering the ongoing pandemic. And so, audiences with a Netflix subscription will get to watch Knives Out 2 when it's released, for better or worse.

While Knives Out 2 is happening, it won't be about the Thrombey family. That story is over, but Daniel Craig’s character, Benoit Blanc, solving a different mystery remains on the menu. Since a follow-up to Knives Out is still in the pre-production stage, no plot details have been revealed yet. However, the fact that Johnson wants to follow the template of the Christie novels should get fans excited. Knives Out 2 will involve Benoit Blanc solving a new murder in Greece instead of New England. New characters will be introduced, with casting expected to begin soon. Johnson has also expressed a desire to tell a different style of murder mystery in Knives Out 2, so fans shouldn't expect the sequel to have any deep ties to the first film outside of Blanc's involvement.

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