Winning a chess game in 2 moves is impossible. Photo:
Winning a chess game in 2 moves is impossible. Photo: Youtube

True grandmasters spend years learning the underlying theory, working through puzzles, and studying their opponents in order to perfect their game. However, in this article, KnowInsiders's going to show you how to win a chess game in just 2 moves!

In this game, you will be playing black, and your opponent is white.

Step 1: Your Opponent Makes His/Her First Move

Photo: Instructables
Photo: Instructables

Your opponent moves a pawn to f4 on his/her first move. Not a great starting move, but not a bad one either (f4 is actually a terrible first move unless you're very good, as it exposes your king).

Step 2: Your First Move

Photo: Instructables
Photo: Instructables

You move your pawn to e6, to open up your queen.

Step 3: Your Opponent Slips-Up

Photo: Instructables
Photo: Instructables

Your opponent has moved a pawn to g4, opening up the H-file for an attack. A poor move.

By moving your queen to H4, you have put the king in check, but there is nowhere to go and no piece to block check with. Checkmate!

Now let's check what White can do here

White has left his king really exposed. The only place the king can move is in the direction of the queen, which doesn't help.

Photo: Instructables
Photo: Instructables

None of the surrounding pieces can block the queen, and none of the surrounding pieces can take the queen.

Why Black Won:

White left his king really exposed following two bad moves with his pawns, making it easy for black to capitalize on the mistake.

Of course, you can't make white play these two bad moves, (and a great chess player would never play this way) but if you ever find yourself playing against an opponent who does that, you'll know what to do.

Full disclosure: since chess is a two-person game, this will only work if your opponent makes two really bad moves.

How To Win A Chess Game

Winning Techniques

The grandmasters of chess define it a very strategic game. One cannot master it in the brink of the moment. It demands a lot of practice and exercise of mind for winning this game. On the other hand, It is not an implication of the game to practice it for years. One can also master this game if he understands the mechanics of moves. You have to think one step far from the opponent because it is only the dominance of the mind and extrapolation of thoughts. The basic purpose chess game is to defend your king every time and attack the opponent with your pawns, noted Chess Hints.

Comprehend the value of every piece

If you are a beginner then this lesson will update you about every rule of the chess game. Firstly, you have to understand the value of every piece and recognize it by their name. Every piece has its own significance rating from a higher to a lower degree. King is the most important piece on the chessboard. If your opponent sorted out the way to catch your king then you are completely lost. Moreover, another precaution is risk contingency. If you want to take out the Knight of the opponent then you have to risk your Knight for maximum defense. Your rook should not confront the Knight of an opponent.

The ranking and values of respective material on chess game is shown as:

Pawn =1

Knight = 3

Bishop = 3

Rook = 5

Queen = 9

Think before leap

To know How To Win A Chess Game you must consider a chess opening is one of the main steps which decides the conclusion of a game. They will determine your strategy throughout the game and the opponent will sort out your thinking accordingly to defeat you. Chess opening should be done by keeping in view the following points:

  • Move your Pawns towards the center of your boards to get the most defensive position for king and queen.
  • Your decision for white or Black decides the game strategy.
  • Never repeat the moves on the same piece rather you have to decide for moving different pieces.

This will lead to more reactions of an opponent and increases the chance of mistake.

Try out Scholar’s mate technique

This strategy works out only once for one opponent because he gets the point next time. It is usually used to snatch the game quickly from beginner opponents to avoid wastage of time. Following rules will define the technique more efficiently.

As white: King’s Pawn moves up 1, Bishop to C5; Queen to F6; Queen to F2

As Black: King’s Pawn moves up 1; King’s Bishop to C4; Queen to F3; Queen to F7

Controlling the center squares of the board

The center of the chessboard is a position from where every position and attack can be done against the opponent. Therefore, one should play wisely while marching through the center squares of the board. Two methods are used to reflect these strategies;

Supported middle

When several pieces move into the mid of the chessboard then your Bishops and Knights control from the edges of the board and help you out during attack time.

Modern style

This is a unique style of controlling the center of a board because if you use this method then your opponent has no opportunity to get into the center except he/she would be taken. Your rooks, queen, and King move along the board to protect the center.

Learn to build Castle

Castle is a system that builds the protection for King. In this system, your rook will hop in front of the king and builds a protective wall in case of attack. This is incredibly the best trick, especially for amateurs to learn the game. Moreover, the best part of playing chess is to read the opponent’s mind while keeping you completely concealed.

Every player should learn all these strategies to learn how to win a Chess Game !!

Top 8 U.S Chess Players, according to Chess:

1. AlphaZero

Peak rating: 3500+

2. GM Bobby Fischer

Peak rating: 2785

3. GM Fabiano Caruana

Peak rating: 2844

4. GM Wesley So

Peak rating: 2822

5. GM Hikaru Nakamura

Peak rating: 2816

6. Paul Morphy

Peak rating: 2811 (estimated by Edo)

7. GM Leinier Dominguez Perez

Peak rating: 2768

8. GM Gata Kamsky

Peak rating: 2763

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