How to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup
How to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup

2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup: Quick Facts

The men's national teams of the United States and Mexico will compete in the CONCACAF Gold Cup against a strong field of elite teams from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. This is the most significant match for the US Men's National Team after the World Cup.

Concacaf will give its current champion the opportunity to command the spotlight for the first time. The 17th Gold Cup, which will feature the United States and Jamaica, the Americans' toughest group-stage competition, will begin with a single game, as opposed to previous editions' custom of having two matches per day. Soldier Field has hosted the Gold Cup final on numerous occasions, including in 2007, 2013, and 2019, despite not hosting the 2026 World Cup.

Four new stadiums will host matches during the 2023 tournament: TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, CITYPARK in St. Louis, Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, and SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Cincinnati and St. Louis will be hosting the Gold Cup for the first time, while LA and San Diego have done so in various stadiums in the past.

The 14 cities and 15 stadiums that will host 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup games were announced by Concacaf on Monday. Eight MLS stadiums are represented on the list, including the recently constructed CITYPARK (St. Louis CITY SC) and TQL Stadium (FC Cincinnati) soccer-specific venues.

The final will be played at SoFi Stadium, home of the NFL's Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, during the tournament's run from June 16 to July 16. The month-long event rounds out a summer schedule of international soccer, which includes the Concacaf Champions League final on June 4 and the Concacaf Nations League Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 15–18.

All 47 MLS and Liga MX teams will compete in the 2023 Leagues Cup tournament from July 21 to August 19. The tournament will cause a break in both leagues.

The US men's national team defeated Mexico in 2021 to claim the last Gold Cup, which is awarded every two years.

Gold Cup: MLS host stadiums

  • Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte, NC
  • Soldier Field - Chicago, IL
  • TQL Stadium - Cincinnati, OH
  • DRV PNK Stadium - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Red Bull Arena - Harrison, NJ
  • Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
  • CITYPARK - St. Louis, MO
  • BMO Field - Toronto, Canada

Gold Cup: Non-MLS host stadiums

  • AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX
  • State Farm Stadium - Glendale, AZ
  • NRG Stadium - Houston, TX
  • SoFi Stadium - Inglewood, CA
  • Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas, NV
  • Snapdragon Stadium - San Diego, CA
  • Levi’s Stadium - Santa Clara, CA

How to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup 2023: TV Channels, Streaming Links

How to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup in the US

You've found the right place if you're looking for the Gold Cup TV schedule for Americans.

FOX Sports has the rights to the English-language broadcasts, while TUDN has the rights to the Spanish-language broadcasts. You can watch every game that airs on the FOX and TUDN networks, from the Gold Cup Final through the cup-qualifying matches, with fuboTV.

In its capacity as the Gold Cup's sole Spanish-language broadcaster, TUDN airs all games live during primetime on Univision, UniMás, and TUDN. TUDN will provide thorough coverage of the competition across its linear networks and digital portfolio in addition to live matches.

With members of its team of experts present at many of the tournament venues spread throughout the region, TUDN will provide live Gold Cup coverage on its linear networks throughout the competition in addition to a selection of digital and social content. Fans can anticipate stunning visuals and graphics, both in the studio and live at select matches, thanks to TUDN's groundbreaking use of augmented reality to improve the soccer viewing experience.

Download a free copy of The Ultimate Soccer TV And Streaming Guide from World Soccer Talk, which contains information on how to watch every league in the world on US TV and streaming.

Download the free Soccer TV Schedules App (available on Apple iOS and Android devices) to see the schedules of all the live soccer matches that are broadcast in the United States.

The US English-language rights to the 2021 and 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup competitions are held by FOX Sports, while the Spanish- and Portuguese-language rights to the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup are held by Univision/TUDN.

In the United States, Fubo will air the 2023 Gold Cup final. FS2 and TUDN are more possibilities if any American fan doesn’t want to miss the game.

How and Where to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup Anywhere in the World

Televisa, TUDN, & TV Azteca will all carry the championship game in Mexico and similarly, One Soccer will provide the broadcast in Canada. If anyone wishes to watch the game in Central America and the Caribbean, they have the option of watching it on ESPN.

For other territories in the world, they will be available on Concacaf GO, Concacaf's Facebook page, and Concacaf's YouTube channel (all subject to territory restrictions).

Matches of Concacaf Gold Cup will be available for fans across the region to view on Fox Sports | Tubi (USA-English), TUDN | ViX (USA-Spanish), Televisa | ViX and TV Azteca (Mexico), OneSoccer (Canada), and ESPN | Star+ (Caribbean, Central, and South America).

Concacaf Gold Cup 2023: Full Schedule of Matches

How to Watch Concacaf Gold Cup 2023 AnyWhere in the World
2023 Concacaf Gold Cup

2023 Gold Cup Prelims Schedule

The 2023 Gold Cup Prelims will feature two rounds of direct elimination and take place at DRV PNK Stadium (Fort Lauderdale, FL) from June 16–20, 2023. The 12 competing teams were split up into six pairings for Round 1.

The schedule for the Round One matches is as follows (listed in ET and local time):

Friday, June 16, 2023 - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M1: 4:30 PM (4:30 PM) Trinidad and Tobago vs Guadeloupe

M2: 7:00 PM (7:00 PM) Martinique vs Saint Lucia

M3: 9:00 PM (9:00 PM) Curacao vs Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saturday, June 17, 2023 - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M4: 4:30 PM (4:30 PM) French Guiana vs Sint Maarten

M5: 7:00 PM (7:00 PM) Suriname vs Puerto Rico

M6: 9:00 PM (9:00 PM) Guyana vs Grenada

The six match winners who survive single-match elimination play advance to Round Two. Following is the schedule for Round Two (listed in ET and local time) and the predetermined pairings:

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M7: 4:30 PM (4:30 PM) Winner Prelims 1 vs Winner Prelims 6

M8: 7:00 PM (7:00 PM) Winner Prelims 2 vs Winner Prelims 5

M9: 9:00 PM (9:00 PM) Winner Prelims 3 vs Winner Prelims 4

The three Round Two matchup winners will advance to the 2023 Gold Cup Group Stage.

2023 Gold Cup Group Stage

16 nations will compete in the 2023 Gold Cup Group Stage between June 24 and July 4, with each group consisting of four teams.

The three Prelims winners, the guest team, Qatar, and the 12 Concacaf national teams that qualified directly through their performances in the Concacaf Nations League group stage were split up into four groups as follows:

Group A: United States, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Winner Prelims 9

Group B: Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, and Qatar

Group C: Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Winner Prelims 8

Group D: Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, and Winner Prelims 7

The schedule and host venues for the 2023 Gold Cup Group Stage matches is as follows (listed in ET and local time):

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - Group A

M10: 9:30 PM (8:30 PM) United States vs Jamaica - Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Sunday, June 25, 2023 - Groups A and B

M11: 3:30 PM (3:30 PM) Nicaragua vs Winner Prelims 9 - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M12: 6:00 PM (5:00 PM) Haiti vs Qatar - NRG Stadium, Houston, TX

M13: 8:00 PM (7:00 PM) Mexico vs Honduras - NRG Stadium, Houston, TX

Monday, June 26, 2023 - Group C

M14: 6:30 PM (6:30 PM) El Salvador vs Winner Prelims 8 - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

M15: 8:30 PM (8:30 PM) Costa Rica vs Panama - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 - Group D

M16: 7:00 PM (7:00 PM) Canada vs Winner Prelims 7 - BMO Field, Toronto, CAN

M17: 8:45 PM (8:45 PM) Guatemala vs Cuba - DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - Group A

M18: 7:30 PM (6:30 PM) Jamaica vs Nicaragua - CITYPARK, St. Louis, MO

M19: 9:30 PM (8:30 PM) Winner Prelims 9 vs United States - CITYPARK, St. Louis, MO

Thursday, June 29, 2023 - Group B

M20: 7:45 PM (4:45 PM) Qatar vs Honduras - State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ

M21: 10:00 PM (7:00 PM) Haiti vs Mexico - State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Friday, June 30, 2023 - Group C

M22: 6:30 PM (6:30 PM) Winner Prelims 8 vs Panama - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ

M23: 8:30 PM (8:30 PM) El Salvador vs Costa Rica - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ

Saturday, July 1, 2023 - Group D

M24: 7:30 PM (6:30 PM) Cuba vs Winner Prelims 7 - Shell Energy Stadium, Houston, TX

M25: 9:30 PM (8:30 PM) Guatemala vs Canada - Shell Energy Stadium, Houston, TX

Sunday, July 2, 2023 - Groups A and B

M26: 7:00 PM (7:00 PM) United States vs Nicaragua - Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

M27: 7:00 PM (4:00 PM) Jamaica vs Winner Prelims 9 - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA

M28: 9:00 PM (9:00 PM) Honduras vs Haiti - Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

M29: 9:00 PM (6:00 PM) Mexico vs Qatar - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA

Tuesday, July 4, 2023 - Groups C and D

M30: 6:30 PM (6:30 PM) Winner Prelims 7 vs Guatemala - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ

M31: 6:30 PM (5:30 PM) Canada vs Cuba - Shell Energy Stadium, Houston, TX

M32: 8:30 PM (8:30 PM) Costa Rica vs Winner Prelims 8 - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ

M33: 8:30 PM (7:30 PM) Panama vs El Salvador - Shell Energy Stadium, Houston, TX

2023 Gold Cup Knockout Stage Schedule

The top two teams from each group (a total of eight teams) will move on to the knockout stage following the 2023 Gold Cup Group Stage matches. The Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Our Final will all take place during the Knockout Stage on July 8–9, 12, and 16, respectively.

The schedule and venues for the Knockout Stage matches is as follows (listed in ET and local time):

Saturday, July 8, 2023 - Quarterfinals

M34: 7:00 PM (6:00 PM) 1C vs 2B - AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

M35: 9:30 PM (8:30 PM) 1B vs 2C - AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sunday, July 9, 2023 - Quarterfinals

M36: 5:00 PM (5:00 PM) 1D vs 2A - TQL Stadium, Cincinnati, OH

M37: 7:30 PM (7:30 PM) 1A vs 2D - TQL Stadium, Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 - Semifinals*

M38: 7:30 PM (4:30 PM) Semifinal 1 (W34 vs W37 or W35 vs W36)

M39: 10:00 PM (7:00 PM) Semifinal 2 (W34 vs W37 or W35 vs W36)

Sunday, July 16, 2023 - Final

M40: 7:30 PM (4:30 PM) W38 vs W39 - SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA

*After the Group Stage, the locations for each semifinal matchup will be announced. On July 12, one semifinal will be held at each of Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California, and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Concacaf

One of FIFA's six continental confederations, the Confederation of North, Central, and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf), serves 41 Member Associations from Canada in the north to Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana in the south. Concacaf refers to soccer first. Our members are brought together by a common vision of "Love For Our Game" and a special mission to develop, promote, and manage football in the area with honesty, openness, and zeal in order to encourage participation in the sport.

About Gold Cup

The Concacaf Gold Cup, which crowns a winner every two years, is the Confederation's premier event for men's national teams. The Gold Cup, which originally featured eight teams, has grown into a competition with a 12-team preliminary round and a 16-team group stage, all of which qualify through the Concacaf Nations League. There have been 16 previous competitions for the tournament. The United States comes in second with seven titles, followed by Canada with one, and Mexico with an event-high eight.