How to Virtually Plan and Live Stream Your Wedding during Covid-19

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Brides and grooms, you are not alone if your original wedding plans have changed or been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has changed the entire wedding industry, and while it may feel a bit devastating to have to change your original wedding celebration, we are here to bring you some positivity as you re-plan, re-schedule, and re-imagine your wedding day, Bridalmusings noted.

Choose Your Platform

Instagram Live, Google Hangout, Zoom Conferencing – you’ve got options. Decide if you want a live stream that people can watch, or if you want to be able to see your guests just like they can see you. This will be the deciding factor in how you wish to broadcast your ceremony.

Make sure to include proper links to the platform you choose, etiquette instructions to your guests (are they muting themselves, do you want them to be able to comment in the feed?) and any other helpful information for people who may be using this for the first time.

Virtual Vendor Consultations

How to Virtually Plan and Live Stream Your Wedding during Covid-19

While you may have had to nix your venue, rentals and catering, a few vendors may still come into play. A photographer, for one, is a vendor you may still want to keep in the fold. You don’t need to be up close and personal with your photographer. Social distancing can absolutely still be a thing while they capture all your wedding day glory. Be sure to tell them you’re live streaming so they don’t stand directly in front of the feed!

Finally, your officiant can either join the two of you in-person (at a distance) or they can lead the ceremony online*! Just make sure to get that marriage license signed and mailed in, according to Thebudgetsavvybride.

Wedding Rehearsal

Don’t be fooled: Just because the event is online doesn’t mean you can skip rehearsing. In fact, it only makes it that much more important so you can ensure things run smoothly. Set aside time with your fiancé, officiant and bridal party (if you have one) to go through the most important aspects of the big day and troubleshoot any technological challenges.

Since your guests’ attention spans likely will be shorter than if the event were in person, this is also a good time to think about which traditions you most want to include. For example, maybe you choose to skip the cake cutting simply because you don’t have a group to share it with. Or maybe your fiancé shared how much they were looking forward to the first dance, so you make sure to prioritize that, Zola pointed.

Official Ceremony

We recommend you keep things a little brief. Considering you may have quite a few people streaming along with you, it may be difficult to balance a long ceremony with the inability to control the clarity of everyone’s devices.

How to Virtually Plan and Live Stream Your Wedding during Covid-19

If there’s anything you really want to include, like a reading or vows – consider including a beautiful print out in your invites! That way guests can follow along, even if they can’t hear every word you are both saying.

Otherwise, run through how you’d like the event to go with your officiant or a friend in charge. That way you and your partner won’t have to worry about the flow, and someone else can be in charge of muting and unmuting, and guiding you both through the ceremony with ease.

Throw a Virtual After Party

Use a platform like Google Hangouts to have a virtual "reception" with your guests! Tell them to get dressed to the nines and get ready to par-tay.

Include some formalities if you'd like: Hook up your speaker and have your first dance. Cut a homemade cake. Make your signature cocktail (the "Quarantini" perhaps?) and give guests the recipe in advance so they can drink with you. Open up the "mic" and let your guests make a toast. Throw the most epic virtual bash any of your guests have ever seen, Herecomestheguide advised.

Just because you had to take things online doesn’t mean you have to give up on making the event feel like your own. Aside from tradition, the primary purpose of a wedding is to celebrate a union and have fun – so make sure you do just that! Get creative and engage your guests through thoughtful, interactive experiences. Keep it simple, and most importantly, keep it you!, Shutterfly regarded.

*If you find the aforementioned information concerning "virtual wedding ceremony", don't hesitate to share it widely, many thanks in advance from Knowinsiders!

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