Photo Design Shack
Photo Design Shack

Video Template is a tool which makes creating video ads faster and easier than ever before. With this tool, you can simply create a video ad by selecting a template and uploading your photos, text, and logos.

Follow these steps to start using a template on TikTok:

1.Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new video

Photo Morning Tidings
Photo Morning Tidings

2.Select “Templates.” (You’ll find it next to the “Camera” label at the bottom of the screen.)

3.Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

4.Select the “Templates” link at bottom right.

5.Swipe through the prepared templates that came with the app. Last we checked, we had 11, but the number can vary. Each template will have a descriptive name, and under that, it will tell you how many photos you can use with the template. Some will have a minimum and a maximum (say, two to five photos), while others will simply have a maximum (up to, say, five photos). If you see one you like, tap the large “Select photos” button.

Each template can use a certain number of photos.
Each template can use a certain number of photos. Photo Morning Tidings

You’ll be taken to your device’s photos area. Don’t worry that you’ll forget how many photos you can use; you’ll find the number in the lower left of your screen.

Photo Morning Tidings
Photo Morning Tidings

As soon as TikTok has finished processing the photos, they will be dropped into the template

From here, you can make some additional changes. For example, you can add stickers, tweak the effects, or add a voiceover. The rest of the process of saving and posting a TikTok video is the same as always.

But what if you don’t like any of the templates that TikTok has supplied? There are a variety of free templates and tools out there offered by a plethora of companies and creators such as Zoomerang and Canva. But be wary: while these and other services may offer free templates, you may have to deal with watermarks, ads, or other add-ons that you might rather avoid.

Supported features

- •Choose from vertical, horizontal or square template

- •Create a video using images or videos

- •Customize your fonts, choose the font type and color for your text and calls to action

- •Use the Masking feature to preview how your video will appear as an ad on TikTok

- •Bulk upload content and use the auto cropping tool to intelligently crop your content into a vertical aspect ratio

- •Bulk crop your images, simply click the crop button on any image and can crop all the images used in your video

- •Select up to 20 different background music tracks to create 20 unique versions of video

Best Practices


- •Use high-resolution images

- •Choose images that show people using your product.

- •Use images that have received positive results from previous marketing campaigns.

- •Less is more. Use simple and clear messaging.

- •Highlight one main message. Each image should deliver a single and impactful message.

Fast and easy to use

- •Reduce time spent on video creation by letting this tool do the work for. No more long hours at night editing those ads.

- •Save money by avoiding those freelancers to edit your media into a marketable video.

- •Video creation all in one easy click. Take those pictures you already have in hand and create them into 10 second videos easily - it's almost like magic.

Benefits of a good video

Better videos means better ad performance

- •Create an immersive video experience with mobile optimized templates, choose from vertical 9:16, horizontal 16:9, and square 1:1 aspect ratios.

- •Easily present your marketing message more clearly with videos that pop, making everyone stop in their tracks and take notice.

- •Build a strong brand image by creating videos to appeal to an audience that loves swiping through engaging video content.

Promote multiple features of a single product

We love products with tons of features! More features means more opportunity to present each one in your story. Upload separate pictures for each feature and get your entire product brand story out to the world. This is great for automobile, electronics, and clothing products!

Promote multiple products

It's like this tool was almost designed with these companies in mind. If you promote multiple products or your product comes in multiple styles, colors, or sizes, then you NEED this tool! Showcase all your products with different photos and combine them into a single promotional video - we are looking at you e-commerce and clothing stores!

Tell your brand story

Build a strong brand image by sharing your brand story using pictures that describe your brand’s characteristics. Sometimes describing your brand takes more than one slide and this tool allows you to spread your story across multiple frames. This is great for anyone who cares about building brand image and increasing awareness.

Demonstrate your product or application

Do you need a how-to type of video? Show customers how to use your product, app, or software by you using different pictures to describe the step-by-step instructions. For those with apps, cosmetics, and electronics products, this tool is a match made in heaven!

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