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Here are 6 tips to teach your toddler to talk:

1. Simplify your speech.

Use short sentences and emphasize keywords when you are talking to your toddler. This will help her to focus on the important information. For example, rather than talking in a long sentence to say you're going out and she needs to put her shoes on, keep it short, such as, "We're going out now, shoes on please."

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Use objects and gestures to help your little one understand the situation, as well as the words involved. For example, when you ask your little one, "Would you like an apple or an orange?" show her each of the fruits as you say the word, so that she realizes the difference between them, and that there is a choice to be made.

Help your toddler to focus her attention on what you’re saying to her, by switching off unnecessary background noise such as the TV or radio. Children can find it harder than adults to filter out background noise.

You may think that you talk to them enough now, but if your child isn’t speaking yet, maybe you’re not talking to them enough. Use every opportunity to expose them to language, even if they’re not responding back. During diaper changes, while you’re making dinner, at mealtimes, etc. You can expose them to a ton of new language during everyday activities. Have normal conversations with them, even if you think the vocabulary is too complex.

2. Dictate what you are doing

It can get pretty quiet in a house alone with a baby. Since they’re not talking back to us, we’re less inclined to talk to them. However, as I said before, make everyday activities become learning experiences for your child, as cited by Teaching Littles.

Talk about your day and their days as you go about doing things. I’m washing the dishes. You’re playing with the ball. I’m curling my hair. They will love hearing the sound of your voice and hearing the dialogue is a great way for them to start picking up new vocabulary.

Learn tips, tricks, and activities to teach your toddler to talk. Develop language and vocabulary by turning everyday activities into learning experiences.

3. Use flashcards.

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According to Mama Duck, however, focus on the sound the letter or object represents instead of the name of the letter or object. Try to use flashcards like these for a few minutes every day.

4. Have them repeat

Once you get in the routine of labeling everything to them, have them repeat it back to you. Start with just one word or even the first sound of the word. If they say ‘muh’ for milk or ‘buh’ for ball, that’s a great start! This shows that they are still getting the concept that all of these objects have names, but they just can’t make all the sounds correctly yet.

5. Use what they are interested in

Determine what your child likes and use that to your advantage. If they obsess over a certain character, music, food, or toy, provide them with plenty of opportunities to see, hear, taste, and play with that item while also talking about it with them. If your child loves cars and trucks, don’t try to get them to sit down and learn animal noises. Use what works. It will be a lot less of a struggle if they show interest in that activity.

6. Read together

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Reading with toddlers to get them to talk is different than reading a story at bedtime. Here, you want them looking at the book with you. On each page, point to the pictures, ask questions and help them describe, Mom Love Best cites.

Although it may seem odd to read books to an infant or toddler at such a young age, it actually stimulates the understanding of language. Research shows that the speech and language skills of children who are read too far exceed that of children who have limited exposure.

7. Don’t allow your child to whine!

This is very counterproductive in developing speech. You’ll need the worksheet for how to stop whining from the parenting scrolls to accomplish this.

When your baby is entering kindergarten, you’ll want to be able to look back and know that you did everything in your Mommy-power to set him up for speech success.

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