How to teach your kids to be responsible?

The tween years are the perfect time for teaching responsibility. You can capitalize on this natural trend by using the following tips for teaching responsibility, to help your tween now and throughout his or her life. Today, Knowinsider would like to introduce to you some tips to teach your kids to be responsible.

Model Responsible Behavior

One of the key elements helping you is to show kids your responsible behaviours. Listed in the verywellfamily, It means that your Own Habits Are Key to Teaching Responsibility. Perhaps the most effective way of teaching responsibility is modelling conscientious behaviour yourself. Are you perpetually late to appointments? Do you pay bills behind schedule or require your boss looking over your shoulder constantly so that you get your work assignments done? It's the old case of "do what I say, not what I do" — that just doesn't cut it. Your tween learns through watching, not listening. If you are dedicated to working on improving your own habits and your tweens just might follow.

Assign Responsibility Gradually

Children learn responsibility gradually—much in much the same way they learn to walk and talk. A light switch doesn’t suddenly get flipped when they realize the virtues of being responsible.

According to, you can make it a point to start teaching responsibility when your kids were 2-3 years old. At this age, they can learn some self-care such as brushing teeth and washing their hands after using the toilet or before eating a meal. They can also put their dirty clothes in the hamper, start putting toys away when it’s clean-up time, and turn the lights off when they leave a room.

Let your kids participate in the planning of which jobs they will be responsible for, make a schedule that is easy for them to follow, and then stick to it! It’s easier for your child to be responsible if the job is defined.

How to teach your kids to be responsible?

Create Opportunities for Responsible Behavior at Home

Household chores can be the perfect arena for teaching responsibility. You're the supervisor, so there's no risk of your child failing in public, yet he has a chance to take on a task and complete it on his own. Taking on chores not only helps him become more responsible, but it can also raise his self-esteem and lets your tween know how important it is for everyone in the family to chip in. Make sure his to her tasks are explained clearly, that a timeline for completion is set and that he or she knows what will happen if the task is not followed through. Be sure to provide frequent, clear, concrete feedback about your tween's efforts; tell your child precisely what behaviours did and/or did not do well, then give your tween a chance to fix it.

Let Kids Observe Parental Responsibility

Parents are responsible for so many home and family-related things that often go unnoticed. If you want to give your school-age and tween or teen children a real eye-opener, pick an evening and lift all of your parental responsibilities for several hours.

This simply means that you are physically present in your home but you're not cooking, helping with homework, adjudicating fights, reminding about chores - basically, you're sitting back and not orchestrating the flow of your household. (Just as long as there are no safety concerns while you are conducting this experiment).

How to teach your kids to be responsible?

Take Breaks From Teaching Responsibility

It's healthy to increasingly shift responsibility onto your tween, but as when learning any new skill, your tween will need breaks. You don't need to demand responsibility 24-7 in order to get your child to be more prompt, self-disciplined and dependable. Keep in mind that your tween is still developing, so cut him some slack once in a while. Weekends are often the perfect time to do just this. After all, we adults often lay back on our level of responsibility then, too.


Like walking and talking, responsibility is learned gradually over time. Knowinsider has provided you with some great tips to help teach your child how to take on more responsibility and grow more confident, from toddler to teen.

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