How to Style Lob Haircut - Top 20 Most Stylist Hairstyles
How to Style Lob Haircut - Top 20 Most Stylist Hairstyles
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A lob or long bob is a form of haircut and a variant of bob cut. The length is between long hair and a bob cut.

The lob is cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder level or just below.

In the 1920s, many women were choosing to cut their hair into the bob. Towards the end of the decade, and the start of the Great Depression, a more womanly look was in style, over the flat-chested boyish fashions of the flapper era. Hairstyles echoed this, and were worn slightly longer, often in a pageboy. During World War II, it was fashionable to grow one's hair long again, but longer bobs were still in fashion, often with victory rolls in the wake of the allied victory.

During the 1960s, the bob returned, albeit much less sharp and graphic. This look has remained popular into the 21st century, and the lob came into vogue, as it is, essentially, a long bob.

Here is how to style your lob haircut, and the top 20 most stylist Lob hairstyles for women in 2022.

What is Lob haircut?

Photo: All Things Hair Mexico
Photo: All Things Hair Mexico

The lob, or long bob, is one of the most universally flattering haircuts for women. This shoulder-sweeping style accentuates your features without being weighed down with too much length.

But after growing your hair out for a while, you might be realizing that long hair isn’t as low-maintenance as you’d hoped. We’re convinced that getting a lob haircut is THE best way to manage your locks without going for The Big Chop.

Lobs are considered universally flattering, meaning this cut looks amazing on everyone. One thing we love about lobs is that no two lobs are identical. There’s a lot of variation in these haircuts. Lobs can take on completely different looks with:

  • Layers
  • Bangs
  • Different lengths
  • Different hair textures
  • Blunt ends

If you’ve been feeling that your long hair is wearing you and not the other way around, it’s probably time to wake up your look with a lob.

Before you book your appointment, stick around to learn all about the lob haircut – what it is, who looks best in a lob, how to customize a lob to make it flatter your features, and examples of different types of lobs.

Defining the Lob Haircut

Lob is short for “long bob.” It’s exactly what it sounds like – a bob, but longer. Instead of hitting somewhere between your ear level and chin (like a traditional bob), the lob can land anywhere from your chin to your shoulders. Usually, it’s somewhere in between.

There’s no defined length for lobs, but the collarbone is generally the cutoff. Any longer, and the cut is no longer a lob – it’s just a medium-length haircut.

Shorter cuts that reach the jawline or chin may be considered lobs by some, but are a better fit under the traditional bob category since the hair is too short to pull into a ponytail or bun.

One of the keys to the lob haircut is the swing-y nature of the style. Since the lob typically hangs freely above your shoulders, your hair won’t perpetually lay on your shoulders or behind your back (#longhairproblems).

With a lob, your locks will swing with lots of movement when you turn or move your head. This gives this type of cut a dynamic, youthful, and healthy feel. It’s such a flattering look!

The famous lob haircut throughtout history

The in-between stage of growing your hair out from that adorable short bob to the luscious long locks of your dreams doesn't have to be as treacherous as you think. There is now an official name for this other than the "awkward stage"—the lob.

Throughout history, the lob has been worn time and time again, proving it is truly one of the most timeless hairstyles that there is. From Jean Harlow's retro '30s lob, to Diana Ross's glamorous, feathered curls of the '70s, this cut has been recyled in glorious new ways.

As we're headed into the new year, leave your negative thoughts about your blase mid-length hair and embrace whatever style of lob suits your look best. Choose a wavy, carefree look with a center part or go sleek and sophisticated with a straightened version. Work with your hairstylist to choose the best layers for your face-shape and head into a new year with a positive attitude, and a hot new look.

In the 1920s, many women were choosing to cut their hair into the bob. Towards the end of the decade, and the start of the Great Depression, a more womanly look was in style, over the flat-chested boyish fashions of the flapper era. Hairstyles echoed this, and were worn slightly longer, often in a pageboy. During World War II, it was fashionable to grow one's hair long again, but longer bobs were still in fashion, often with victory rolls in the wake of the allied victory.

If you're planning on going from super long to short and need to take baby-steps, the lob is the perfect in-between before you go full-out pixie. So go ahead—make the cut!

What About Bob and Lob?

Most of us have heard of the Bob haircut, right? It’s the style that became popular for the first time in the Roaring 20’s when many women were choosing to cut their hair off above their shoulders in a square shape. This haircut exemplified the emergence of the expression of female independence. In fact, women with short hair prior to 1915 were considered to be rebellious and undesirable.

Then came Irene Castle, a ballroom dancer and actress, who cut her hair for convenience and to show how modern she was, although her Bob was on the longer side as compared to many who followed her example. Castle’s haircut became so popular that it was named the ‘Castle Bob.’ Many famous women followed in her footsteps including Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, and Jackie Kennedy which made the Bob haircut mainstream with hairstylists everywhere cutting Bob’s throughout the decades since the 1920’s.

The Bob is now considered a classic haircut shape with many variations and lengths from a completely solid form to one with tons of internal movement created with layering and/or graduation. It can sit at the chin, jaw, shoulders or just past the shoulders. It can remain a square shape or it can include a shorter fringe area to open up the face and highlight the eyes.

Here is where the term Lob comes into play. Maybe you have heard all about Julia Roberts new Lob haircut, or maybe you’ve just heard the term and are wondering, ‘What is a Lob, anyway?.’ A Lob is simply a play on the words long and Bob, so it’s a long Bob. It’s typically just touching the shoulders, slightly longer than the shoulders or just a bit above the shoulders. Not only is it on the longer side as far as Bob’s go, but it also has lots of texture cut into the shape to give it a modern, “un-done” feel. Like back in the Castle Bob days, hairstylists everywhere now are perfecting the current incarnation of the Bob, the perfect imperfection of the “un-done,” structured, unstructured Lobs that are popular now.

An amazing aspect of looking at the history of the Bob haircut is realizing just how versatile the cut is and how adaptable it is to the evolving fashion and trend landscape. In the beginning, it was coined the “Castle Bob,” then the “Classic Bob,” now the “Lob.” Each evolution has its own flair with its own reflection on the culture of the time, the fashion trends, and the sensibilities of the women who wear them.

8 popular types of lob haircut

There’s so much versatility with lobs – layers, bangs, length, etc. That versatility is one reason they can work for absolutely everyone. Your lob might incorporate a few features from different types of lobs. Here are examples of some of the different types of lobs you might consider.

1. Layered Lob

Layers add dimension, help waves and curls pop if you have them, and keep the ends from being too puffy or weighed down, depending on how thick your hair is.

2. Blunt Lob

Blunt cut lobs aren’t layered and end in a blunt, precise line. Blunt lobs are great for fine or thin hair that needs to be bulked up a bit, but they can make thick hair look amazingly lush and healthy, too.

3. Angled Lob

Angled lobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front to create an interesting angle when viewed from the side. You can go as steep or subtle as you want with the angle to make it fit your look.

4. Lob With Bangs

Bangs and lobs go so perfectly together. Bangs can help tie the whole look together, conceal a large forehead, make your face shape look more oval, and give you more styling options.

5. Choppy Lob

Not one for precise, sleek looks? Then the choppy, razored lob might be just your style. You can get crazy with the layers here to create a messy-tousled look that adds volume and makes your hair look thicker.

6. Short Lob

Since lobs can be cut to different lengths, you should check out examples of every length to see which you prefer. Short lobs are borderline traditional bobs, but have a little extra length.

7. Medium Lob

Medium lobs are slightly longer, usually hitting somewhere on the neck. Medium lobs are great for accentuating your shoulders and collarbones.

8. Long Lob

Long lobs are bordering on leaving lob territory, but as long as you keep it to the collarbone zone, it’s considered a lob. Long lobs can help slim your face and accentuate your cleavage.

Face Shape

Making a lob work with, not against, your face shape is simple when you know what features to ask for and avoid. Find your face shape below to learn the do’s and don’ts to make a lob perfectly suit you.


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do experiment with different lob lengths to find your favorite – all lengths suit an oval face
  • Do try long bangs that graze the cheekbones
  • Don’t go too short with bangs – it can elongate your face
  • Don’t skimp on the volume if you opt for a middle part


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do opt for shoulder to collarbone-length lobs that elongate your face
  • Do experiment with blunt or side-swept bangs to slim your face shape
  • Don’t go for chin-length lobs that can make your face appear rounder
  • Don’t get short layers that add too much volume to the sides of your face


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do choose a longer than jaw-length lob to soften your strong jawline
  • Do try side-swept bangs or a side part to add more softness to your face shape
  • Don’t get a lob that stops right at the jawline as it only makes it look more angular
  • Don’t get blunt bangs – they can look too boxy on a square face


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do opt for a chin-length lob to visually fill out your slender jawline
  • Do experiment with bangs to balance out your features
  • Don’t avoid waves or curls – these textures complement a pointed chin
  • Don’t go for a long lob that can make your chin appear smaller

Things You Need to Know Before You Cut a Lob

Fine Hair? You're Not Stuck With a Blunt Cut

The problem with fine hair is that a lot of layers can make your ends look “translucent,” ratty, and unhealthy, so thin-haired girls think they can only ever have a blunt cut (which gives the illusion of thickness).

It's Not a Bob, But Not Shoulder-Length, Either

The outline of the cut should sit between the chin and the collarbone, says Sally Hershberger L.A. stylist, Nicole Pascual. “From the back, it should graze the nape of the neck right about the shoulders and with this length it can either fall in a square or a-line shape.”

The Lob Works For Thick Hair

“You can make lobs more interesting by playing with texture and your cutting angle,” Pascual says. “For thicker hair types, I love to use razors or thinning shears to give a strong but lived-in look to the lob. These tools enhance the hair texture and make the look effortless and wearable.”

It Suits All Face Shapes

The lob is one versatile cut. Pascual says the amount of layering and movement will be specific to your face shape and preferred style.

“Someone with a very square face shape will look better with a layered lob, especially around the face framing area, as this gives a more textured look,” she says. “Whereas someone with a longer, more oval face shape will look great with a lob that has a fringe or side-swept bangs to accommodate for the long length of the face.”

Cutting With a Center Part Will Make Styling Easier

Most people like their lobs to be cut in a side part, but it is easier making the first cut into a center part is way more versatile — because you have the freedom to switch it up when styling.

How To Get, Style And Maintain Lob Haircut, according to StyleCaster

The lob is currently holding the title of The Haircut To Have, and we just can’t get enough of the swingy style. With New York Fashion Week just a few days away, there’s no time like the present to transform your look. Though the lob is a simple cut, making the change can’t stop there. Learning how to style and maintain the lob is just as important as committing to the cut. Sassoon Salon Creative Director & Sassoon Expert Michael Forrey took us through the entire process of cutting, styling and maintaining a lob, giving us the need-to-know details about the style everyone’s dying to have.

First things first, analyze your hair type and face shape to determine the kind of balance necessary in the cut. The lob’s versatility lends itself to both square and long face shapes, but those of us with long faces need to factor in more layers. If your hair is damaged, Michael suggests using the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair Collection throughout the styling process. For girls looking to not only cut but also color their hair, the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series At-Home Permanent Color kit delivers quality results, but lends itself to much more user-friendly maintenance with an affordable price tag.

The allure of the lob is that styling it differently from one day to the next is entirely encouraged. Depending on your mood, style or plans for the evening, you may want to opt for a curly, feminine style (use the Boost & Life Foaming Air Mousse) or a straight, edgy style (use the Heat Protect & Shine Spray). And while a good cut is essential, great styling products and personalized collections will help you create any look from start to finish. Michael walks us through the different styling techniques, giving us the low down on using a flat iron versus a diffuser. To maintain the style, he suggests a trip to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, because if the lob dips below the shoulders, hair will flip at the ends and the aesthetic of the cut is lost.

Steps To Cut Lob Haircut

Step 1: The first step to any new haircut is to analyze your hair type and face shape to create the right balance. The lob is a perfect cut for those with a round or square jaw and stronger features as it complements this look. For girls with longer faces, a lob can still work - just make sure to layer the hair more around the face and jaw line.

Step 2: Analyze where the bob will be sitting, along with where your hair line will be. Michael says to not be afraid of the asymmetry of a side part. A middle part is possible, but keep in mind that it will expose and bring more attention to the face.

Step 3: Next, you'll need to decide which product works best for your hair type.

Step 4: The cut begins at the back of the head. Make sure that the length is short enough to sit above your shoulders to avoid flipping at the bottom of your hair.

Step 5: The hair stylist will do the layering, which will add softness to the cut so it doesn't look too blunt. Once shaped, the lob will take a triangular shape rather than a square one. You'll want to add layers to the back of the hair and even more around the face to add softness. We recommend heading to the salon every 6-8 weeks to maintain your style.

Step 6: When drying the hair, work a color gloss crème into the ends.

Step 7: Before blow drying, using the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray will help protect against heat and styling damage for maximum shine and a light hold.

Step 8: Continue to blow dry the hair from the bottom to the top, getting the hair as straight as possible before using a flat iron. While blowing dry, don't keep the dryer in one spot for too long as it will create unnecessary heat damage.

Step 9: Straight hair will give the lob a chic, modern look. Finish styling hair with a flat iron.

What Are The Best Styles For Lob Haircut?

1. Side Swept Straight Bob Cut

Photo: Hottest Haircuts
Photo: Hottest Haircuts

The major advantage of choosing a lob hairstyle is the flexibility of length of the hair. There is no defining length in regards to the length of the hairstyle during the cut. In this, the lady has chosen a bit longer length than the usual bob hairstyle.

Her brown gorgeous hair is falling below her shoulder. No curls or any waves are added to the style. She has kept the hairstyle simple and unique by going with a straight look. The straight hair is seemed to be her natural hair so there is no need to press your hair every day in the morning.

The side swap of her front flicks is enhancing the beauty of the girl plus oh the hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for your everyday wear plus your office or school wear too.

2. Slick Blond Lob Cut

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Blond hair color is a major development in the fashion industry throughout this decade. Now the blond hair color is not only about natural hair, but they can also be achieved by globe dying your hair into blond.

This particular hairstyle is for all are blondes out there but if you are not blonde, no worries you can still go with this haircut. The hair length in this hairstyle is till you shoulder focusing your long neck and beautiful face.

The hair in the hairstyle is stick straight meaning they are achieved by pressing and straitening process. The hair cut is blunt from the bottom giving a sleek look to your face. The side partition is giving a party vibe to the style.

3. Dusty Rose Lob

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Dusty rose is currently one of the top trending hair colors in the world of women’s hair and fashion. It is beautiful, unique, feminine, and flattering for a wide variety of natural colorings.

This dusty rose lob is an ultra-trendy, low-maintenance hair look that is almost universally flattering. Its muted rosy hue gives it a bright and intriguing finish that still manages to look natural and is eye-catching without stealing the spotlight away from the rest of your look.

4. Sea Salt Blunt Cut


Talking about blunt cuts, here is one more blunt cut hairstyle for you ladies. The blunt cut at the bottom is much more in demand as this particular part of the hairstyle enhances all overlook of not only the hairstyle but also the overall look of you.

In this particular hairstyle, the length of the hair is similar to the length of the actual bob. The blond color of the girl’s hair in the above-provided image is giving the whole hairstyle a versatile and sweet look.

The hair color is not proper blond but kind of sea-salted color. Rather than going for side partition, she opted for center partition which, according to us, is the highlight of this hairstyle.

5. Shiny Black Lob Cut

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

We have talked a lot about blond hair colors and style. Now let’s get back to our natural and most found hair color that is black. The lady in the above picture has shown the right way to style your black bob.

Her shiny black is length till her shoulder. She has opted for a side swap of for hair making the other side sleek and tight. The soft waves and the curls at the bottom are making it a red carpet-worthy hairstyle.

6. Long Bob with Brushed Waves

Photo: The Beauty Department
Photo: The Beauty Department

If you are not a short hair person than this bob cut is especially for you. This hairstyle is perfect for school or college going girls who are not much fond of short hairstyles. This bob is longer than your shoulders.

The soft brushes waves are naturally present but if you don’t have natural waves, it can be added by your brushes easily by yourself. The young lady in the picture has kept it minimal by opting for a center partition and no flicks hanging in front.

The hair is toned in two different hair color that is light brown and blond but the hairstyle will also go with your natural hair color and the outcome will be as beautiful as it is with blond. This hairstyle is perfect for the ongoing winter season.

7. Blunt Lob with Layers

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Bob blunt with layers hairstyle suited many face types or shapes. This blunt hairstyle looks amazing because of its dramatic and textured nature. Blunt cut mostly worn in straight hairstyles which clearly shows sleekness of texture.

This hairstyle looks very pretty and classy. According to your choice and hair length, you can convert your layers into waves that look different than your regular haircut.

If you have a busy schedule or routine, then this blunt hairstyle is a perfect choice because of their low maintenance property. You can make various hairstyles with these layers like a ponytail, braids, etc.

8. Messy Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

There is something incredibly cool about messy hair; it looks effortlessly chic, and the undone appearance can create a carefree, boho finish. This is the perfect option if you have naturally textured hair as it is effortless to style and needs only a sea salt spray. You can also style your messy lob in various ways, leaving it up or down. A loose braid or half up, half down updo will look soft and feminine. If you wish to create a fashion-forward contrast, you may want to style your haircut with structured clothing.

9. Textured Lob with Highlights

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Nowadays, highlights are the most popular and liked by both men and women. This textured lob hairstyle is trendy and gives you a fresh look. Highlights are the main part of the attraction in this hairstyle.

Highlights are done according to your natural hair color but always choose one shade lighter for highlights. This textured lob looks amazing for every occasion.

You can make different hairstyles like side bun, half bun updo, etc. Some girls love to experiment with their hair so they use different hair sprays or colors according to their outfit and occasion.

The best thing about a textured cut is that it is full of dimension and movement. A textured lob is visually striking, with hair cut at different angles to enhance volume and create a deliberately undone feel. Adding layers to your hair can also give it a lift. Plus, it is excellent for thin or fine hair as it can make it look thicker and fuller. The textured lob is ideal for women who want a casual haircut that is still chic and easy to wear. You can style your lob with bangs or an interesting parting, depending on your preference.

10. Shaggy Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A shag haircut has a decidedly 70s feel, and the messy and unstructured appearance is casual and sexy. The shaggy lob is a haircut that typically reaches between the chin and collarbone but can be longer or shorter, depending on your preference. This haircut is all about volume and has an edginess. It can be adapted to suit most hair textures and types. However, it works well with hair that is naturally textured. It can be done on straight hair, too, by adding choppy layers. A shaggy lob will suit most face shapes and is gorgeous when worn with highlights to give the hair dimension and lift.

11. Razored Blonde Lob with White Ends

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Mostly girls like the razor cut. This hairstyle is a combination of different hairstyles. Blonde colors always look different and white color on the ends attracts more attention. This hairstyle is for best for those who have shoulder-length hair.

Razor cutting gives a messy look to your hair. In Hollywood, many of the famous actresses, pop singers adopt this hairstyle for red carpets or events.

This blonde hairstyle is not suitable for offices, conferences, etc. This hairstyle comes with some maintenance but if you have natural blonde color hair, then you need to worry about time.

12. Soft Angled Brown Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Lob hairstyles have many styles like asymmetric cuts, waves, etc. This angled brown lob is very easy to style and wear. Angled lob looks amazing on fine hair because of their unique dimensions.

This lob looks longer on the front but shorter on the back that’s y it is called angled lob. This hairstyle is excellent for working women, teachers, desk jobs, etc.

It looks simple but so stylish. You can wear any formal outfit with this for a more prominent look. On occasions, you can try different hairstyles.

13. Short Directional Waves

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Short directional waves hairstyle adds a little touch of fun style in your personality. This hairstyle is very similar to 80’s hairstyles. To make this look, you need to curl your hair only on the ends which provides your hair a bouncy look.

This hairstyle works for thin or thick hair. You can choose tight or loose curls according to your hair length. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, parties, etc. You can add various hair accessories or colorful pins.

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you must go with this hairstyle. It is very low maintenance. Your hairstyle is a part of your inner personality so make sure to choose wisely. Some lighter highlights look stunning.

14. Balayage Lob

Photo: @hairbykacie1
Photo: @hairbykacie1

Of all the coloring techniques, balayage is one of the best. It involves painting highlights onto the hair and produces a more natural and graduated look. The great thing about balayage is that it can be created in various colors. It is incredibly appealing for women with darker hair who want to give it a lift and dimension but prefer a softer, more blended appearance than highlights. This subtle approach to highlights is gorgeous and can be worn on all hair textures.

15. Side Part Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Choosing to wear your lob haircut with a side part is a great choice. A side part is much easier to wear than a middle parting and will suit most face shapes. Plus, it is fantastic for women of all ages. This parting is incredibly flattering and can make you look years younger depending on how you choose to style it. It is an excellent alternative for those who want a fringe but are not ready to try out bangs just yet. It can have a similar effect with how it draws attention to the face and highlights your features. Another pro about the side part is that all hair textures and lengths can wear it and adapted to suit almost all hairstyles. There is also something incredibly feminine and chic about a side part lob; it may become your new favorite look.

16. Choppy Lob


The appeal of a choppy haircut is that it can give your hair texture while also creating an unstructured appearance. This is great for women who prefer a more casual approach to their hairstyles and want an effortless yet stylish look. The choppy lob can be adapted to suit various hair textures, and the layers that the style has, make it ideal for thick or thin hair. For thicker hair, it can remove weight and make it easier to manage. Whereas with fine hair, it can make it look full and add volume. It is excellent for more informal settings, but you can also wear it in an updo hairstyle if you wish for it to look neater.

17. Balayage Lob with Bangs


A lob with bangs is a pairing that goes hand-in-hand because the style benefits from a fringe. Bangs can make your look more modern, but they are also great for drawing attention to your face and highlighting your best features. There are many different styles to choose from, and you can work with your hairstylist to find the option that will be most flattering to your face shape and hair texture. If you want to add dimension to your hair and give it a lift, then consider a coloring technique like balayage. Unlike other highlighting approaches, balayage has a much more blended and natural appearance. It is a great way to add lighter shades to dark hair without being too dramatic, and the result is softer.

18. Tousled Streamlined Brown Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Tousled streamlined lob looks so smooth and sleek. Lobs are styled in many different ways. This hairstyle complements your natural hair. It is perfect for an everyday look. The tousled hairstyle is a little longer than the other lob styles.

So this comfortable hairstyle can be changed into different styles like a high ponytail, waterfalls, etc. you can make side partition or center partition according to your outfit.

This charming hairstyle comes with very little maintenance. On any special day, you can make curls or waves because you have enough length for doing any hairstyle.

19. Feathered Cut Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A feathered cut is known to add texture, volume, and body to an otherwise plain basic cut. If you have thin hair and afraid of cutting your hair so short or into a lob. Going for a feather cut along with a lob is a very good idea for you.

This will not only help you change your look and hairstyle but will also help your hair look very voluminous. You can go for a feather cut with long layers which gives a lot of texture to your hair. You can go for Slight graduation.

That will allow you for a fluid look. Another option you have is to blow out your hair; it will showcase lots of volume and movement to your hairstyle.

20. Classic Sleek Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A classic, sleek lob may not be an adventurous hairstyle that uses interesting angles or edgy finishes, but sometimes, the simpler looks work best. It is incredibly polished and looks sophisticated and stylish. This is an excellent option for women for every day and is great for work or a date; basically, there is no setting that this hairstyle does not complement. The cut, which will fall between the chin and collarbone, is a low-maintenance option, but keeping it straight and smooth gives it a fashion-forward appearance. Keep your makeup simple and natural for the daytime, and transform your look with heavier eyeshadow and a rich shade of lipstick for the evenings.

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