How to Style Lob Haircut - Top 20 Most Stylist Hairstyles
How to Style Lob Haircut - Top 20 Most Stylist Hairstyles
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A lob, also known as a long bob, is a type of hairstyle and bob cut variation. The length falls in between a bob cut and long hair.

The lob is sliced at shoulder level, slightly below, or slightly above the shoulders.

A lot of women decided to wear their hair in a bob in the 1920s. A more feminine appearance replaced the boyish, flat-chested flapper styles at the end of the decade and the beginning of the Great Depression. In keeping with this, hairstyles were worn a little longer and frequently in a pageboy. Growing one's hair long again became popular during World War II, but longer bobs remained popular, frequently paired with victory rolls following the allied victory.

The bob made a reappearance in the 1960s, but it was much less dramatic and pointed. The lob, which is basically a long bob, gained popularity in the 21st century, and this style has remained popular.

The top 20 stylish lob haircuts for women are shown here, along with styling tips for your haircut.

What is Lob haircut?

Photo: All Things Hair Mexico
Photo: All Things Hair Mexico

One of the most popular and universally flattering haircuts for women is the long bob, or lob. Your features are highlighted by this shoulder-sweeping style, which doesn't overpower you with length.

However, after letting your hair grow out for a while, you may be finding that long hair requires more care than you had anticipated. Without getting The Big Chop, we think that maintaining your hair with a lob haircut is THE BEST option.

Since lobs are thought to be universally attractive, everyone looks great with this cut. The fact that no two lobs are alike is one of the things we adore about them. These haircuts vary widely from one another. Lobs can appear entirely different when combined with:

  • Layers
  • Bangs
  • Different lengths
  • Different hair textures
  • Blunt ends

If you’ve been feeling that your long hair is wearing you and not the other way around, it’s probably time to wake up your look with a lob.

Before you book your appointment, stick around to learn all about the lob haircut – what it is, who looks best in a lob, how to customize a lob to make it flatter your features, and examples of different types of lobs.

Defining the Lob Haircut

"Long bob" is shortened to "lob." It is precisely what it sounds like—a longer bob. The lob can land anywhere from your shoulders to your chin, as opposed to between your ear level and chin (like a traditional bob). Typically, it lies in the middle.

Lobs don't have a set length, but the collarbone is usually the boundary. If the cut is longer, it becomes a medium-length haircut rather than a lob.

While some people classify shorter cuts that fall to the chin or jawline as lobs, they actually belong more under the traditional bob category because the hair is too short to pull into a ponytail or bun.

The swing-like aspect of the lob haircut is one of its main characteristics. Your hair won't always fall behind your back or on your shoulders because the lob usually hangs loosely above your shoulders (#longhairproblems).

Your locks will swing freely when you turn or move your head when you have a lob. This gives the cut a vibrant, fresh, and healthy vibe. It's such a cute style!

The famous lob haircut throughtout history

It doesn't have to be as dangerous as you might think to transition from that cute short bob to the luxurious long locks of your dreams. This is no longer just the "awkward stage"; the term "lob" is the official term for it.

The lob has been worn repeatedly throughout history, demonstrating its timeless appeal as one of the most popular hairstyles ever. This cut has been recreated in amazing new ways, from Diana Ross's glitzy, feathered curls of the 1970s to Jean Harlow's vintage lob from the 1930s.

Let go of your pessimistic ideas about your boring mid-length hair as we approach the new year and embrace the lob style that best completes your appearance. Go for a sleek, elegant style with a straightened version, or opt for a wavy, carefree look with a center part. Choose the ideal layers for your face shape in collaboration with your hairstylist, and go into the new year sporting a sultry new look and a positive outlook.

A lot of women decided to wear their hair in a bob in the 1920s. A more feminine appearance replaced the boyish, flat-chested flapper styles at the end of the decade and the beginning of the Great Depression. In keeping with this, hairstyles were worn a little longer and frequently in a pageboy. Growing one's hair long again became popular during World War II, but longer bobs remained popular, frequently paired with victory rolls following the allied victory.

The lob is the ideal transitional hairstyle before going full pixie if you want to go from extremely long to short and need to take baby steps.

What About Bob and Lob?

I believe that most of us have heard of the Bob haircut. During the Roaring Twenties, a lot of women opted to cut their hair in a square shape, above their shoulders, which gave rise to the first popularity of this style. The emergence of the expression of female independence was best represented by this haircut. Before 1915, women with short hair were actually viewed as rebellious and unattractive.

Subsequently, Irene Castle, an actress and ballroom dancer, chopped off her hair to demonstrate her modernity and ease of wear, even though her Bob was longer than many of those who emulated her. Castle's hairstyle gained so much traction that it was given the moniker "Castle Bob." Following in her footsteps were a number of well-known women, such as Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, and Jackie Kennedy, who helped popularize the Bob haircut and had it cut by hairdressers worldwide ever since the 1920s.

Nowadays, the bob is regarded as a classic haircut shape that comes in a variety of lengths and variations, ranging from a fully solid form to one with a ton of internal movement produced by layering and/or graduation. It may rest just past the shoulders, at the chin, jaw, or shoulders. To accentuate the eyes and open up the face, it can have a shorter fringe area or keep its square shape.

This is where the word "lob" is used. Perhaps you've heard all about Julia Roberts's recent change to her hairstyle, or perhaps you've just recently heard the term and are wondering, "What the heck is a Lob?" It's a long Bob because a Lob is just a play on the words long and Bob. Usually, it ends just above or slightly below the shoulders, or it touches the shoulders just a little. It is not only longer than most Bob's, but it also has a lot of texture carved into the design to give it a contemporary, "un-done" vibe. Hairdressers worldwide are currently refining the current iteration of the Bob, which is the ideal imperfection of the “un-done,” structured, unstructured Lobs that are in right now, just like they did back in the days of the Castle Bob.

Understanding how adaptable the Bob haircut is to changing trends and fashions is one of the most fascinating things about studying its history. It was first known as the "Castle Bob," then the "Classic Bob," and finally the "Lob." Every evolution has a distinct style that reflects the era's culture, current fashions, and the tastes of the women who wear them.

Top 8 Most Popular Types of Lob Haircut

Lobs are so versatile; you can wear them long or short, with layers or bangs. One reason they can work for everyone is their versatility. You may combine elements of several different lob types into your own. Here are some illustrations of the various kinds of lobs you may want to think about.

1. Layered Lob

Layers add dimension, help waves and curls pop if you have them, and keep the ends from being too puffy or weighed down, depending on how thick your hair is.

2. Blunt Lob

Blunt cut lobs aren’t layered and end in a blunt, precise line. Blunt lobs are great for fine or thin hair that needs to be bulked up a bit, but they can make thick hair look amazingly lush and healthy, too.

3. Angled Lob

Angled lobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front to create an interesting angle when viewed from the side. You can go as steep or subtle as you want with the angle to make it fit your look.

4. Lob With Bangs

Bangs and lobs go so perfectly together. Bangs can help tie the whole look together, conceal a large forehead, make your face shape look more oval, and give you more styling options.

5. Choppy Lob

Not one for precise, sleek looks? Then the choppy, razored lob might be just your style. You can get crazy with the layers here to create a messy-tousled look that adds volume and makes your hair look thicker.

6. Short Lob

Since lobs can be cut to different lengths, you should check out examples of every length to see which you prefer. Short lobs are borderline traditional bobs, but have a little extra length.

7. Medium Lob

Medium lobs are slightly longer, usually hitting somewhere on the neck. Medium lobs are great for accentuating your shoulders and collarbones.

8. Long Lob

Long lobs are bordering on leaving lob territory, but as long as you keep it to the collarbone zone, it’s considered a lob. Long lobs can help slim your face and accentuate your cleavage.

Face Shape

Knowing what features to ask for and steer clear of will make your lob work with, rather than against, your face shape. To find out the dos and don'ts of making a lob suit you perfectly, select your face shape from the list below.


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do experiment with different lob lengths to find your favorite – all lengths suit an oval face
  • Do try long bangs that graze the cheekbones
  • Don’t go too short with bangs – it can elongate your face
  • Don’t skimp on the volume if you opt for a middle part


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do opt for shoulder to collarbone-length lobs that elongate your face
  • Do experiment with blunt or side-swept bangs to slim your face shape
  • Don’t go for chin-length lobs that can make your face appear rounder
  • Don’t get short layers that add too much volume to the sides of your face


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do choose a longer than jaw-length lob to soften your strong jawline
  • Do try side-swept bangs or a side part to add more softness to your face shape
  • Don’t get a lob that stops right at the jawline as it only makes it look more angular
  • Don’t get blunt bangs – they can look too boxy on a square face


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Do opt for a chin-length lob to visually fill out your slender jawline
  • Do experiment with bangs to balance out your features
  • Don’t avoid waves or curls – these textures complement a pointed chin
  • Don’t go for a long lob that can make your chin appear smaller

Things You Need to Know Before You Cut a Lob

Fine Hair? You're Not Stuck With a Blunt Cut

Because having many layers can make your ends appear "translucent," ratty, and unhealthy, thin-haired girls mistakenly believe that their only option is a blunt cut, which creates the appearance of thickness.

It's Not a Bob, But Not Shoulder-Length, Either

Because a blunt cut gives the illusion of thickness, thin-haired girls tend to think that their only option is a blunt cut because having many layers can make your ends appear "translucent," ratty, and unhealthy.

The Lob Works For Thick Hair

“You can make lobs more interesting by playing with texture and your cutting angle,” Pascual says. “For thicker hair types, I love to use razors or thinning shears to give a strong but lived-in look to the lob. These tools enhance the hair texture and make the look effortless and wearable.”

It Suits All Face Shapes

One flexible cut is the lob. According to Pascual, the quantity of movement and layering will depend on your favored style and face shape.

"A layered lob will look better on someone with a very square face shape, especially around the face framing area, as this gives a more textured look," the expert says. "On the other hand, a longer, more oval-shaped face will look fantastic with side-swept bangs or a lob with a fringe to balance out the long length of the face."

Cutting With a Center Part Will Make Styling Easier

Most people like their lobs to be cut in a side part, but it is easier making the first cut into a center part is way more versatile — because you have the freedom to switch it up when styling.

How To Get, Style And Maintain Lob Haircut

We simply can't get enough of the swingy look that has earned the lob the title of "The Haircut To Have." There's no better time than the present to update your look than with New York Fashion Week just around the corner. Even though the lob is a straightforward cut, the transformation must go farther. It's crucial to commit to the cut as much as it is to learn how to style and maintain the lob. Michael Forrey, the creative director and expert at Sassoon Salon, guided us through every step of cutting, styling, and upkeep of a lob, providing us with all the essential information about the look that's in right now and that everyone is lusting after.

First things first: assess your face shape and hair type to ascertain the kind of balance that the cut needs. The lob's adaptability suits both long and square face shapes, but longer-faced people need to account for additional layers. Michael advises using the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair Collection throughout the styling process if your hair is damaged. For girls who want to color and cut their hair at the same time, the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series At-Home Permanent Color kit is reasonably priced and produces high-quality results that require less upkeep.

The lob's appeal lies in the fact that experimenting with styling it every day is highly encouraged. Use the Boost & Life Foaming Air Mousse for a curly, feminine style, or the Heat Protect & Shine Spray for a straight, edgy look, depending on your mood, style, and evening plans. Although a well-cut hairstyle is crucial, excellent styling tools and customized collections enable you to pull off any look from start to finish. Michael gives us the lowdown on using a diffuser versus a flat iron as he walks us through the various styling techniques. He advises going to the hairdresser every six to eight weeks to keep the style intact because the lob will lose its style if it dips below the shoulders.

Steps To Cut Lob Haircut

Step 1: The first step to any new haircut is to analyze your hair type and face shape to create the right balance. The lob is a perfect cut for those with a round or square jaw and stronger features as it complements this look. For girls with longer faces, a lob can still work - just make sure to layer the hair more around the face and jaw line.

Step 2: Analyze where the bob will be sitting, along with where your hair line will be. Michael says to not be afraid of the asymmetry of a side part. A middle part is possible, but keep in mind that it will expose and bring more attention to the face.

Step 3: Next, you'll need to decide which product works best for your hair type.

Step 4: The cut begins at the back of the head. Make sure that the length is short enough to sit above your shoulders to avoid flipping at the bottom of your hair.

Step 5: The hair stylist will do the layering, which will add softness to the cut so it doesn't look too blunt. Once shaped, the lob will take a triangular shape rather than a square one. You'll want to add layers to the back of the hair and even more around the face to add softness. We recommend heading to the salon every 6-8 weeks to maintain your style.

Step 6: When drying the hair, work a color gloss crème into the ends.

Step 7: Before blow drying, using the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray will help protect against heat and styling damage for maximum shine and a light hold.

Step 8: Continue to blow dry the hair from the bottom to the top, getting the hair as straight as possible before using a flat iron. While blowing dry, don't keep the dryer in one spot for too long as it will create unnecessary heat damage.

Step 9: Straight hair will give the lob a chic, modern look. Finish styling hair with a flat iron.

What Are The Best Styles For Lob Haircut?

1. Side Swept Straight Bob Cut

Photo: Hottest Haircuts
Photo: Hottest Haircuts

The versatility of the hair length is the main benefit of going with a lob haircut. Regarding the length of the hairstyle after the cut, there is no specific length. The woman has opted for a slightly longer length in this hairstyle than the typical bob.

Her gorgeous brown hair reaches below her shoulder. There are no waves or curls added to the look. She went with a straight look, which kept the hairstyle straightforward and distinctive. There's no need to press your hair every morning because it appears that her straight hair is natural.

Her attractiveness is enhanced by the side swap of her front flicks, not to mention the hairdo. This hairstyle is ideal for both everyday wear and formal or academic settings.

2. Slick Blond Lob Cut

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The primary advantage of getting a lob haircut is its versatility in terms of hair length. There isn't a set length for the hairstyle following the haircut. In contrast to the standard bob, the woman has chosen a slightly longer length for her hairstyle.

Her stunning brown hair falls past her shoulders. The look is unadorned with waves or curls. She opted for a straight appearance, which made the hairstyle simple yet eye-catching. Her straight hair seems to be natural, so there's no need to press your hair every morning.

Not to mention the hairstyle, her side-swap front flicks add to her attractiveness. This hairstyle is appropriate for formal or academic settings as well as daily wear.

3. Dusty Rose Lob

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

One of the most popular hair colors for women's hair and fashion right now is dusty rose. It is lovely, distinctive, feminine, and suitable for a broad range of skin tones.

This low-maintenance, ultra-trendy dusty rose lob is incredibly flattering on almost everyone. Its subdued pink tone gives it a vivid and captivating finish that looks natural and is striking without drawing attention away from the rest of your ensemble.

4. Sea Salt Blunt Cut


Speaking of blunt cuts, ladies, here's another blunt cut hairstyle for you. The blunt cut at the bottom of the hairstyle is much more popular since it draws attention to both the hairstyle and your overall appearance.

The length of the hair in this particular look is comparable to the length of the bob itself. The girl's blonde hair in the image above gives the entire hairstyle a sweet and adaptable appearance.

The hair has a sort of sea-salted color rather than being a true blond. We think that the center partition she chose is the best part of this hairstyle, instead of the side one.

5. Shiny Black Lob Cut

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Ladies, let's talk about blunt cuts. Here's another blunt cut hairstyle for you. Since it highlights the hairstyle and your entire appearance, the blunt cut at the bottom of the hairstyle is far more popular.

In this particular style, the length of the hair is equal to the length of the bob. The girl's blonde hair in the aforementioned photo lends a sweet and flexible appearance to the entire hairstyle.

Rather than being a true blond, the hair has more of a sea-salted color. Instead of the side partition, we believe that the center one is the most attractive feature of her hairstyle.

6. Long Bob with Brushed Waves

Photo: The Beauty Department
Photo: The Beauty Department

This bob cut is perfect for you if you don't like having short hair. For girls heading to school or college who don't really like short hairstyles, this haircut is ideal. Your shoulders don't reach this bob's length.

Soft brush waves are found naturally, but if you don't have any, you can easily add them with your brushes on your own. The young woman in the photo has opted for a center partition and no flicks hanging in front, keeping it simple.

The hair is toned in two different colors—light brown and blond—but the style will also work well with your natural hair color, producing a stunning result in either case. This haircut is ideal for the upcoming winter months.

7. Blunt Lob with Layers

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Layered bob blunt hairstyles complemented a variety of face shapes and types. The dramatic and textured aspect of this blunt hairstyle makes it look fantastic. A blunt cut is typically worn in straight hairstyles, which accentuates the texture's smoothness.

This hairdo looks elegant and very lovely. You can transform your layers into waves that look different from your typical haircut, depending on your preferences and hair length.

The low maintenance nature of this blunt hairstyle makes it an ideal choice if you have a hectic schedule or routine. These layers can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, such as braids and ponytails.

8. Messy Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

There's something so effortlessly cool about disheveled hair; it can give off a carefree, bohemian vibe while still looking stylish. If your hair is naturally textured, this is the best option for you because it's easy to style and just requires a sea salt spray. Your messy lob can be styled in a variety of ways, either up or down. A loose braid or an updo that is half up and half down will seem delicate and girly. You might want to pair your haircut with structured apparel to create a striking contrast.

9. Textured Lob with Highlights

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

A shag haircut is distinctly reminiscent of the 1970s, and its carefree, unstructured look is both sexy and casual. The length of a shaggy lob haircut varies based on personal preference; it usually falls between the chin and collarbone. This haircut has an edgy vibe and is all about volume. Most hair types and textures can be made to fit it. However, naturally textured hair looks great with it. By adding choppy layers, straight hair can also achieve this look. A shaggy lob that is gorgeous when worn with highlights to give the hair dimension and lift will look great on most face shapes.

10. Shaggy Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A shag haircut has a decidedly 70s feel, and the messy and unstructured appearance is casual and sexy. The shaggy lob is a haircut that typically reaches between the chin and collarbone but can be longer or shorter, depending on your preference. This haircut is all about volume and has an edginess. It can be adapted to suit most hair textures and types. However, it works well with hair that is naturally textured. It can be done on straight hair, too, by adding choppy layers. A shaggy lob will suit most face shapes and is gorgeous when worn with highlights to give the hair dimension and lift.

11. Razored Blonde Lob with White Ends

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Girls prefer the razor cut the most. This hairdo is an amalgam of several hairdos. Blonde hues always have a unique appearance, and white highlights draw more attention. The ideal candidate for this hairstyle is someone with shoulder-length hair.

Your hair looks messy when you cut it with a razor. For red carpet events or other occasions, numerous pop singers and famous actresses in Hollywood sport this hairstyle.

This blond hairstyle is inappropriate for conferences, workplaces, etc. Although this hairstyle requires some upkeep, time commitment is a concern if your hair is naturally blonde.

12. Soft Angled Brown Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Asymmetric cuts, waves, and other styles are common in lob haircuts. It's really simple to wear and style this angled brown lob. Since angled lobs have distinct dimensions, they look fantastic on fine hair.

This type of lob is known as an angled lob because it appears longer in the front and shorter in the back. This hairstyle is great for desk jobs, working women, teachers, etc.

It appears straightforward but incredibly chic. For a more noticeable look, pair this with any formal attire. You can experiment with different hairstyles on occasion.

13. Short Directional Waves

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A short directional wave hairstyle gives your personality a little bit of fun. Hairstyles from the 1980s are strikingly similar to this one. You must only curl the ends of your hair to achieve this style, which gives your hair a bouncy appearance.

Both thick and thin hair can pull off this hairstyle. Depending on the length of your hair, you can go for tight or loose curls. This hairstyle is ideal for events like parties and weddings. You can add vibrant pins or a variety of hair accessories.

You have to wear this hairstyle if your hair is naturally wavy. It requires very little upkeep. Make careful choices because your hairstyle reflects your inner self. A few lighter highlights have a gorgeous appearance.

14. Balayage Lob

Photo: @hairbykacie1
Photo: @hairbykacie1

Balayage is among the best coloring techniques available. It gives the hair a more natural, graduated look by painting highlights on it. The ability to create balayage in a variety of colors is one of its great features. For women with darker hair who want to add dimension and lift to their hair but would rather have a softer, more blended look than highlights, it is very alluring. This elegant, understated method of highlighting looks great on all hair types.

15. Side Part Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

It's a wise decision to wear your lob haircut with a side part. A side parting will flatter most face shapes and is far simpler to wear than a middle parting. It's also great for women of all ages. Depending on how you style it, this parting can make you appear years younger and is incredibly flattering. For people who desire a fringe but aren't quite ready to try out bangs, it's a great substitute. Similar effects may result from the way it accentuates your features and draws attention to your face. The side part's versatility in suiting nearly every hairstyle and being appropriate for all hair textures and lengths is another benefit. A side part lob is also very stylish and feminine; it might end up being your new go-to style.

16. Choppy Lob


A choppy haircut is appealing because it can add texture to your hair and make it look unstructured. For ladies who like a more relaxed approach to their hairstyles and seek an easy yet fashionable look, this is fantastic. The layers in this choppy lob style work well on thick or thin hair, and it can be tailored to fit a variety of hair textures. It can take the weight off and make managing thicker hair easier. On the other hand, it can add volume and make fine hair appear fuller. It looks great in more casual settings, but if you want it to look nicer, you can wear it in an updo hairstyle.

17. Balayage Lob with Bangs


Bangs and a lob go well together because the latter style gains from a fringe. Bangs can update your appearance while also emphasizing your best facial features and drawing attention to your face. Together with your hairstylist, you can select the style that best suits the shape of your face and the texture of your hair from a wide variety of options. If you're looking to give your hair some lift and dimension, you might want to try balayage coloring. In contrast to other methods of highlighting, balayage appears much more natural and blended. The effect is softer and it's a great way to add lighter shades to dark hair without going overboard.

18. Tousled Streamlined Brown Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A tousled, sleek lob appears incredibly elegant and refined. There are numerous ways to style lobs. It goes well with your natural hairstyle. It's ideal for a daily outfit. Compared to the other lob styles, the tousled hairstyle is slightly longer.

Thus, this easygoing hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways, such as a high ponytail, waterfalls, etc. Based on your attire, you can create a center or side partition.

This cute hairstyle requires very little upkeep. You have enough length to achieve any hairstyle, so you can create curls or waves on any special day.

19. Feathered Cut Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

An otherwise simple basic cut is known to gain body, volume, and texture from a feathered cut. If you're afraid to cut your hair too short or into a lob because you have thin hair. It's a great idea for you to get a lob and a feather cut.

This will not only help you achieve a new appearance and hairstyle, but it will also make your hair appear extremely full. You can choose a long layer feather cut that will give your hair a lot of texture. You might pursue a slight graduation.

This will let you have a flowing appearance. Blowing out your hair is an additional option that will highlight all of the volume and movement in your hairstyle.

20. Classic Sleek Lob

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Even though a sleek, classic lob doesn't have any daring angles or edgy finishes, sometimes the simpler styles are the most effective. It has a very polished appearance and exudes sophistication and style. This hairstyle is a fantastic choice for women on a daily basis and looks great in both professional and social settings. In other words, it goes well with almost any outfit. The cut, which falls somewhere between the chin and collarbone, is a low-maintenance option that looks fashionable when kept straight and smooth. When it comes to makeup, go for a natural, simple look during the day and an intense shade of lipstick and eyeshadow in the evening.

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