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Here are 6 creative ways to make deep-fry crispiest ever:

1. Choose your oil wisely

You might be tempted to use extra-virgin olive oil, but with its low smoke point and distinctive flavor, it's not your best option. Instead, you are advised using vegetable oil because it has a high smoke point, a neutral flavor, and is super economical.

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A neutral-flavored oil allows the food to shine. Peanut and grape seed oils are two other options that have neutral flavors and high smoke points. Also, if you're reusing oil, be sure to filter it first so it doesn't give your food a dirty flavor. If your food tastes burnt but doesn't look at it, it's because of dirty oil.

2. Get the right equipment

An ideal home deep fryer allows the oil to maintain a consistent temperature, has a basket or handheld strainer with a non-metal handle, and a feature that filters and preserves the remaining oil for future use. A dedicated deep fryer is much, much safer than using a big pot, according to Today.

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If you don't have a deep fryer and are an experienced home cook, you can use a large and deep heavy-bottomed pot like a cast-iron Dutch oven. The heft helps retain high temperatures and prevent the heat from fluctuating too much, enabling the oil to cook your food more evenly—and more quickly. The high sides also prevent oil from splattering but remember to never fill a pot more than halfway with oil or you could have a grease fire on your hands. You'll also need a digital thermometer and under no circumstances can you leave the pot unattended.

3. Season your flour

Whether you're planning to deep fry fish or a Twinkie, dredging your food in flour is a key first step. The flour makes the batter stick to the food. If you don't use flour first, your batter could just slip off. For savory fried foods, you can simply add salt and pepper to the flour, but feel free to experiment with other spices like garam masala for an Indian-style take.

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As for sweet fried foods, you can add sugar or cocoa powder to the flour, but don't forget the salt. Salt makes everything more delicious, even something like a candy bar. After getting coated in the seasoned flour, it's time to get battered up.

4. Use batter

Depending on what you are deep-frying, it may be pretty bare. The batter can be put onto just about anything, is easy to make, and offers a lot of flexibility with taste. Who doesn't love fried chicken? Batter. You can turn a hot dog into a corn dog with some simple batter, as cited by The Cooking Expert.

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On top of providing a nice crisp texture, the batter can add a lot of flavor and texture. From smooth batter for your hot dogs to the nice crispy batter for chicken, the batter is nothing but flexible. Even better, the battery doesn't need to be plain. Spicy batter and beer batters can add a lot of additional flavor to your favorite foods.

5. Ensure your Temperature doesn't drop

Keeping oil fresh at a restaurant is actually much easier than doing so at home. When your oil is no longer fresh, it can lower the smoke point of your oil as well as alter the taste of your favorite deep-fried foods.

There are a few signs that will let you know your oil is starting to go bad:

- Your oil has darkened considerably compared to when you first started using it

- The oil gives off a bad smell

- Anytime your oil starts to give off a colored smoke that is more than just steam, stop using it immediately.

Overall, if you know the signs of oil that has gone bad, it's really easy to see the signs of when it starts to go bad. It's nothing to fret over, but it is important to understand.

6. Don't crowd the deep fryer

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Overcrowding your deep-fryer or pot will lower the oil's temperature, which can result in food that's not properly deep-fried. "Think of it as a bath; you don't want too many people in there," says Sell. You need the food to be able to move around and flip over. Slowly lower the food to prevent splattering.

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