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A wreath is a perfect way to welcome visitors to your home over the festive season. Actually, there's really nowhere a holiday wreath doesn't belong. And why not DIY one yourself? These festive wreath ideas are inexpensive and fun-to-make, and some of them even can be displayed all winter long for a touch of color and cheer. If you're not feeling crafty, we've got pretty options you can buy for decking your halls with no muss, no fuss. If you prefer the real deal, wreaths made from live greenery really can last all season long, if you care for them correctly. Whether you're looking for a bit of whimsy or tend to be more traditional, we've got a wreath you'll love.

What do you need to make a Christmas wreath?

Good news! A walk in the woods can provide you with a wealth of foliage and supplies to make your own Christmas wreath, as said from Gathered.how. Your local florist can help with the rest, and we’ve included some handy links to buy online if you’re not able to get out at the moment to shop in person.

  • Wireframes are easy to work with and can be reused every year.

  • Eucalyptus has shimmery silver-green leaves.

  • Seed heads, like the ones below from a poppy plant, can be as beautiful as flowers.

  • Pine cones add focal points but keep them small.

  • Aromatic bay leaves add a lovely scent

  • Moss creates depth and retains moisture for your foliage

  • Nigella is also known as ‘Love in a mist’

  • Floristry scissors let you cut cleanly and accurately.

  • Reel wire is so thin you won’t see it among your leaves.

  • Ribbon: Choose any color of ribbon you like.

Now, Let's Begin!!!

Step 1

You will need one wreath ring, scissors, green twine, florist wire and moss, in addition to hardy and differently textured foliage such as spruce, ivory, evergreen oak and buxus. Christmas decorations such as fir cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks look great and create a delicious festive aroma. We have also wrapped baubles in hessian to create a textured look.

Step 2

Secure generous handfuls of the moss to the top of the wreath ring, securing tightly with the green twine to create a compact filling for a sturdy base to work on.

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Step 3

Continue until the whole wreath ring is covered with an equal amount of moss all the way around. Finish with a loop of the green twine on the reverse, ready to hang on your front door.

Step 4

Take small bunches of the foliage, mixing them up as you go, and attach these to the moss base using the green twine, overlapping as you go to avoid gaps.

Step 5

Continue until all your moss is covered. Check your design from every angle to make sure you have kept a good shape.

Step 6

Bundle cinnamon sticks together with wire, finish with ribbon and attach these with equal spacing to the wreath using the floristry wire.

Step 7

Continue decorating your wreath, secure floristry wire to each decoration, place the wire directly through the foliage and moss, out the other side, bend and return back through to hide the ends. Lo and behold you have finished making your Christmas wreath!

Is a wreath only used at Christmas?

Wreaths are most often associated with Christmas, but they make beautiful decorations year-round. In fall, a door adorned with a pinecone wreath looks warm and inviting. In winter, a cranberry wreath offers a colorful contrast to white skies and bare trees. Satin rosebuds arranged on a ribbon-wrapped wreath add delicate detail to springtime events. And, in the summer, seashells in all shapes and sizes can be collected from the shoreline for an oceanfront beach house. Fabricate new wreaths using some materials that you have not included before: crystals, wired ribbons tied into bows, golden leaf stickers, and even dried sweet-gum seed pods. After a walk in the woods, try creating a wreath of cedar boughs you've gathered, or make a wreath using seashells you've collected at the beach. With a little imagination, you can create memorable decorations year-round. The wreaths are beautiful to hang indoors or out, and they're nonperishable, so you can use them year after year, according to Martha Stewart.

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