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Take some time to adjust and tweak settings to get the most out of your phone. Photo: Techno Hoop

There’s nothing quite so irritating as a great phone going south. Within just a couple of years, it can seem like your mobile device begins to lose its power. Perhaps it’s buggy or works more slowly. Maybe it fails to hold a charge as long as it used to. Whatever the symptoms, you know there’s a problem. But is it time to upgrade already?

Instead of shelling out for a brand new device, consider giving your device a tune-up. For an Android phone, here are a few key things you can do to maximize your phone’s speed, power, and lifespan---and better enhance your experience with the device.

Delete those single-use apps

Take a few minutes to go through your home screen or app drawer and delete any and all apps you no longer use. Not only do those apps take up precious storage, but they potentially still have access to any of the personal information you approved when the app was first launched.

How you go about deleting an app can vary based on who makes your device, but I covered all the bases in this post. Give it a read if you don't see an uninstall option after long-pressing on the app's icon.

Totally free up even extra gadget storage

Photo: Techno Hoop
Photo: Techno Hoop

Right after eliminating any outdated applications, free of charge up much more storage by likely through the information saved on your Android cellphone. It is really significant as well straightforward to fail to remember about all of the documents you’ve got randomly downloaded — like the takeout menu of the new spot down the highway, or a GIF a good friend despatched you. And all those information includes up. The fastest and best way to take care of your phone’s storage is to use the Information app that comes preinstalled, said CNET.

Basically, some telephones use a variation of that exact application. On Samsung, for case in point, it is known as My Documents. On the Pixel ($88 at Amazon) lineup, it is just Files. On the OnePlus 9, it is File Supervisor — you get the place.

I endorse opening the app drawer on your cellular phone and achieving for “data files.” Odds are that will expose no matter what your telephone-maker phone calls the application.

Begin with checking the Downloads folder, exactly where you can possibly delete the documents you no more time want, or shift them someplace like Google Push or an additional cloud storage company.

Most file apps will also expose any large data files that are saved on your system. For occasion, the OnePlus 9 Pro’s File Supervisor app has a dedicated area in the app for information that is taking up a large amount of place.

Dig into residence monitor configurations

One particular of the ideal areas of Android is how much you can customize the whole seem of your phone. From putting in application icon packs to entirely changing the launcher your cellphone utilizes, there are a lot of possibilities to personalize your mobile phone, according to Techno Hoop.

When you can certainly bounce into tweaking launchers and installing app icons, start off by digging into the property monitor configurations your telephone currently delivers. I do this once in a whilst and it is shocking how refined tweaks to aspects like application layout can make it experience like a solely new cell phone.

Extended-push on a blank spot of your residence display screen, then pick out Residence configurations (or some variation of that). That will open up the alternatives for your property display screen, where you can customize several configurations.

Configurations like the dimension of the application grid. It may possibly appear like a little transform to go from a grid of 4×5 applications to 5×5, but that additional column can make a significant variance (the exact same can be claimed about shrinking the grid).

This is also exactly where you can expect to uncover options for items like swiping down on the residence display to look at notifications as an alternative of acquiring to swipe from the major of the screen.

Go as a result of the respective settings your cellphone has and experiment with your property display setup. Manually Check Your App Permissions

Manually check your app permissions

Photo: Techno Hoop
You can also uninstall from the Play Retail outlet. Photo: Techno Hoop

Check your app permissions. You can customize what your apps have access to by adjusting permissions in your Settings. This is one of the best and simplest ways to make your device quicker and more streamlined. You can control the permissions of your apps, opening up more space and preventing them from using valuable background data (something which will both slow you down and potentially increase your bill). Navigate to the Apps section of your Settings, and you can individually check and set your permissions, Southern Phone cited.

Triage your unit options

Talking of options now is a very good time to go by way of and change any configurations that have been bothersome you. I have a roundup of settings you can expect to want to modify and customize on any Android mobile phone to get the most out of it.

For example, turning on dim mode not only can make the app glimpse greater, but it will save battery everyday living. And of course, I even demonstrate you how to halt application icons from quickly appearing on your dwelling display screen.

Go through your privacy options

Before you take a break, do yourself and your Android phone one last favor -- double-check your privacy settings.

Open the Settings app then tap Privacy > Permissions Manager. Go through each category to see which apps currently have access to which treasure trove of your personal data. Find an app you don't want to have access to your location? Turn it off. The same goes for contacts, calendar or camera.

It doesn't take long to go through each section, and even if it did, it's well worth the effort.

After you're done giving your Android phone a tuneup, check out these hidden features you're sure to love. There's also a new document scanner that makes it easy to make digital copies of paperwork. And, finally, take a look at the features in Android 12 that we're looking forward to the most.

Instantly Make Your Phone Faster

Photo: Techno Hoop
Photo: Techno Hoop

Here’s a brilliant hack that can help speed up your Android’s performance tremendously.

  • Open Settings on your device.

  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on About phone.

  • Tap Software information.

  • Find the section called Build number. Tap this 7 times consecutively. This will allow you to become a “Developer” on your device.

  • Go back to your Settings app. At the bottom, you will find a new menu selection: Developer options. Inside this section, there are many, many options, but you only need to make changes to 3 settings.

  • Scroll down until you find: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator animation scale.

  • The default listed next to each setting should say 1x. We’re going to change those animations by speeding them up just a little. Tap on each of those scales and change 1x to .5x. This is going to enable your phone’s animations to take half the time to play, speeding up your phone in a major way.

  • Give it a try and notice the difference.

You can improve your phone’s efficiency with just the press of a button (or two). There are numerous Android apps that assist with “cleaning” your device. Basically, these apps work by removing “junk files” from your phone and clearing the cache. The various apps also purport additional features such as deleting residual image thumbnails as well as generally boosting performance.

Opinions are somewhat divided over whether these cleaning/speed boosting apps are necessary or effective. But they are easy to use and many of them are free, boasting thousands of positive reviews in Google’s Play Store. It may be worth a try if it could help to optimize your phone.

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