How To Get and Use CBS All Access (Paramount+) For Free
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What is CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is an entertainment, news and sports streaming service available from CBS, but isn’t available through your regular cable provider. Cable and satellite packages from companies like Comcast/Xfinity, Verizon, Frontier and DirecTV don’t offer CBS All Access because the service is a direct-to-consumer platform, which helps keep the cost low.

How to start watching live TV channels

There are two ways to watch live TV on CBS All Access — through the website or using the official CBS app. To start watching through the website, go to and sign in with your CBS All Access credentials. Or you can download the CBS app to your mobile, tablet device, or a streaming media player and sign in using the same credentials.

Once that’s done, the steps to start watching live TV on CBS All Access are pretty straightforward. With both of these options, follow the steps below to start watching CBS live TV programming:

Step 1: Select the “Live TV” option from the menu. The location will vary depending on how you access the service. On the website, you can find this option at the top of the page. But if you’re watching it from a mobile app, look for this option at the bottom of the screen.

On a streaming device app, you’ll typically find the Live TV button on the left-hand side of the screen along with other menu options. It appears as a small TV icon with a “play” button at the center.

Step 2: Choose the channel you want to watch and that will launch your live stream. For instance, you can select “CBS (Local Station)” to start watching live broadcasts from your local CBS channel.

How to Get a Free Trial for CBS All Access on Their Website

You can sign up for a CBS All Access free trial directly on the CBS website.

Here is how to do it:

Go to the CBS website

Click on the Try CBS All Access option in the top right corner

Scroll down and click the Try It for Free button

Click continue when the next page loads

Pick the subscription option you would like to try

Choose whether you want to switch to an annual plan by checking (or not checking) the box at the bottom

Click Continue

Enter your name, email, gender, zip code, chosen password, and birthday in the form

Pick whether you want to receive promo emails from CBS

Add a payment method in the next step

Click start CBS All Access

You will get a confirmation email with the exact date your free trial will renew into a full subscription.

How much does CBS All Access cost?

How To Get and Use CBS All Access (Paramount+) For Free
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CBS All Access offers two viewing plans. To watch with limited commercials, it’s just $5.99 per month, plus any applicable state taxes. Hate commercials? You can watch on-demand shows without interruption for $9.99 per month (though you’ll still get commercials with live TV).

You can save 15% with an annual subscription: $59.99 per year for limited commercials; $99.99 for commercial-free.

Your first 7 days are free, and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

How Can I Get a CBS All Access 7-Day Free Trial?

There are several ways to get a CBS All Access free trial, and the method depends on your preferred device for binging on shows.

You can sign up for a CBS All Access free trial on:

The CBS Website

Google Play Store

App Store

Take note that in case you decide to cancel your free trial or your subscription, you will have to use the same method you signed up with.

To cancel CBS All Access fast and simple, you can use DoNotPay.

How Long Is CBS All Access Free Trial and What Do I Get if I Sign Up?

You can try out CBS All Access for free for seven days. The company offers two types of subscriptions, and each one starts with a free trial—a Limited Commercials and a Commercial Free subscription.

With both plans, you’ll get the same shows, classic movies, and live TV channels, but Commercial Free allows you to watch the program without interruptions. Each free trial offers the same conditions as a paid subscription, so you get to experience the service in full.

What You Get with CBS All Access (Paramount+)

How To Get and Use CBS All Access (Paramount+) For Free
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Paramount+ has 30,000 episodes on demand from some of the most popular shows on TV today (this is a massive increase from CBS All Access, which had around 10,000 episodes). Shows like NCIS, God Friended Me, Hawaii Five-O, Seal Team, Survivor, Late Show, Young Sheldon, and soap opera stalwarts The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. You also get a ton of shows in the archives like Cheers, Gunsmoke, Frasier, Family Ties, Happy Days, Macgyver, all the previous Star Treks (DS9, Enterprise, TOS, TNG, and Voyager). It's really a huge catalog of classics.

You also get the live broadcast, which includes NFL on CBS.

CBS All Access Originals ShowsThey also have several originals that are available only on Paramount+:

No Activity

One Dollar

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Short Treks

Strange Angel

Tell Me A Story

The Good Fight

The Twilight Zone

Why Women Kill

Paramount+ has two plans for All Access:

Limited Commercials – $5.99 per month

Commercial Free – $9.99 per month

If you are willing to pay for a full year, the price drops a little:

Limited Commercials – $59.99 per year (~$4.99 per month)

Commercial Free – $99.99 per month (~$8.33 per month)

Can I get CBS All Access on my TV, or is it just on phones on computers?

CBS All Access is not a TV channel, so you will have to access it through the CBS All Access app. If you have a smart TV that is hooked up to wifi or connected to the internet with an ethernet cable, you should have no problem downloading the CBS All Access app. If you don’t have a smart TV, but do have a streaming device, you can get CBS All Access by adding the app to any of the following streaming devices that you currently use to watch TV and movies:

Apple TV


Fire TV


Android TV

Xbox One

Playstation 4

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