How To Do Point Spreads And Other Stuff For NFL
NFL games

There are ways to ease you into understanding what happens before the game betting and also live betting. Point spreads are always posted like a few days before the NFL games on Sunday. How do they actually work?

Look At the Line

Let’s say the Washington Commanders are playing the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington is the road team and Philadelphia is the home team. The spread to open the week before the game is Philadelphia (-2) over Washington (+2).

With the Eagles getting the -2 line, you have to ask yourself this question. Do you think Philadelphia is going to win this football game by more than two points against Washington? If you think that is going to happen, then place that bet. If you don’t think that is going to happen, then bet the Commanders (+2).

Sports betting is tricky. There are instances where Philadelphia can win the game by one point over Washington say 24-23. If you bet the Philadelphia Eagles (-2), you didn’t win your bet, but if you bet Washington Commanders (+2), then you did win your bet. There is also other research that can be done to decide whether or not you feel comfortable with your bets.

Always research what the record of each team is against the spread. That is always a big deal because at the time Washington can only be 4-10, but they could be 9-5 against the spread. Philadelphia could be 8-6, but they are only 5-9 against the spread.

Money Lines

Money lines for betting on sports games are totally different than figuring out the point spread and who will cover and who will not. When people bet on the money line, it means that you are betting on that NFL team to win a football game outright.

Say the match-up is the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. New York’s money line is +290 and Dallas’s money line is -180. Whenever there is a plus sign, you have a greater chance of winning a bet by placing $100 down on it rather than betting that on a minus.

If you feel like New York can win the football game over Dallas outright, then place the bet on the money line. If not, then go the other way, but the turnout won’t be as much if the Cowboys won the football game over the Giants though.


Some people just like to bet the over/under point totals in football games. Say the Buffalo Bills are facing the Kansas City Chiefs that day. The over/under is 56.5 total points. That may feel like a low point total because of Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes potentially lighting up the scoreboard.

A lot of people would then bet the over easily, but as the week goes on, Vegas might change the lines and say it goes up to 63.5 points. The betting now would get a little bit harder and there would be more to think about when placing the bet.

It is always important to research how many points a game each football team scores and also how many points a game each football team gives up. In this kind of situation, stats may not matter because of how talented these offenses are.

Betting over 63.5 total points in this football game means that you think the final score will be something like 38-35. Not even a 35-28 score gets it over 63.5. It is still the under 63.5 total points scored in this football game between these two teams though.

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