How to Create Your Own Detailed & Ultimate Plan of Cleaning Whole House
Make a detailed and ultimate plan of house cleaning. Photo: Mama's Kitchen

Daily Cleaning: Keep dirt away

A daily cleaning plan attacks the messes and dirt that accumulate in your house every day. It will keep your home tidy but doesn't do much about serious grime. By following this schedule, you'll have a house you can relax in after a long day at work. In fact, living in a clean home may even make you a happier person.

Try to tackle every chore below to prevent getting out of control dirt in your house:

Start by making the bed

To make things easier, simplify your bedding as much as possible. We ended up cutting out our top sheets and just use a duvet and washable cover. If you love your top sheets though, you can look at minimizing the number of pillows on your bed or using a large enough comforter or duvet that you don’t need to tuck in your sheets.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper

Everyone creates dirty laundry with the simple process of wearing clothes, and the key is to get everyone to place the clothes in a convenient place for the person (or persons) doing laundry to be able to grab them and get them washed, as cited by Home Storage Solutions.

Do one load of laundry per day

Now, depending on how many loads you typically do per week, you may not need to do this every day, but, for us, we definitely go through at least 7 loads of laundry per week. Try to get in the habit of putting in one load of laundry first thing in the morning. If you work outside of the home and won’t have a chance to dry it before your leave, put your machine on delay.

How to Create Your Own Detailed & Ultimate Plan of Cleaning Whole House
Photo: Red Hanger

Wipe countertops after preparing meals

Once you’ve dealt with the debris and spills, it’s time to wipe things down properly. Dampen a rag with hot water (hot water is far more effective at breaking up cooking greases and other kitchen messes than cold water) mixed with a drop or two of dish soap or another cleaning agent.

After you clean the entire counter space, rinse off all of the soap with clean water and a rag. If there are spots that didn’t come clean, put some warm soapy water on the spot to soak for a few minutes, and wipe it down again.


Not all cleaning is created equal. Make a list of what you would like to get done and then prioritize what needs to be done and what can wait until the next day or two. Given the time that you have available, write down your top 2 or 3 {realistic!} cleaning goals and stick with these before attempting to do other things.


This one may need to be implemented over a longer period of time, but taking the time to declutter and organize your home will drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean. Having a spot for everything makes it so much easier to tidy up – for both you and the rest of your family. Fewer items out on the counters and surface tops cut down on dusting and make cleaning a lot quicker.

Clean as you go

Putting things away as you go doesn’t really take up much time but it will definitely make the difference between a tidy house and a messy house at the end of the day. Take your clothes off by your closet and either hang them back up or put them directly in the laundry, etc. All of these little things are just habits that can be created with a little intentional planning.

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Weekly Cleaning: Clean common Areas

The easiest house cleaning schedules only ask you to spend a little time each day focused on household chores. If you truly do not have time to do these tasks during the week, you can reserve them for the weekend, Tidy cites. Here's a sample cleaning schedule you can follow during the week:

Bathroom cleaning checklist:

• Scrubbing sinks, tubs, showers, and (yes) toilets,

• Sweeping and mopping the floor

• Windexing mirrors

How to Create Your Own Detailed & Ultimate Plan of Cleaning Whole House
Photo: That's Clean Maids

Kitchen cleaning checklist:

• Removing items from countertops and cleaning the countertops with soap and water

• Wiping down the outside of the items if they’re dirty

• Cleaning the stovetop

• Cleaning inside of the microwave

• Cleaning out the fridge, throwing away food that’s gone bad and washing out containers that can be reused

• Vacuuming and/or mopping floors

• Dusting surfaces

• Laundering and replacing dish and hand towels

• Maintaining your personal space, including changing your sheets, tidying up your room, and sorting your mail

• If you’ve decided to do shared shopping, making a grocery list and visiting the store, then putting grocery items away, Bungalow cites.

Bedroom cleaning checklist:

If you've already removed clutter, dusted, and vacuumed the house, and tidied your closets, your bedrooms will be basically done. To finish up, simply:

  • Return any furniture (chairs, diaper bins, etc.) that you put up to vacuum earlier.
  • Make bed.
  • Straighten.
  • Special projects: Organize your sock drawer? Fold laundry and put in the dresser? Put a mint on your pillow?
  • More bedroom cleaning tips.

Window cleaning checklist:

How to Create Your Own Detailed & Ultimate Plan of Cleaning Whole House
Photo: King of Maids
  • Use a streak-free glass cleaner (don’t spray on too much) and wipe with newspapers.
  • Clean large and hard-to-reach windows with a professional-quality squeegee.
  • Clean window screens by removing them from the frame and scrubbing them with an all-purpose cleaner mixed with warm water. Scrub each screen with a bristle brush, rinse with outdoor hose and insert back into window to dry.
  • More window cleaning tips.

Seasonal Cleaning: Deep cleaning

Your home doesn't need a deep clean very often. You should, however, work hard to remove grime from all areas of the house at least once per year. Don't try to force all of that cleaning into one weekend. You'll get better results by spreading out the tasks with an annual house clean schedule that tells you what to focus on each month. Here's a sample schedule that you may want to follow:


Winter is a good time to clean out-of-the-way areas that often get neglected.

  • December: Empty and wipe down all cabinets. Dispose of unused medications.
  • January: Clean behind the refrigerator, washer, dryer, and large furniture.
  • February: Steam clean all carpets.


  • March: Empty closets to find and donate unwanted items. Re-organize for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.
  • April: Clean window exteriors and screens.
  • May: Wash blankets, comforters, duvets, and other large bedding.
How to Create Your Own Detailed & Ultimate Plan of Cleaning Whole House
Photo: The Sleep Judge


  • June: Clean and organize the garage and basement.
  • July: Empty dressers and drawers. Clean insides and donate unwanted items.
  • August: Clean walls and retouch paint where necessary.


  • September: Reorganize closets and dressers for the upcoming cold seasons.
  • October: Give freezers, refrigerators, stoves, and ovens a deep clean.
  • November: Consolidate and organize personal files.
These house cleaning schedules will make it relatively much easier for you to keep all areas of your home neat and clean. You don't have to follow them precisely, though. Feel free to create a schedule that matches the needs of your home and lifestyle. As long as you accomplish the tasks on these lists, you'll have a home you're proud to show your friends and relatives.

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