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If you got a good look at the license plate, write down all the details you can as soon as possible including the number, the state and whether the license plate had a special design
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What is the First Vehicle Registration Plates in the U.K

Since 1904, number plates, also known as vehicle registration plates, have been in use in the UK.

All motorized vehicles had to be registered in the official Vehicle Register and be required to have number plates thanks to the Motor Car Act of 1903, which went into effect the following year. This law was passed to ensure that the police could locate vehicles quickly in the event that they were involved in criminal activity or a traffic collision.

While it is possible to identify the owner of the vehicle using the number plate, the process is difficult. The UK government must pass legislation to protect peoples' privacy.

The registered owner of a car can be found, though, if you have a reliable factor, like:

→ Discovering the driver associated with a hit-and-run situation

→ Finding the signed-up keeper of an unloaded car

→ Finding proprietor of a parking area on a private property

→ Send auto parking ticket or trespass charge notices

→ Locating proprietor hypothesized of insurance coverage fraud and so on

However, you may ask, isn’t vehicle license plate check offer automobile proprietor details? Let’s find out.

Simple Ways to Search for a Car Number Plate on

UK license plates now have seven characters, including letters and numbers, as of September 2001. The precise format is two letters, two numbers, then three more letters. The last three letters are chosen at random to identify a specific vehicle. The first two letters are a DVLA memory tag, the numbers indicate the year and month the car was manufactured, and the last two letters are a DVLA memory tag.

♦ If you’re seeking a specific number plate, you can do so online through the government website. There you can easily use the DVLA’s resources to track down a car number plate in use. If you are looking for an unissued number plate then you can search current available stock of private reg plates right here at

You must submit a V88 form if you are an individual requesting information about the registered keeper of a vehicle. Use a V88/3 form if you're a part of a group that tracks down parking or trespassing issues. Additionally, there will be a fee for this service, which is specified on the application form.

Check A number plate here:

While a number plate check won't reveal the identity of a car's registered keeper, it will provide you with a wealth of information about that particular vehicle.

You can find out whether a car is taxed, what its current tax rate is, and when its tax expires by checking the registration number. Additionally, you can find out if the vehicle's MOT is still in effect and when it will expire. Along with the year of manufacture, a vehicle's number plate can be used to determine when it was first formally registered. Additionally, a number plate check can quickly reveal some of the vehicle's fundamental characteristics, such as the color and engine size, as well as information about its carbon dioxide emissions.

Best Free Sites To Check A Number Plate for Paid


The is the biggest FREE car history website in the UK! You can find out all about any car with a quick search, or use our free number plate checker.

• Enter vehicle registration number (number plate) and click search to perform a vehicle check.

• Our vehicle history report will show free information, like the car’s make and model, body style, wheel plan, colour, engine size, fuel type, vehicle dimensions, vehicle TAX, MOT history and MOT expiry date., every time you check a vehicle.

• Basic vehicle information can be found in our free report. You can also buy our premium report, if you want to receive more detailed information about a car.

This vehicle history report contains information on write-offs, salvage histories, stolen vehicles, scrapped vehicles, plate changes, color changes, and more. If necessary, it is also possible to include an unpaid finance check.

The largest and most trustworthy number plate checker in the UK is our Reg Check.

2. Reg Check UK: Get a Free Car Check For Any UK Vehicle

At Reg Check UK, our free car check tool enables you to access comprehensive historical information about any car effortlessly. Simply enter the vehicle registration number (number plate) and click search to initiate a thorough vehicle check.

For only £8.99, our premium vehicle history report includes crucial information on stolen and scrapped vehicles, write-offs, outstanding finance, and much more. We take immense pride in offering the most comprehensive history checker available.

Begin your search now and unveil the hidden history of any vehicle.

How to Check the Car Owner in the UK With A Partial License Plate
Reg Check UK

3.The FREE Car History Checks

Checking a number plate is a reasonably easy task. The quickest method is online utilizing the federal government site. You’ll discover a page online where you are asked to enter the automobile’s number plate.

The online form is then instantly transmitted to the DVLA's data storage facilities, and you'll receive a list of various details about the vehicle in question, from its color to whether it has successfully completed its annual MOT. The owner of the car will not be revealed by this check, though.

While looking at a number plate online through a government website is completely free, you can also pay to conduct an HPI vehicle check, which may provide you with more information about the vehicle. An HPI car check can provide you with a wealth of additional useful information about an automobile's history in addition to revealing whether any financing contracts are attached to a particular vehicle. This will also be displayed if it has been reported as stolen, lost, involved in a serious accident, or connected to criminal activity. Before purchasing a vehicle, whether it is from a dealership, an exclusive vendor, or especially when purchased at an auction, it is always advised to run a free vehicle history report. When you're trying to buy, a free HPI analysis is an option that can give you some satisfaction. Keep in mind that before conducting a paid HPI check, it is merited to check all beneficial information the government can offer.

Editor Note: A Premium vehicle check service costs only £9.95 (inc. VAT) and also includes several other, additional vehicle checks like if the vehicle has ever been stolen, has outstanding finance and much more.

4.The Check the address of the vehicle owner, by number plate

How to Trace Car Owner with Just a Partial License Plate in the UK?
Report an abandoned vehicle in the UK

The DVLA is unlikely to give you this information, for instance, if you have concerns about a car that has been parked outside your home. Instead of conducting your own investigation, it would be much better to inform the DVLA or the local council.

5.The Find Car Owner By Registration Number

A car owner check is more complicated than you might imagine because the DVLA doesn't give out information to just anyone who asks for it. However, if you're worried about a car, it's important to learn as much as you can about it so you can be sure you're getting a good deal.

6.The Enter the registration number of the vehicle

7.The Check Any UK Number Plate Instantly For Free

This site for Check Number Plate By Entering Registration Number.

Th Checkcardetails contains over 20 fields of data about the vehicle, including car owners check and free vehicle history check.

8.The Free Vehicle Registration Check

Best Free Websites to Trace Car Owner with A Partial License Plate in the UK
Free Vehicle Registration Check in the UK

Instant Vehicle History Check In 3 Simple Steps:

- Enter your vehicle registration number in the search field above

- View all free details and upgrade your report if needed

- Pay the small upgrade fee and get instant access to the full report

9.The The Biggest FREE vehicle data website in the UK

Looking for a new or used car? Great, but always inspect the vehicle before purchasing it! Only by entering the number plate into this website can you check the vehicle information for free.

You can find a wealth of vehicle information, including MOT history, fuel consumption, safety ratings, and general car information, in this free carcheck report. Try a free carcheck to see if the seller's information is accurate.

Questions regarding the mileage or the MOT results? junk car? Want to see the car option list or see if a particular vehicle has been in an accident? To be extra certain that you purchase the right car, purchase a premium carcheck.

You can find information about cars using Enter the registration number to immediately download the data. Do you want to get the report by email? Please provide your email address so that we can send you a PDF with all the information.


You can find out if the car is as advertised with a vehicle check. Before you buy a car, you can find out with a Vehicle Check if it is secure and has a spotless history.

When determining whether a vehicle has been reported stolen, imported, exported, written off, scrapped, or poses a risk of third-party trace, Vehicle Check consults a variety of sources. In addition, it looks for any modifications to the car's number plate or color as well as any unpaid debt. We also discover information about the number of prior owners and the car's actual mileage.

Data about the car's make, model, color, transmission, number of gears, fuel type, body type, and engine size are included in the Vehicle Check Report.

Locate A Vehicle Proprietor By Number Plate

It is not entirely as simple to identify the owner of a specific number plate under information security legislations, which protect a person's right to personal privacy, and a quick number plate, check online via the DVLA will not yield results.

There may be several factors to consider when determining who the owner of a vehicle with a specific license plate is. You might be looking for information on a vehicle that appears to have been abandoned near your house, or you might want to map a vehicle that damaged your own in an accident; in either case, you'll need to take a different approach to find out who owns the vehicle.

You must have a legitimate reason for wishing to identify the current owner of the number plate, as well as fill out the appropriate application and pay for the service.

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What Infomation Does Number Plate Search Offers About The Proprietor?

Photo: SWAGGER Magazine
Photo: SWAGGER Magazine

No one lawfully can supply details of any kind of owner. The automobile owner license plate lookup can offer:

  • the day when the former owner offered the car

  • the date if the former keeper purchased the vehicle

  • the number of past caretakers based on the logbook

  • city/country where the car was registered in DVLA

  • the age of the vehicle

For free, the detailed vehicle check not only uses the above-mentioned information, yet you will likewise be familiar with if the vehicle has any kind of outstanding finance, was swiped, involved in a crash, and so on. Obtain your report!

How to File for an Abandoned Vehicle Title

An abandoned vehicle is a car, boat, motorcycle, or any other form of motorized transportation that has been left on the property of another for an extended period of time. The laws regarding abandoned vehicles differ from state to state, but there are some steps that must be taken in order to obtain the title to an abandoned vehicle.

Step 1

Determine the abandoned vehicle laws in your state. This can be done by calling your state Division of Motor Vehicles. In some localities, it is prohibited for a private citizen to claim an abandoned vehicle.

Step 2

Notify the owner as well as any interested parties, including banks, insurance companies, lienholders, and local law enforcement. By contacting your local Division of Motor Vehicles and providing them with the vehicle identification number, you can find the last owner of the vehicle.

Step 3

Have the owner of the abandoned vehicle sign the title over to you. If you are able to locate the previous owner and they still hold the title or are eligible to do so, you can have them transfer ownership to you. The process for this varies from state to state.

Step 4

If you are unable to locate the previous owner, speak with a lawyer. If you have the option to file a court case to obtain title to the vehicle, an attorney can advise you on your options.

File a small claims lawsuit against the previous owner. You may need to file a lawsuit against the owner to recover storage fees if you've found the previous owner but he won't give you the title to the car. The award of the vehicle title or monetary compensation is possible under the various state-specific judgment laws.

Trace the Car Woner - FAQs

The Number Plate I Desire Isn’t For Sale Anywhere. What Do I Do?

It is possible to learn if the number plate you desire is on a vehicle if you try to find relevant sites.

A person might be keeping it on a DVLA number plate certification if it isn't on a vehicle. It's also conceivable that it was never offered. It's also possible that the enrollment number was once attached to a vehicle but was lost when the vehicle was scrapped.

Therefore, there are numerous opportunities available.

You must submit a written inquiry to the DVLA. They might be able to offer you suggestions as to whether the license plate you want has ever been issued before and when. Alternatively, they might keep a record of your interest and let you know when or if they plan to sell it.

How do I find the owner of a vehicle by the license plate number?

To obtain the owner's name and address, get in touch with the DVLA. You must complete a V888 form if you are an individual, and a V888/3 form if you are a business. Alternately, get in touch with Reg Car Checks; we can verify who owns the car by accessing the records of any prior owners.

Will a vehicle check report show the owner’s name?

No, as it is illegal to reveal a registered keeper's name without their express consent unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you're a parking company looking for the registered keeper to send them a fine, that might be just cause.

What information does a vehicle check provide?

The number of registered keepers of a vehicle will be revealed by a vehicle check, but no personally identifying information about the keepers will be shown. It will tell you the model year, the number of previous owners listed in the V5C logbook, the dates the vehicle was first registered, and the dates the previous keeper bought and sold the car.

I have a legal issue with someone and need to find out their details via registration plate. Is this possible?

No, you cannot obtain this information using a vehicle check service; however, you might want to contact the DVLA, as they will have it. It's not likely that this circumstance will qualify as "just cause" with the DVLA, but it's free to try. You must explain your request for the data on the V888 form, which enables you to get personal information about a registered keeper. The DVLA will then decide if the justification is legitimate or not. With the introduction of GDPR and data rules, it can be challenging and, in most cases, won't be approved.

What are the scenarios where I’d need this information?

You might need to locate the owner of a vehicle in a number of situations. A justification for requiring this information might be:

• You might have identified the driver in a hit-and-run incident.

• Finding the registered owner of a dumped car might be necessary.

• The owner of a car parked on private property may need to be found.

• You might operate a company that must issue parking tickets or trespassing charge notices.

• You might have to track down a property owner who is suspected of insurance fraud.

It would be helpful in these situations to know the identity of the vehicle owner, and using Reg Car Check can make the process of discovering that information, along with many other details, much simpler.

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