Buying Gun in America
Buying Gun in America
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With a population of more than 300 million people, there are also more than 300 million guns of all kinds in American homes. However, not every person has a gun according to the above ratio, but the number of people owning guns is only about 30%, which means that if there are no guns, then only 2-3 guns if they have them.

In the United States, public gun shops, there are as many as clothing stores. Buying a gun is as easy as buying clothes: Walk into a store, choose a gun you like, make a deposit and fill out a few documents and then……go home. After about 2-3 weeks depending on where the gun shop will call you to pay the full amount and receive the gun.

In stores that sell guns, they often include accessories such as bulletproof vests, gun cases / boxes to keep guns indoors for safety, large stores have places for you to practice shooting. Sometimes the gun shop is also a place to cool off for "Gentlemen" when angry with their wives - they don't move like I do - because it's forbidden by law. They printed their wife's picture as a target for shooting practice at gun shops. If you're angry a little, print 1 sheet, if you're angry, then 2-3 sheets are shot so that it's all crushed...then go home and cook, pick up your if nothing happened.

Gun in America: Amazing Facts, Ownership, Sales and Tax

Why do you have to wait 2-3 weeks without receiving the gun right away? At this time, the gun shop will send your information to the local police to see if you have a mental illness, have committed a crime or not? Generally, you just need to be over 21 years old and have no bad history or mental health problems to be able to own a gun.

This 2-3 week waiting time is also known as cooling down time. Why do you need to cool down? Because suppose a day of arguing, resentful with the neighbor, heating up, you will go buy a gun, go back to their family and then kill yourself. However, if you wait 2-3 weeks to get a gun, you will think again, calm down your anger and so buy the gun just for self-defense, not to cause tragedy for society as the purpose of going. buy gun. People with 2-3 guns in the house are probably also from this reason?

Your gun should only be left in the house for self-defense when someone attacks or trespasses in your home. To bring people outside you need a special permit - a high certification for safety and whether your work is related to security, protection or in an environment where weapons are required for control such as a port or cargo terminal are not.

Two Steps to Buy A Gun in The U.S

1.Pass an instant background check that includes criminal convictions, domestic violence and immigration status.

2.Buy a gun.

U.S Gun Laws Vary Significantly

In November 2016, a new gun-control law that would require sellers to conduct background checks on buyers in Nevada was narrowly passed but never enforced.

Eight states, including California and Rhode Island, impose waiting periods for the purchase of some or all firearms.

In most states, the store will run two background checks, a state check, and a federal check.

Customers can fail the federal background check for a number of reasons, including if they are a convicted felon, fugitive from justice, or have been convicted of domestic violence.

Florida doesn't require fingerprints, a special permit, or even a waiting period to buy a gun. This is common in some parts of the US, where you can walk into a store and walk out with a semi-automatic gun in your hand in minutes.

However, in 33 states, private sellers are allowed to sell guns without performing any kind of background check — state or federal.

In states with less regulation — such as Nevada or Virginia — purchases are straightforward, speedy operations. Some states have stricter regulation for certain types of firearms, such as assault rifles, but in states with less gun regulation, semi-automatic guns are typically treated similarly to any other firearm purchase.

In Virginia, you can buy a semi-automatic gun "in 15 minutes". In Orlando, buying the AR-15 took just 38 minutes.

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