How is Formula 1 Different in 2023?
Formula 1 in 2023

It’s promising to be a closer title battle than last year, so many in the iGaming space are expecting the betting market to really heat up. In preparation for this, many leading bookies have been running free bet offers that can be used to back race fan's favorite teams and drivers once the season gets underway.

A closer fight for the championship is not the only thing that’s expected to change this season. There are many other differences between this season and last, here are the main ones.

Black Cars

A common theme throughout the pre-season launch window was that most teams had altered their paint schemes to include more black. This wasn’t a fashion choice or because they were all going through a goth phase but a necessity due to extreme amounts of weight saving.

For several years, F1 teams have been struggling with their cars getting heavier and heavier, with most 2022 contenders starting the year over the limit.

Since paint is added weight, many teams have simply chosen to sport bare carbon fiber in some places and used a black color scheme to hide it.

Bigger Mirrors

F1 cars need mirrors because drivers who are being overtaken (or who have just completed an overtake) need to know where their opponents are so they don’t accidentally turn across them.

Until this year, F1 mirrors have been barely functional, providing a tiny reflective area and vibrating so much that drivers just see a dance of colors. Following tests last season, mirrors have been extended by 5cm for 2023 to combat this and improve safety.

Format Changes

The divisive Sprint Race format will return in 2023 but with six instances instead of three. On top of that, these events will be used to trial a change to the DRS rule, allowing drivers to activate their flap a lap earlier with the FIA paying close attention to assess whether it is safe and effective at boosting on-track action.

Additionally, a ‘Revised Qualifying Format’ will be trialed during two weekends this season, again to evaluate whether it helps tp spice up the action. If does, then the RQF will likely be introduced from 2024 onwards.

During an RQF session, drivers will be required to use only hard tires in Q1, medium tires in Q2, and soft in Q3. The total number of dry tire sets will also be reduced for these weekends from 13 to 11.

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