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Horse Horoscope 2021 - Horse Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Horse ranks seventh on the Chinese zodiac cycle. Horse Chinese Horoscope 2021: What are the Birth Years of this Chinese Zodiac?

Years of Birth: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038

There are no major changes that will take place this year in the lives of the Horse natives. You have the influence and vibrations of Tai Suay; therefore, you should be careful not to make major investments this year.

The 2021 horse horoscope predicts that 2021 can be a good year for financial growth and business expansion, but also a year of inner reconstruction by understanding the impact of their roots and childhood over their lives.

During the Year of the Ox 2021, the relationships, marriage, partnerships are finally enjoying more stability and construction, after years when everything seemed unstable, temporary, and vulnerable to shocks, Thechinesezodiac said.

2021 Horse Predictions For Love

Your romantic life will have some ups and downs this year. For the most part, things will seem uneventful. While this may seem boring, it also means that there will not be much drama in your love life, which some may find comforting. So long as you can avoid affairs this year, your relationship should be in good shape.

The love life of a single Horse will not likely be very adventurous this year. While some single Horses might find a new partner this year, it is not likely to be a relationship that will last. Any new relationships will be flings at most. For this reason, it is important to be careful in your romantic endeavors and pregnancies.

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2021 Horse Predictions For Career

Your workflow will be about average this year. There will be times when you need to put in more work than usual, which can be stressful. Work will flow much easier this year if you can learn to work with others better. People who work in a field that requires them to speak to other people often, such as those people who have clients, are likely to have a better year than those who work in a solitary job.

For the most part, this is not a great year to look for a new job if you already have one. However, it should be fine to look for a job if you are currently unemployed. Unless you make friends with your boss or can otherwise impress them, you are not likely to get a promotion or raise this year, according to Sunsigns.

2021 Horse Predictions For Health

In terms of health, there can be hidden trouble for you during the year 2021. Harming the Tai Sui - Grand Commander of the year will consume you a lot because earth can let out fire in Chinese zodiac horoscope, and this is bad for cardiac system and heart and brain vessels.

As a result, you may often feel worried, depressed and dispirited, and suffer from hidden trouble or reproductive problems caused by indulging in sensual pleasures. In addition, you people under the Horse sign will be prone to accidental injuries, which shall be the focus of you this year, Yourchineseastrology noted.

2021 Horse Predictions For Family

The 2021 Horse horoscope doesn’t predict much change in your family life this year. As with every year, it’s best to try to spend a great amount of time with your family. However, this year is not the best year for Horses to have another child unless they are married to someone who does have a favorable prediction for having a baby in 2021.

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Horse Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2021

Favorable Directions: south, north

Lucky Colors: purple, gold

Lucky Numbers: 3, 6

Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of March, June, December

Unfavorable Month: July and October

Feng Shui objects for luck:

The Green Tara or Female Buddha – as it is also knows – removes cumbersome obstacles from daily life, and it is a very powerful remedy for women. It protects against the eight fears – thieves, black magic, water, poverty, fire, injustice, bullies, and poison.

Nine Eyes Dzi Bracelet – acts as a protector, facilitates eliminating evil, and helps the wearer to gather wealth, to be healthy, to attract success, to have the power to gain, and compassion. It is especially recommended for the people born in the Dragon year.

2021 Horse Monthly Horoscopes - Chinese Zodiac

Horse January 2021

This month everything will go your way; therefore, you need to keep smiling.

Horse February 2021

Your overall relationship status this year will be on the rocks, but this month, some love and romance will creep into your love life.

Horse March 2021

2021 Horse monthly horoscope reveals that you will get the necessary help you need from your loved ones in order to get your footing.

Horse April 2021

You should be of service to others by sharing the little that you have with the less fortunate people in society.

Horse May 2021

You should be patient and calm this month even though you are facing lots of challenges and tough times.

Horse June 2021

Your lucky star is shining bright on you this year; therefore, you should be happy and take advantage of the same.

Horse July 2021

This month, you should watch your temper. Ensure that you control your temper so that you do not cause any harm to yourself and the people that you love.

Horse August 2021

Be patient with life, and do not rush into anything that you will regret later. Focus on the things that are most important in your life.

Horse September 2021

This month things will start turning around for the better in your life, including your finances and love life.

Horse October 2021

Keep things in your life the way they are now. Do not rush into making changes without evaluating your situation in life.

Horse November 2021

Do not focus on using more of your finances on wants rather than needs.

Horse December 2021

You should be cautious and conservative during this month.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2021: Important Things to Keep in Mind

The numbers, colours and directions hold an energy pattern. If you follow the ones which coincide with your destiny, it will bring favourable results. The following are the fortunate directions, numbers, colours and months. You can take them into consideration while performing any task during this year.

  • As per the Chinese Astrology, the direction that is most favourable for Chinese Horse is South and Southeastern.
  • The colour of passion and spirituality will be fruitful during this year in accordance with the Chinese horoscope 2021. Therefore, you can look up to the colours Red and Purple
  • In accordance with the Chinese Predictions 2021, the two lucky numbers will be 3 and 9.
  • The Chinese Lunar Months of January, June, August and September will be auspicious for Chinese Horse as per the Chinese Horoscope 2021.
  • In accordance with Chinese Astrology, Horse natives are advised to avoid Chinese Lunar Months May and November, since they will not bring favourable results for you.

*If you find the abovementioned information concerning Horse Horoscope 2021 effective, don't hesitate to share, thank you!

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