Scary Hobbit Prophecy About World War 3
Scary Hobbit Prophecy About World War 3

Who Are The Hobbits

Flores (scientific name is Homo floresiensis, or Homo) with the nickname Hobbit, thought that only in the imagination of writer J.R.R Tolkien, author of the novel "Lord of the Rings", but in fact they do exist. in.

Although the exact origin of the Hobbits remains a mystery, scientists claim that the Hobbits descended from prehistoric humans, specifically Homo erectus, which became extinct. .

They also have their own civilization, there are even Hobbit prophecies that are believed to be true to this day.

From about 1950 onwards, the Hobbits passed down stories carved in stone to their descendants - God's prophecy told them. Elderly people often tell young ones about prophecy at gatherings, which seem to be still valid and well worth our consideration.

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Hobbit Prophecy of World War 3

According to the prophecy of Homo or Hobbit, there will come a time in some other ancient countries where people will reveal the light (divine wisdom) to the world, and that is the cause of the Great War. third world.

This war will be a conflict between spiritual beliefs and material pursuits.

The side of material desires will be destroyed by those who follow the faith. They will stay to build a new world, a nation under power, this power will belong to the Creator (Creator).

The land and people whose worldview only follows the current matter will be destroyed by atomic bombs and radiation.

Only the Hobbie tribe and their homeland will survive and become a green continent for those seeking refuge.

Atomic bomb shelters will not work, only materialists will have to seek refuge. Those who are calm and peaceful in their hearts will be protected. There is no refuge for evil.

Humans all know what's going on, but only those who are enlightened can understand what to do. The majority still ignores the consequences and accepts the consequences.

Accordingly, it can be seen that World War 3 is not an atomic bomb or a literal gun, but just a conflict between spiritual beliefs and people's material pursuits.

This can easily be seen that they are still true to real life in the present. People are under great pressure from life and always chase after material things, always feel tired, it is difficult to have peace but can not escape that cycle.

And the Hobbit's prophecy about World War 3 related to spiritual issues, finding support in life.

The Hobbit's Prophecy

Hobbit's Scary Prophecy About World War 3 - Fact Check
Hobbit's Prophecy

According to the Hobbit descendants, those who were able to live on earth at the time of World War 3 to see what was happening were the luckiest, selected through the process of elimination.

The Hobbits also spoke of men becoming women and vice versa: "The great God created men, but now men say: 'I know more than the Gods, I want to transform myself. become a woman.” He can even raise his own children.

The great Gods created woman, but now the woman says: "I know more than the Gods, I want to make myself a man". Then she really turned herself into a man.

Currently happening as the Hobbits say as there are more and more transgender people in today's society.

The Hobbit said: "At some point, you will see humanity find the blueprint for man and they will delete and correct this blueprint."

The Hobbits predict that at some point, the eagle will fly high at night and land on the moon, the power will return to us.

We are at this very moment when the spacecraft lands on the moon and sends the news back to Earth.

Earth Will Sace A Disaster

The Hobbits also say that the earth is about to face a great disaster but that good things will come to those who live after it. From then on, the earth will enter a new cycle and a new cycle of humanity.

However, there are people that can still be avoided when we know how to give up false beliefs and live together peacefully, we will have a prosperous civilization.

The prophecy says that a faith will come to this place, it can be true and bring unity. But it's also possible that it can't do this. If it can't, another faith will come. The Hobbits call those who believe in this second faith Bahana. English written as pahana or bahani, which means baha.

We are in the process of purifying all matter. Other countries call this apocalypse, we call it purification. After purification, the earth will be more beautiful. The Gods are not certain that everyone will be able to safely survive the ordeal, but someone will certainly enter that new era.

Nostradamus wrote in his prophecy: "During the seven months of the great war, people died by evil." Predictive codebreakers suggest that this verse is alluding to a third world war, and that the cause may be the war between Russia and Ukraine, which caused unrest across Europe, and the involvement of NATO has expanded the conflict. Or the conflict between mainland China and Taiwan that led to the US participating in the development of a terrorist nuclear war, causing the outbreak of the third world war.
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