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Below are Astrological predictions about health for all Zodiac signs Today (February 20, 2021):

1. Aries - Health Horoscope Today

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

You feel more lighthearted and jovial than usual today, Aries. This is a great day to enjoy yourself and try to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. Try making a list of everything that brings you joy to amplify your positivity and optimism.

Lapis lazuli clears the mind and helps you focus on what you want today. Place a piece of lapis lazuli near your body while exercising to help you find mental clarity and emotional balance.

Hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds are an excellent source of plant protein and monounsaturated fats, which are said to reduce the risk of heart disease. Include a handful of nuts into your diet for a boost of health today, Aries, Astrologyanswers noted.

2. Taurus - Daily Health Horoscope

Your creative center is alive with ideas today, Taurus, helping you feel more connected to the energy of the Universe. Try tapping into this connection through artistic activities and mediums that make you feel more expressive. Music, painting, drawing, and writing are healing to the spirit today.

Carnelian is a motivating stone that encourages hard work and increases confidence. Place a piece of carnelian next to your projects to help you focus today.

Tuna is low in calories and fat, high in protein, and it tastes amazing over salad. Try topping a spinach salad with tuna, lemon, pepper, and feta cheese for a zesty, nutritious lunch today, Taurus.

3. Gemini - Health Horoscope Today

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

Watching your behavior too closely can result in a judgmental inner critic that won't help you get where you want to go. Make a broad plan of what you want to do for your health in the coming weeks.

Concentrate on what you want to eat and what you want to avoid eating. Focus on the time it will take to successfully integrate a few hours of exercise each week. With foresight and planning you may realize that it's not as hard as it looks.

4. Cancer - Health Horoscope Today

Today's aspect works harmoniously to bring you a warm sense of wellbeing. There is not a cloud in the sky unless you encounter someone else not having such a great day! Focus on this energy and keep to yourself and apply this energy where it is most needed: your health. Listen to your body and give it what it truly needs. There is no reason you can't feel this way every day with a little attention.

Until and unless you devote a waking hour to your health, you have made no good use of your day! Try to ponder upon the various activities you do and how they affect you! For instance monitor your breathing habits and analyze how it affects the way you talk or you love! Yoga seems to be the best exercise for you at this point of time.

5. Leo - Health horoscope today

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

A favorable transit makes things easy for you today. There is a pleasant feeling of luck in the air. To help play your cards right, drink a lot of water and bring some of this purification energy down to your liver. There is more to your health than meets the eye!

Continue to flush your system this week and exercise as much as you can. Be aware that you are releasing toxins from your system. This is a powerful act - take pride!

6. Virgo - Health Horoscope Today

The planets make a harmonious connection today. There is a big chance you will feel lighter than usual, and more easily engaged in other people's concerns than you normally feel is possible. People may respond quite positively to you, but don't forget to take care of yourself!

Every day counts when it comes to your health. Diet is a big part of your mood, so take note of what you feel like eating today. Maybe you can replicate it when you're not feeling quite as great!

7. Libra - Health Horoscope Today

It is high time that you realize that your health is one of your assets and needs to be developed. Today is a good day to start a health regime, take up a sport or join an exercise class. Swimming or other aquatic activities can prove to be of special benefit to you. If you initiate a healthy regimen today, it has a greater chance of success.

The planetary alignment today gives you a magical quality. It is subtle, so don't expect to be competing with Harry Potter, but you can internally feel a special energy if you meditate on this for a moment. There is magic in having a body - it allows us to feel the most incredible things. Take note of these feelings and consider what you can do for your body that will enhance these thrilling feelings, Horoscope noted.

8. Scorpio - Health Horoscope Today

Your creative ideas are appreciated by those around you, so try not to keep them to yourself today, Scorpio. Share these ideas with those you trust to help you move forward in your career. Balancing the Throat chakra will help you feel more comfortable with speaking up.

Black onyx is a protective crystal that will prevent you from taking on the negativity of others today. Keep a piece of black onyx with you throughout the day to help you maintain positive energy.

Broccoli is a fantastic source of vitamins C and K, as well as fiber. Try including raw or steamed broccoli in your diet today for a boost of energy and nutrition, Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius - Health Horoscope Today

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

Another pleasant transit gives you the ease of getting what you want without stepping on other people's toes. However, you have to know what you want in order to get it, and that's where the work comes in. Centering yourself has to be part of your daily program. Exercise is a great way to do this. So is actively managing your diet so that you know what to expect from what you eat.

You have become used to a sedentary lifestyle and you have let your body go. The time is right to start exercising in earnest and regain the strength and stamina that you originally had because you may soon be called upon to perform a physically difficult activity. It is also necessary to relieve your stress. Unbeknownst to you, your unhealthy dietary pattern is actually contributing to this stress.

10. Capricorn - Health Horoscope Today

The day will have a normal beginning but the healthy effects of your routine meditation exercises will be quite evidently visible today! You may be able to connect with your spiritual self towards the end of the day! Just do not consume much of the medicines as your liver may get affected, Prokerala sited.

Today's favorable aspect is like having lunch with your mother and a favorite aunt, or your father and a favorite uncle. You feel special, loved and content in knowing that things will work out for the best. This is a wonderful transit for working on projects at home, organizing your desk at work, or shopping for necessary items. You feel practical yet excited at the same time. Don't let this wonderful transit escape you: increase your sensitivity to this energy through exercise.

11. Aquarius - Health Horoscope Today

Photo: Cosmopolitan
Photo: Cosmopolitan

The aspect of the day gives you a wonderful burst of positive energy. You may feel as though anything is possible. You sense spring in the air! This happy feeling can touch others at home and at work. Enjoy your lightheartedness and celebrate by encouraging it in others.

Even the food you eat can reflect respect for this kind of energy. Organic food grown with respect for the earth is a great place to start (and it has better flavor).

12. Pisces - Daily Health Horoscope

The aspect of the day, metaphorically speaking, could be seen as the inventive and creative mother who can please and fascinate her children. What a perfect time to take your body into account and notice how you nourish it.

Having a body is like having a child, in a way: we must notice and nourish it each and every day. The best way to begin to notice your body is to listen to it without judgment. If you do this, it will begin to tell you what it wants.

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