Hazrat Ali's Birthday: History, Significance, Celebrations and Traditions
Hazarat Ali's Birthday is an optional holiday (Photo: HelloTravel)

Is Hazarat Ali's Birthday a Public Holiday?

Hazarat Ali's Birthday is an optional holiday. Employment and holiday laws in India allow employees to choose a limited number of holidays from a list of optional holidays. Some employees may choose to take the day off on this day, however, most offices and businesses remain open.

Origin, History, Significance, and Traditions of Hazrat Ali's birthday

A key personality for all Muslims, Hazrat Ali, was born in Rajab's Islamic month on the 13th day in 599 AD. Hazrat Ali's birth date is celebrated and revered. His parents were Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asda. He was born to them within the precincts of the Kabba's holy sanctuary in Mecca (a holy place for Muslims in Islam).

He was the first young male to accept Islam. Hazarat Ali grew up alongside the Prophet Muhammed and was taught by him. Later on he married the Prophet’s daughter, and became his son-in-law, according to metro.

He is well respected by Muslims for his knowledge, courage, beliefs, honest, devotion to Islam, loyalty for Muhammed and his equal treatment of all Muslims. By Sunni Muslims he is considered the forth and final of the Rashidun Caliphs. These are the righteously guarded individuals after the death of Muhammed. Shia Muslims regard him as the first Imam after the death of Muhammed, and that he is the rightful successor to Muhammed.

The cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad are believed to have been the first male to adopt Islam, and many believe him to be the first Muslim. He fought with Muhammad in many battles that suppressed the uprise of the early Muslim communities. When he moved to Medina, he married Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad, and became his son-in-law.

Ali was anointed the head or Caliph ( in Islam) after Uthman ibn Affan's slaying, the earlier Caliph. Ali ruled successfully till the year 661 when he dealt with a severe blow in his head. Ibn Muljam hit Hazrat Ali with a toxic sword when he was offering prayers in the Great Mosque of Kufa. This mosque is located in Iraq currently. He died on the 19th day of Ramadan. The injury was grave, and Hazrat Ali succumbed to it within two days.

Hazrat Ali is respected by the sects of Shias and Sunnis, respected and regarded among Muslims for his courage, integrity, beliefs, and honesty, and devotion to the religion of Islam. The Sunnis consider him the fourth Rashidun Caliph while the Shias regard his as the foremost Caliph and Imam after Prophet Muhammad.

The Shias and Sunnis differ in how they are revere Hazrat Ali; both agree on the fact that he was a devout Muslim dedicated to Islam and spread the message. They consider him to be a brave and upright ruler who followed the principles laid down in the Quran and the Sunnah.

According to the Islamic calendar, when Nasiru al-Din Shah reigned in Iran, Hazrat Ali's birth date was declared an official holiday. It is a restricted holiday in India. Hazrat Ali's birthday is celebrated as Hazrat Ali Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh, where it is declared a public holiday.

When is Hazrat Ali's Birthday Celebrated

Hazrat Ali's Birthday: History, Significance, Celebrations and Traditions
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Hazrat Ali's birthday 2020 Islamic date, fell on 9 March 2020. In 2021, Hazrat Ali's birthday is slated to be celebrated on 25th February 2021. The date of Hazrat Ali's birthday is based on the lunar calendar of the Islamic religion. It, therefore, falls on a different date each year in the Gregorian calendar.

How is Hazrat Ali's birthday Celebrated & Where to Go

Hazrat Ali's birth date is celebrated in India and other parts of the world where there is a dominant Muslim population. An occasion of joy and happiness is celebrated as a day to revel in the integrity, dedication, and honesty of Hazrat Ali to Islam's religion. Families and friends get together to offer prayers to the local mosque. Elaborate food preparations are made at homes where families and friends get together to discuss and remember the great achievement of Hazrat Ali.

Children are taught about his greatness and his contribution to the propagation of Islam in the world when it faced suppression. Mosques hold discourses on how he served alongside Muhammad and was loyal to him. They also stress the importance of his birth in Mecca's holiest place and organize feasts and prayers. Mosques are decorated and lit up. Different parts of the world celebrate it differently.

But all sects of Muslims consider it a joyous occasion to celebrate a child's birth to be born within the holy precincts since its foundation over a thousand years. At many places, Qawallis are held to praise the achievement of Hazrat Ali.

His birthday is seen as an occasion to appreciate his unbending devotion to Islam. If you wish to be part of the festivities, you can visit the following places:

Uttar Pradesh: The state has a public holiday on this occasion. All the mosques in the predominantly Muslim dominated areas are decorated and offer prayers. A lot of Muslim families gather to offer their respect to the Imam, cites redbus.

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