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There are many important life events in Thailand, and many Thai congratulations you can offer. introduces you several birthday wishes in Thai that you can say to your beloved.

If you want to go beyond only wishing someone a happy birthday and maybe study the language to have more complete conversations, you can learn Thai free by choosing a language learning application. Next time you might surprise a close friend by showing off your Thai speaking skills.

1. Birthdays in Thailand

If you live in Thailand or happen to know Thai people and want to wish them a happy birthday in Thai, you should focus on those words and phrases below.

2. Happy Birthday in Thai

Thai language: สุขสันต์วันเกิด

Thai pronunciation: sùk-sǎn wan-gòoet

Additional note: This is a very general way to wish someone a happy birthday in Thai, and you can use this in both formal and informal situations. Still, it’s good to know that Thai people often say “Happy Birthday” in English, as well as สุขสันต์วันเกิด (sùk-sǎn wan-gòoet). Now, about the Happy Birthday song in Thai—there is none. Thai people sing the English version.

3. Happy Birthday Wishes in Thai

Thai people often wish for the birthday person to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and to have a good time. Here is a list of formal birthday wishes in Thai you can use.

Wish 1: I wish you to be healthy.

Thai language: ขอให้สุขภาพร่างกายแข็งแรง

Thai pronunciation: khǎaw hâi sùk-khà-phâap-râang-gaai khǎaeng-raaeng

Wish 2: I wish you to be very happy.

Thai language: ขอให้มีความสุขมาก ๆ

Thai pronunciation: khǎaw hâi mii khwaam-sùk mâak-mâak

Wish 3: I wish you to be wealthy.

Thai language: ขอให้ร่ำรวย

Thai pronunciation: khǎaw hâi râm-ruuai

Wish 4: I wish you to have a good year.

Thai language: ขอให้ปีนี้เป็นปีที่ดี

Thai pronunciation: khǎaw hâi bpii-níi bpen bpii thîi dii

4. Happy Birthday Wishes to Elders in Thai

In Thai culture, you can say that you wish something for younger people, but it’s not proper for younger people to do this for elders. This is because, in Thai society, young people are expected to respect people who are older. If you do wish something for an elder, there is a way to say it properly, shown below.

Thai language: ขอให้คุณพระศรีรัตนตรัยบันดาลให้…

Thai pronunciation: khǎaw hâi khun phrá-srǐi-rát-dtà-ná-dtrai ban-daan hâi…

English translation: “May the triple gems wish you…”

Additional Note

Since you can’t bless elders directly, you ask a sacred item that Thai people believe blesses them instead. In Thailand, most people are Buddhist, so Thai people often use พระศรีรัตนตรัย (phrá-srǐi-rát-dtà-ná-dtrai), which is “the triple gems.”

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