There’s many fewer categories of data available for the global searches segment. Here’s a look at some of the most searched topics.

7. Unemployment

5008 1

Google’s top trending searches in news included “unemployment,” as millions lost their jobs due to pandemic lockdowns, according to the Verge.

The American economy plunged deeper into crisis last month, losing 20.5 million jobs as the unemployment rate jumped to 14.7 percent, the worst devastation since the Great Depression. The Labor Department’s monthly report on Friday provided the clearest picture yet of the breadth and depth of the economic damage — and how swiftly it spread — as the coronavirus pandemic swept the country.

Job losses have encompassed the entire economy, affecting every major industry. Areas like leisure and hospitality had the biggest losses in April, but even health care shed more than a million jobs. Low-wage workers, including many women and members of racial and ethnic minorities, have been hit especially hard.

6. Stimulus checks

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Google’s top trending searches in news included “stimulus checks,” as the government’s distribution of $1,200 payments didn’t exactly go smoothly.

Some Americans may still receive a government issued stimulus check this December, except the amount may not be $1,200 and the check will most likely not be from the federal government. Instead, the checks will vary in size and come from state governments who are eager to mitigate impending financial disaster for their residents and who must spend use-it-or-lose Cares Act funding by December 30.

5. Hantavirus

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One of the most searched words is Hantavirus. This is not a part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet within weeks of the coronavirus spreading across the globe, people heard of another virus – again from China. Hantavirus. In March, a Chinese man from Yunnan province died of hantavirus while he was on his way back to work in Shandong province.

Hantaviruses are a family of viruses spread mainly by rodents and can cause varied disease syndromes in people worldwide, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Hantavirus may cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and Haemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS).

4. Beirut

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On 4 August 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the port of the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, exploded, causing at least 204 deaths, 6,500 injuries, and US$15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

A cargo of 2,750 tonnes of the substance (equivalent to around 1.1 kilotons of TNT) had been stored in a warehouse without proper safety measures for the previous six years, after having been confiscated by the Lebanese authorities from the abandoned ship MV Rhosus. The explosion was preceded by a fire in the same warehouse, but as of November 2020, the exact cause of the detonation is still under investigation.

3. Iran

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Iran has warned of a strong response if Donald Trump goes ahead with plans to use the twilight of his presidency to mount a strike on Iran or its allies in the region.

It was reported that Trump last week looked at options for striking Iran’s main nuclear site, but was dissuaded from taking action after his advisers warned it might lead to a larger conflict in the Middle East. The report was sourced to four US officials by the New York Times.

2. Election results

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It's no surprise that election results ranked second in Google searches. The company partnered with the Associated Press to display tabulations in real-time. The intrigue dragged on long past election night, as counting continued in the following days because of a surge of mail-in ballots.

Joe Biden became president-electSaturday after winning the pivotal state of Pennsylvania, NBC News projected.

Biden had amassed 279 Electoral College votes after winning Pennsylvania's 20 electors and Nevada's 6 electors, according to NBC News, surpassing the 270 needed to win the White House and defeat President Donald Trump.

Biden's victory capped one of the longest and most tumultuous campaigns in modern history, in which he maintained an aggressive focus on Trump's widely criticized handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. A majority of voters said rising coronavirus case numbers were a significant factor in their votes, according to early results from the NBC Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters.

1. Coronavirus

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With covid-19 severely disrupting lives, ‘coronavirus’ featured among the most-searched topics in India on search engine Google this year.

Since first being recorded late last year in China, the Covid-19 coronavirus has spread around the world, and been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. However, differences in testing mean that the number of cases may be understated for some countries.

Obviously, larger countries tend to have higher numbers both of cases and of deaths. But there are many other factors in play, such as the demographic profiles of the countries; countries with ageing populations may be hit harder because the disease is more dangerous to older people.

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