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Rewrite the stars by James Arthur & Anne Marie. Photo: Pinterest

"Rewrite the Stars" Lyrics

[Zac Efron:]
You know I want you
It's not a secret I try to hide
I know you want me
So don't keep saying our hands are tied
You claim it's not in the cards
But fate is pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you're here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide
That you're my destiny?

What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find
It's up to you
And it's up to me
No one can say what we get to be
So why don't we rewrite the stars?
Maybe the world could be ours

You think it's easy
You think I don't wanna run to you
But there are mountains
And there are doors that we can't walk through
I know you're wondering why
Because we're able to be
Just you and me
Within these walls
But when we go outside
You're gonna wake up
And see that it was hopeless after all

No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you'll be mine
Everything keeps us apart
And I'm not the one you were meant to find
It's not up to you
It's not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?
Say that the world can be ours

[Zac Efron & Zendaya:]
All I want is to fly with you
All I want is to fall with you
So just give me all of you

It feels impossible

[Zac Efron:]
It's not impossible

Is it impossible?

Say that it's possible

[Zac Efron & Zendaya:]
How do we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine?
Nothing can keep us apart
Cause you are the one I was meant to find
It's up to you
And it's up to me
No one can say what we get to be
Why don't we rewrite the stars?
Changing the world to be ours

You know I want you
It's not a secret I try to hide
But I can't have you
We're bound to break and
My hands are tied

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Who is James Arthur?

James Andrew Atrthur ( James Arthur) born on March 02, 1988,

James Arthur is a Singer, Songwriter from UK, who has won THE X FACTOR ninth edition of 2012, before winning the singing contest (X Factor), Arthur has written and recorded songs in several bands, since he was 15 years old. The bands that ever collaborated with him were the active Moonlight Drive in 2005-2008, and Arthur became the band's lead vocalist. "Cue The Drama" is active in 2005-2008. Then in 2009, "Save Arcade", who at that time Arthur became a vocalist and guitarist. "Emerald Skye", is the fourth band formed in March 2011, and Arthur became a vocalist and guitarist again, as the steemit. Then he uploaded many songs through YouTube and SoundCloud.

Who is Anne-Marie?

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson is a singer and songwriter from England. She has been featured on several hit singles to date, including Clean Bandit's "Rockabye", "Friends", "Alarm" and "Ciao Adios". She first performed on the stage as a 12-year-old when she appeared in a West End production of ‘Whistle Down the Wind.’ Aside from West End commitments, she spent her early years struggling to become a pop singer and also tried her luck in professional karate championships at least three times. Anne-Marie has said that it was karate that taught her focus and discipline, the two essential characteristics of a successful musician. She has been practicing karate since the age of nine. According to famous people, she won double gold and gold and silver in the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association World Championships in 2002 and 2007 respectively. She has also won the gold in the United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation National Championships. She pursued her music career alongside karate and her debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’ was released in April 2018.

It might have been released nearly many years ago, but the popularity of The Greatest Showman has failed to diminish, and with it, the songs from the movie. As the heat world, in a re-release of the film's soundtrack, The Greatest Showman: Reimagined, sees big pop stars covering The Greatest Showman's songs, and Anne-Marie and James Arthur have dropped their amazing version of 'Rewrite The Stars'.

The music video for 'Rewrite The Stars' which was originally sung by Zac Efron and Zendaya for the film, sees the two British pop stars having their own take on the song, whilst staying true to its origins. The video features the pair singing together, whilst clips of dancers are interspersed.

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