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It’s Not A Party ‘Til The Eagles Arrive!

If any band knows how to ring in the new year, it’s the Eagles. In fact, they’re so awesome at ringing in the new year that they actually held a concert on the eve of the year 2000 to ring in a brand new millennium, and dusted off the funk-infused ‘Funky New Year’ to really kick things up a notch. Written in 1978 and featured as the B-side to the Eagles’ iconic ‘Please Come Home For Christmas,’ ‘Funky New Year’ was a departure from everything the band had done so far. It’s reminiscent of stuff you’d hear from Parliament Funkadelic or at the very least, the Edgar Winter Group, which makes a rare audio recording like this so incredibly special – we can’t even begin to imagine the party going on when the Eagles took the stage on New Year’s Eve that year, as cited by I Love Classic Rock.

For a song about the ensuing hangover that comes after partying hard on New Year’s Eve, the Eagles’ Don Henley sure sounds like he had a great time – and you will too after checking out this exclusive live audio of the band ringing in a brand new year as only they can!

Full Lyrics of 'Funky New Year' - Eagles

[Verse 1]

"Went to a party just last night

Wanted to bring the year in right

Woke up this morning, I don't know how

Last night I was a happy man, but the way I feel right now


It's going to be a funky new year

Funky new year

Ooh, Ahh, got to be a funky new year

Funky new year

[Verse 2]

Can't remember when I ever felt worse

Nothing matters and everything hurts

They were passing round the bottle, made me feel brand new

Trouble with the new man he wants a hit too, hit me



Lord, mmh, funky new year

Nurse I'm worse, funky new year

I got to perk up a little, funky new year

My hair hurts, funky new year



A party baby

Never again, funky new year

Funky new year

Who's shoes are these? Funky new year

Funky new year

Party hardy baby, funky new year

Funky new year

What year is this anyway?"

Fun Fact: The Eagles performed ‘Funky New Year’ live as part of their 1999 Millennium Tour – a three-night concert event that took place in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, with the band ringing in the year 2000 with fans at the Los Angeles Staples Center.
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