MLB All Teams 2022
MLB All Teams 2022

The Full List of 30 MLB Teams in 2022

American League East

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

American League Central

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Guardians

Detroit Tigers

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins

American League West

Houston Astros

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers

National League East

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Washington Nationals

National League Central

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants


MLB Teams by State 2022

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization with a total of 30 teams in the United States and Canada. Established in 1903, the MLB is the oldest major professional sports league in the US and Canada. The 30 teams are divided evenly into two leagues: the National League (NL) and the American League (AL). Each league is divided into three divisions, East, Central and West, five teams in each division. 29 teams are in the United States, and 1 is in Canada. Additionally, there are 256 Minor League Baseball teams, each affiliated with Major League clubs.

A regular season for an MLB team is 162 games, and five teams in each league advance to a four-round playoff tournament that leads to a best-of-seven championship called the World Series. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series championships, appearing 40 times and winning 27 titles. In 2018, the MLB has the highest season attendance of any sports in the world with more that 69.6 million spectators. California currently has the highest number of MLB teams, with a total of five. Many states do no have an MLB team. Below is a list of MLB teams by state, including their league and division:

State Number of Teams Teams 2022 Pop.
California 5 Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants 39,664,128
Texas 2 Houston Astros Texas Rangers 30,097,526
Pennsylvania 2 Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates 12,805,190
Ohio 2 Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Indians 11,727,377
Missouri 2 Kansas City Royals St. Louis Cardinals 6,184,843
Illinois 2 Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox 12,518,071
Florida 2 Tampa Bay Rays Miami Marlins 22,177,997
Wisconsin 1 Milwaukee Brewers 5,867,518
Washington 1 Seattle Mariners 7,887,965
Minnesota 1 Minnesota Twins 5,739,781
Michigan 1 Detroit Tigers 9,995,212
Massachusetts 1 Boston Red Sox 6,922,107
Maryland 1 Baltimore Orioles 6,075,314
Georgia 1 Atlanta Braves 10,936,299
Colorado 1 Colorado Rockies 5,961,083

Top 10 Most Watchable MLB teams in 2022

If you have MLB.TV, which teams would you want to watch the most?

1.Philadelphia Phillies

Bryce Harper hitting dingers. Kyle Schwarber hitting dingers. Rhys Hoskins hitting … you get the picture. But they also might break out with Zack Wheeler, Aaron Nola and Ranger Suarez pitching well. I’m intrigued.

9.Boston Red Sox

If we were doing watchability consistency rankings, I feel like the Red Sox would be top-three. Ever year, we get to watch them thrive. This season will be no different.

8.Milwaukee Brewers

Forget that the lineup is underrated. This is the “if you love pitching…” pick. Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff are worth the price of admission. Devin Williams and Josh Hader out of the pen are unreal. Don’t tell me good pitching is boring.

7.Houston Astros

Watching them to “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” is wearing (slightly) off. Because I kind of want to tune in a lot, especially with Justin Verlander back. Kyle Tucker’s acension is a thing too.

6.Los Angeles Angels

5.Chicago White Sox

This team, top to bottom, is just so darn watchable. They’re deep on the mound, filled with speed and power in the lineup … this might even be too low.

4.Atlanta Braves

The defending champs get Ronald Acuna Jr. back soon and the rotation is nasty.

3.Tampa Bay Rays

A modern seamhead’s dream. Openers! Closers! Middlers! Wander Franco! Randy Arozarena! Josh Lowe will play this year! All on a shoestring budget!

2.Los Angeles Dodgers

Last year’s watchability winner is a thrilling bunch of All-Stars all over the roster, but I’m a little more excited to watch the No. 1 team given that I know how good the Dodgers will be.

1.Toronto Blue Jays

It’s not just about Vlad (but it’s mostly about Vlad). They finally have the rotation to balance with one of the most feared lineups in baseball, and I can’t wait to see it all unleashed on the MLB world.

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