First Quarter Moon Birthday: Personality Traits, Life Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Your Destiny
First Quarter Moon Birthday: Personality Traits, Life Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Your Destiny

Moon phases reveal the passage of time in the night sky. Some nights when we look up at the moon, it is full and bright; sometimes it is just a sliver of silvery light. These changes in appearance are the phases of the moon. As the moon orbits Earth, it cycles through eight distinct phases. The four primary phases of the moon occur about a week apart, with the full moon its most dazzling stage.

At the First-Quarter Moon, the tension builds and something has to give! If you're born under this Moon, you live with this intensity and are often a catalyst for breakthroughs.

The First-Quarter is also the waxing Half-Moon phase, and a kind of showdown before the Full Moon reaches its crescendo. It's considered a critical point of no return, and sometimes there's a sacrifice of what's not working.

What is First Quarter Moon?

The First Quarter is a primary moon phase, along with the Third Quarter, the Full Moon, and the New Moon. The First Quarter is also known as the Half Moon because 50% of its surface is illuminated by the Sun for a short period. Usually, it lasts for three nights.

The moon is 90 degrees away from the sun in the sky and is half-illuminated from our point of view. We call it "first quarter" because the moon has traveled about a quarter of the way around Earth since the new moon.

Here are the characteristics of a first-quarter moon:

– It’s the moon phase halfway between the new moon and the full moon.

– It’s a waxing moon.

– As viewed from anywhere on Earth, a first-quarter moon appears at its highest in the sky at sunset. It sets around the middle of the night.

– It’s called a quarter moon, but, from Earth, it looks half-illuminated, like half a pie. Or you might say that – at first quarter moon – we’re seeing half the moon’s day side or a quarter of the whole moon.

When Does a First Quarter Moon Occur?

The First Quarter is the third phase of the lunar cycle. It is the second major phase of the Moon. The Waxing Crescent phase comes before it and it is followed by Waxing Gibbous. As a primary phase, we can easily identify a First Quarter Moon because it is half-lit. Another half-moon phase is the Third Quarter Moon.

What's After the First Quarter?

The First quarter is the second primary phase of the Moon. It is followed by the Full Moon, while the first major phase is the New Moon and the last the Third Quarter.

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are aligned on the opposite sides of the Earth. In this phase, the Moon reaches its peak of illumination.

Born under First Quarter moon - Personality Traits

Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

The First Quarter is known as the growth period of the lunar month. The plans that we made during a New Moon are starting to take shape. This is a perfect time for learning new skills that will help you succeed in your projects. It is also a great time to connect with the Universe and the world around us.

Being born during the First Quarter moon phase makes you a well-rounded person filled with potential. The First Quarter is when exactly half of the moon is illuminated, meaning you are equally under the influence of dark and light. This phase is symbolic of both growth and restraint. People born during this moon phase are capable, strong individuals, but they may need extra motivation to reach their goals.

As an individual born under the First Quarter Moon, you have never doubted that you are the protagonist of your own life. You are a person of action who loves a good challenge - the more difficult a challenge is, the more excited you get, and the better you perform. You want to achieve things, not necessarily for the sense of accomplishment or to be praised by others, but simply because you cannot fathom any other way of living.

At the peak of your ability, you are the kind of strong individual that people turn to in order to get things done. You are proactive, and you can identify problems and deal with them before they become even bigger problems. If you lack experience, however, this tendency can result in creating unnecessary drama and exacerbating problems when they could’ve been resolved by letting things alone. In general, you have difficulty dealing with issues that require waiting and being passive. If you can develop the art of patience to compliment your strong personality, you will have reached your full potential.

Born Under First Quarter moon - Life Predictions

You may often find yourself in situations that provoke a crisis of confidence. You might also often have to defend your ideas, particularly the ones that rock the status quo.

You're at home in this kind of crucible, and might be bored at work where there's no friction. At times, you might back down from the challenge of the moment, since emotions are so high.

This is definitely a Moon phase for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. But it's also one for discerning the best course, while under extreme pressure.

It’s a point when crucial decisions are made, about what to leave behind, and what to develop further. You can work with the tension, and allow it to keep you on a forward path of growth. But you can also live with a lot of drama, and a feeling that there’s never any peace.

You make the most of these tensions when you consciously direct that intensity toward positive change. Through trial and error, you gain confidence in your own ability to push through resistance in an effective way. You may be a big personality that others see as relentlessly provoking change.

You’re at your best when your forceful assertiveness is directed toward a higher purpose.

Dreams tend to be more realistic in the First Quarter, and you may feel emotionally balanced. It is common in this period to have increased thirst or hunger.

An important thing we have to be aware of in this period is that we tend to bite more than we can chew, so we need to balance taking action and overdoing it.

During the First Quarter, men tend to be more exocentric, being the best time to focus on their work. For women, it is the most reasonable period. They tend to be more interested in discussing issues.

How to calculate moon phase by date of birth

Moon phase is also known as the shape of the moon on a certain day - specifically here is your date of birth (calculated according to the solar calendar). To find out what the moon phase is on your date of birth, follow these steps:

Step 1: Type in Google the syntax moon phase at + date of birth (xx/yy/zzzz)

Step 2: Return results, visit (first) to see the moon shape on your date of birth.

Step 3: Go back to BlogAnChoi's article to see the personality that corresponds to your moon shape.

How to determine your moon phase

After finding your moon phase on, compare the "degrees" of the moon with the list below to determine the specific moon shape.

♦ 0-45 degrees: New moon

♦ 45-90 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 90-135 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 135-180 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 180-225 degrees: Full moon

♦ 225-270 degrees: crescent moon at the end of the month

♦ 270- 315 degrees: Crescent Moon at the end of March

♦ 315-360 degrees: Crescent Moon at the end of the month

What Is the Best Time To Spot the Daytime Moon?

The best time to see the daytime Moon is when the three bodies are at a right angle, during First Quarter and Last Quarter. This way, the Sun and Moon are not together in the sky and are also not totally opposite.

During the First Quarter, the Moon rises around noon. That means the Sun has already risen. As the day progresses, the Moon will climb up the sky following the leading Sun. This gives us some time to spot the daytime Moon. Sunset is around 6 pm while moonset is around midnight.

The Sun and Moon will also race across the sky during the Last Quarter. But this time, the Moon is leading as it rises at midnight. By the time the Sun rises, the Moon is already high above the horizon. As the Sun climbs up the sky, the Moon will be setting around noontime.

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