FAQ about FAU-G. Photo:
FAQ about FAU-G. Photo: Youtube

FAU-G action game is all set to launch in India today on January 26, on 72nd Republic Day. The game is initially said to release for Android users and later followed by iPhone users. FAU-G is being referred to as the alternative for PUBG Mobile, which is currently banned in the country. PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year alongside hundreds of other Chinese applications including TikTok, Camscanner, among others. Also Read - How to play FAU-G, tips and tricks to win the game.

Before the game is released, let’s take a quick look at what is FAU-G, how to download FAU-G, devices that will support FAU-G, and how to pre-register the FAU-G game, and all other details right here.

What is FAU-G?

FAU-G is an action game that is all set to launch in India tomorrow on India’s 72nd Republic Day. The game has been developed by a Bengaluru based company called nCore Games, headed by Vishal Gondal. The first episode of the game is about Galway Valley. At the launch, the game will be available in story mode only. Gondal previously confirmed to BGR India that other game modes including multiplayer mode, among others, will be available for players via updates, according to BGR.in.

When will it launch?

Photo: philsportsnews
Photo: philsportsnews

FAU-G is scheduled to launch in India on Republic Day, January 26. Kumar shared the release date through a tweet earlier this month. The game was originally going to launch last year in October but that did not happen. Then nCore Games shared that FAU-G will launch in November 2020 but that did not happen either. Now, it is set to launch on Republic Day which would be the ideal time to launch a game that invokes patriotism, Gadgets NDTV cites.

In early January, the 26 January launch date was announced for FAU-G alongside a more detailed teaser trailer of the game. As the anticipation around the game grew with prominent celebrities like Akshay Kumar promoting the game online, people were eager to know if the game will be similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay and concept. This was later cleared by the developers, who said that the game will not be a mere PUBG Mobile alternative, but will be a whole new game in itself.

In an interview with News18 last year, nCore Games' Vishal Gondal told us that FAU-G will be one of India's first mobile game that will come with storylines inspired by real-life series. Gondal had highlighted that the first level that FAU-G will launch with is going to be based on India’s Galwan Valley clash with China. He also told us that there will also be a Battle Royale mode in a later update, notes News 18.

With FAU-G, the makers will attempt to herald a new era of Indian esports once it starts launching its offerings in the public domain. "Once we get deeper into esports with our game offerings, we will automatically enter the entire arena of managing a gaming community. That is our long term roadmap," Gondal told us back in October 2020.

Who is developing FAU-G?

FAU-G has been developed by Bangalore based studio nCore Games. It is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company that develops its original IPs, as well as takes part in third party development. The company, led by CEO Dayanidhi MG, co-founder and chairman Vishal Gondal, and co-founder and COO Ganesh Hande, primarily develops multi-player games. nCore Games has previously released a game called Tappi that lets you play Bollywood songs by tapping on tiles.

How to download FAU-G?

Photo: BGR India
Photo: BGR India

FAU-G will launch in India on January 26. The game will be released for Android users first on the Google Play store. You can directly head to the Google Play store to download the game. Gondal confirmed to BGR India that the first version of the game will be for high-end and mid-range smartphones. Later this year, the company could launch the FAU-G Lite version for budget phone users in the country.

Devices that will support FAU-G?

As mentioned earlier, the FAU-G game will be first available for Android users. It can be downloaded from Play Store. For iPhone users, the action game will be available later this year.

How to pre-register FAU-G?

FAU-G pre-registration went live on November 30 on Google Play Store. You can still pre-register the game by heading over to the Play store. If you do register Play store will notify you as soon as the game releases.

Why Galwan Valley?

Photo: The Wire
FAU-G could incorporate many of India’s previous historic border clashes into future episode storylines. Photo: The Wire

“If you look at the genre of action games, they follow a theme,” explained Gondal, mentioning how popular titles like the Call of Duty franchise were based on themes that had an emotional connect with local audiences. But Indian audiences have no such connection, according to him. “I think if we have to create a game from India, we have to base it on Indian themes, and if you look at Indian themes, we all saw Galwan Valley and what happened,” he added.

Gondal revealed that FAU-G could incorporate many of India’s previous historic border clashes into future episode storylines such as the Kargil incident, the India-Pakistan war of 1971, and the surgical strikes of 2016, among others. It will be interesting to see how newer gameplay styles will be implemented with these storylines, as reported by Indian Express.

A Battle Royale mode on the cards

Regarding the addition of a Battle Royale mode in the future, Gondal said, “Once we start getting the data from consumers and what elements they like, we will keep developing the game further. Based on feedback, various modes like a PvP (Player vs Player) mode and a Battle Royale mode can come to the game in the next few months.”

He also suggested that adding game elements gradually will ensure a more polished experience for players and lessen the likelihood of a server-related issue. “We are in no hurry. We want to take things at a nice, slow pace, and develop a better product,” he added.

FAU-G will let you contribute to the Indian Army

“We are also donating 20 percent of the game’s revenue to the ‘Bharat ke Veer’ foundation, which will also allow Indians to also contribute positively to the army,” Gondal said. Every in-app purchase that players will make will help contribute to the foundation.

FAU-G will also be completely free-to-play, while in-game purchases will allow users to customise their player avatars with skins and other elements. The game will also let players purchase official FAU-G merchandise from within the app itself. These will include T-shirts, hoodies and more.

FAU-G to value data privacy above all else

“Our privacy policy is very clear and we have stored all our data in India. None of our shareholders is from any country which could be objectionable to anyone,” Gondal said.

FAU-G will be available for all Android phones running Android 8 and up on the Google Play Store starting today, January 26. Players will be able to play the game’s story mode, where a large emphasis is on close combat and hand-held weapons. Availability on iOS devices is not confirmed at the moment, but we can expect FAU-G to hit the iOS App Store in the next few months.

What are FAU-G's biggest competitors?

From the trailer shared by Akshay Kumar, FAU-G is based on military combat that will reportedly get multiplayer and battle royale modes in the future. There is a myriad of such games already available on Google Play and App Store such as Call of Duty: Mobile (has both multiplayer and battle royale modes), Modern Combat 5: Blackout (first-person shooter), Modern War (online only strategy game), Afterpulse (third-person multiplayer shooter), Warface: Global Operations (first-person shooter), Fortnite (battle royale available on Epic Games), Garena Free Fire (battle royale), Cyber Hunter (battle royale), and many more.

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