Facts About The Man Who Lived Up To 443 Years Old In China
Facts About The Man Who Lived Up To 443 Years Old In China
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Who is the man who lived to 443 years old?

Chen Jun is the oldest individual in history; he was born in the Tang Dynasty and lived for 443 years, which equates to four centuries. Many emperors throughout history have sought immortality, yet only a handful have lived to be 100 years old. Chen Jun, the oldest individual recorded in history, lived to be 443 years old.

He was born in Fujian, China, during the Tang Dynasty, and he has observed four centuries of development firsthand. According to mythology, the Lord of Hell forgot the annals of his life and thus lived to be four hundred and forty-three years old.

Humans have sought immortality from antiquity to the present day. Everyone wishes to live a long life, especially the emperors of previous dynasties. The emperors of each dynasty seek the secret recipe for extending life, but no one grants your dream. Even in this period of fast technological improvement, it is quite rare to reach the age of eighty. However, the oldest individual in history was 443 years old.

Chen Jun lived to be over 400 years old, and his total weight was less than 10 pounds, making it difficult to walk.

Why is Chen Jun able to live to such an ancient age?

According to tradition, a child accidently snapped the thread of the Book of Life and Death. In a hurry, he tore a page from the book of life and death and fastened it to a rope instead. The shredded piece of paper represented Chen Jun's life and death dates. Chen Jun's name is absent from the King of Hell's book of life and death, therefore he will die peacefully.

So they said there was a term called "Yam King Tuning and Compensation" at the time, which signifies King Yama is a very serious guy. The hot spring rinsed a basket of black charcoal, and Chen Jun became inquisitive and asked, "What are you doing?" The kid stated that they were washing white charcoal. He stated, "I, Chen Jun, have lived for 444 years and have never seen black carbon that can be washed into white." Chen Jun died at noon that day. After Chen Jun died, his neighbors erected a skeleton statue in the Tangquan Temple as a monument, and they became known as Little Pengzu.

At the same time, Chen Jun's life story is inscribed on a piece of wood that has survived from the Yuan Dynasty and bears the name of Duke Cai Huan of the Qing Dynasty. The legend is also widely known in Yongtai County. Of course, Chen Jun lived to be four hundred and forty-three years old, which is simply a record for the limit. The extent to which it is scientific is currently unknown.

Secrets of growing elderly

Mr. Chen Jun lives near a hot spring that may reach temperatures of up to 73 degrees Celsius. Simply dip a bird into this stream and remove the feathers after a few minutes. He lived for over 400 years, most likely due to continuous interaction with this hot spring.

Chen Jun was supposed to have practiced medicine back then. When he arrived at Yongtai, he noticed that Tangquan Village had lovely mountains, pure water, and hot springs. Furthermore, Chen Jun is not a particularly upright person, but he enjoys doing good for the village, and the villagers hold him in high regard. In his later years, he was unable to sustain himself and left no descendants. The locals took turns supporting him. At the moment, he was over a century old. Later, as the old man's age increased, his body shrank, becoming smaller and smaller, much like a toddler.

So Zhong Xianglin utilized hemp bamboo to build a very large vegetable basket, which this old man put on, and then people took turns transporting him to his home to care for him. Cai Langong of Tangquan Village was taken aback by Chen Jun's longevity.

He considered him as a worldly treasure, even as if he were possessed by a god. The villagers usually travel to this field to work, but they are afraid the elderly guy will be lonely, so they bring him to the field with them and converse with him while working. When he's hungry, he gives him human milk.

As a result, their bond is extremely close. According to folklore, there is a hot spring where the water from Duke Huan of Cai's former home is extremely beneficial. The water's temperature can reach 73 degrees. When a chicken is murdered and placed in a hot spring, it is removed after a few minutes and gently rubbed with hands, after which the chicken feathers are slaughtered. The back is clean. As a result, Duke Cai Huan's longevity may be due to the fact that he has been soaking in this hot spring throughout the year. People tend to believe in village stories and long-lived individuals.

Other people who lived long in the world's history

1. Famous physician Li Ching-Yuen (256 years old)

Li Ching-Yuen, a notable physician born in 1677, rose to prominence in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

His life covered nine Qing dynasties, including Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Giaqing, Daoguang, Hamfeng, Dongzhi, Guangxu, and Tuyen Thong, as well as the Republic of Korea period.

He is a unique individual in the world who has witnessed so many changes in time and Chinese history.

In 1933, he died at the age of 256. And his key to living a long life is to eat a vegetarian diet, keep a joyful inner state, and exercise gently on a regular basis, massage the body, and regulate the meridians.

To become the world's longest-living individual, he focused not only on diet but also on exercise and massage.

2. Turinah, 159 years old

Turinah resides in the south of Sumatra, Indonesia.

She burned the paperwork confirming his lifespan in 1965 to save his life, therefore they are no longer available.

Many people began to have reservations, but in 2010, her daughter was 108 years old, therefore it seemed plausible that she was 157 years old at the time.

Even though he is elderly, his memory is still excellent, he can see and hear perfectly, and he can perform housekeeping like a healthy person. She even speaks Dutch fluently because Malaysia was formerly a Dutch colony.

Turinah died in 2012, at the age of 159. She became the world's oldest lady.

3. Mbah Gotho, 145 years old

Mr. Mbah is an elderly guy from Indonesia. He resides in the city of Sragen on the island of Java. He was born on December 31, 1870 and passed away on May 2, 2017, at the age of 147.

In 2016, he was still able to listen to radio. However, because my eyes are blurry, watching television has become rather tough.

4. Tuti Yusupova, 134 years and 274 days

Facts About The Man Who Lived Up To 443 Years Old In China

Tuti Yusupova is an Uzbek resident in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

She was born on July 1, 1880, and died on March 28, 2015, aged 134 years and 274 days.

She has appeared in a Russian documentary. She explained that the secret to having a long and healthy life is to work frequently, massage her body with acupuncture points, and serve others.

5. Antisa Khvichava, 132 years old

Antisa Khvichava resides in the village of Sachino, Russia. He was born July 8, 1880. After working, he retired in 1965. Previously, he did manual labor like cracking maize and gathering tea.

He died on September 30, 2012, at the age of 132. However, because his birth certificates were lost, many people remained skeptical.

6. Nguyen Thi Tru, 123 years old

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tru, a Vietnamese from Binh Chanh district, was born on May 4, 1893. She died on the evening of July 12, 2016, at the age of 123 years.

Following her death on July 13, 2016, the UNESCO World Records Association named her the world's oldest woman. According to his family, the secret to his long and healthy life is to eat properly and exercise consistently.

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