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Children's Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children. On that occasion, parents is certainly want to spend time with their children hanging out or have some activities. Those activities might help you find suitable places.


Celebrate this special day with your kids with juice, sandwiches, a blanket and a good old-fashioned picnic at the park. Everybody loves picnics, but children’s day picnics are all about family and spending time with your kids. You can make your children’s favourite food and centre the picnic around them.

Disney Party

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Disney characters are an iconic part of most people’s childhood, so planning a Disney themed party on children’s day will make your kids’ party special and fun. Make sure you get costumes and decorations themed like Disney characters and maybe even screen some popular Disney movies.


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Children’s day is all about having fun with your kids. Build some classic memories with them on a camping trip to one of your favourite family spots for a night under the stars. Take some snacks and marshmallows to roast by the bonfire, while you bond with your children over some famous camping stories.

Have a Costume Party

There aren’t many activities that are as fun or creative for kids as costume parties. The same can be said for adults, too. Let’s face it, dressing up as your favourite character and watching the little ones dress up as theirs, dancing, singing, eating cake, playing in a bouncy house, and playing fun party games like pin the tail on the donkey or duck, goose don’t have much of a downside. Remember, the costume party should have children’s day themed party favours, states First cry parenting.


Imagica can never be a bad choice for children. Imagica has several dry rides and water rides, which would make your children’s day out an amazing memory. Imagica can be a day trip. They can enjoy the kiddie rides, ghost houses, 3D screening, light and sound show, rain dance, wave pool and several other activities. Imagica also provides us with a unique snow park and healthy food trucks. Make sure you take a swimsuit for your kid before leaving your house. There are several water rides here that you and your kids can enjoy, according to republicworld.

Nehru Planetarium

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Visiting Nehru Planetarium will help your children gain awareness of the universe. The planetarium showcase the “Universe life”, Take your kids there, and it will help them gain a lot of knowledge about stars, galaxies and milkyways. There is also a room filled with fun space models. You can also take them to the tour of the universe’s entire history. This one is one of the best options if your kid is a history-lover. They might find many answers to their questions. Let them take their own time for any spot in the planetarium


Smaaash is an arena of gaming and different exciting activities. Smaaash includes sports, visual reality, music, and many more fun activities for kids. Bowling zone, go-karting, wall climbing, bike racing, motor racing are a few amazing games you can try with your kids. There are many visual reality games as well. Games like walk the plank, finger coaster, cockpit 360, and many more are thrilling attractions here.

Puppet Show – Udaipur

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Puppetry is an old art form and is a favorite among most kids. While Udaipur offers several other opportunities for a traveler, Puppetry is the best way to expose your kids to the history and culture of the place. In some places, puppet shows are complimented by light and sound presentation – making it a wholesome experience.

While exploring the streets and following a guide might sound boring for a kid, learning new culture through something like a puppet show will always appeal more. When you are in Udaipur, that’s the best way to present the history, culture, and folklores related to the place.

Feed the Camels – Jaisalmer

The golden sunsets of Jaisalmer have always been a top pick for travelers and explorers. However, if you are traveling with a kid, make sure you take a camel ride. Riding the dunes on a camel back is an experience that is cherished for a lifetime.

An overnight or morning desert safari on a camel back will be an exciting opportunity for any kid to understand and see the deserts. Feeding the camels is also the best way that will feel close to nature and grow a love for animals.

Let’s Fly Away – Manali

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Manali presents a landscape that will touch the senses of any outdoor lover. Complimented by the River Beas and a postcard location, this is the place if you have been waiting for some fun and adventures.

Depending on the age and physical condition of your child, you can buy them their first experience of zorbing, paragliding, and other relatively safe sports. They will also love to play in the snow at Rohtang Pass, not too far away!, suggested by Thrillophilia.

Jumbo Elephant – Thekkady

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Kerala has always been a top destination for family holidays. It’s not just the weather or the backwaters but also the range of experiences that await you across Kerala. Thekkady, in particular, has always been a favorite among kids since it gives them a chance to get closer to elephants. An elephant ride through the Thekkady jungles is an unforgettable experience.

Blue Waters – Tarkali

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Situated in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra, Tarkali is one of the few coral beaches across the Indian coastline. The water is as clean as you would have ever seen and it would be a fun taking a splash. There’s no risk of drowning or falling ill as the water near the beach is shallow and is crystal clear!

There would be few kids who don’t love playing and splashing water! At Tarkali, it comes in its cleanest forms. For a grown up kid, there is a range of water sports opportunities lined up in this coast.

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