Euro 2024: Key Dates

• June 14: Opening game

• June 29: Round of 16 starts

• July 5: Quarter-finals start

• July 9: Semi-finals start

• July 14: Final

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Euro 2024 Full Schedule in British Summer Time
Euro 2024 Full Schedule in British Summer Time

Euro 2024 TV Schedule UK - UK Kick-off Times (BST)

(All UK kick-off times, Day by Day)

Kicking off on Friday, June 14th, there will be 51 live football games on BBC and ITV during the glorious month of July, culminating in the final on Sunday, July 14th.



While the broadcasters have already announced their rosters for the competition, which will feature some well-known players as well as possibly a few up-and-coming talents, Gareth Southgate and Steve Clarke have not yet confirmed their final squads for Euro 2024.

Friday 14th June

Group A: Germany v Scotland (Munich, 8pm) ITV1

Saturday 15th June

Group A: Hungary v Switzerland (Cologne, 2pm) ITV1

Group B: Spain v Croatia (Berlin, 5pm) ITV1

Group B: Italy v Albania (Dortmund, 8pm) BBC One

Sunday 16th June

Group D: Poland v Netherlands (Hamburg, 2pm) BBC One

Group C: Slovenia v Denmark (Stuttgart, 5pm) ITV1

Group C: Serbia v England (Gelsenkirchen, 8pm) BBC One

Monday 17th June

Group E: Romania v Ukraine (Munich, 2pm) BBC One

Group E: Belgium v Slovakia (Frankfurt, 5pm) ITV1

Group D: Austria v France (Düsseldorf, 8pm) ITV1

Tuesday 18th June

Group F: Turkey v Georgia (Dortmund, 5pm) BBC One

Group F: Portugal v Czech Republic (Leipzig, 8pm) BBC One

Wednesday 19th June

Group B: Croatia v Albania (Hamburg, 2pm) ITV1

Group A: Germany v Hungary (Stuttgart, 5pm) BBC One

Group A: Scotland v Switzerland (Cologne, 8pm) BBC One

Thursday 20th June

Group C: Slovenia v Serbia (Munich, 2pm) ITV1

Group C: Denmark v England (Frankfurt, 5pm) BBC One

Group B: Spain v Italy (Gelsenkirchen, 8pm) ITV1

Friday 21st June

Group E: Slovakia v Ukraine (Düsseldorf, 2pm) BBC One

Group D: Poland v Austria (Berlin, 5pm) ITV1

Group D: Netherlands v France (Leipzig, 8pm) BBC One

Saturday 22nd June

Group F: Georgia v Czech Republic (Hamburg, 2pm) BBC One

Group F: Turkey v Portugal (Dortmund, 5pm) ITV1

Group E: Belgium v Romania (Cologne, 8pm) ITV1

Sunday 23rd June

Group A: Switzerland v Germany (Frankfurt, 8pm) BBC TBC

Group A: Scotland v Hungary (Stuttgart, 8pm) BBC TBC

Monday 24th June

Group B: Croatia v Italy (Leipzig, 8pm) BBC TBC

Group B: Albania v Spain (Düsseldorf, 8pm) BBC TBC

Tuesday 25th June

Group D: Netherlands v Austria (Berlin, 5pm) BBC TBC

Group D: France v Poland (Dortmund, 5pm) BBC TBC

Group C: England v Slovenia (Cologne, 8pm) ITV1

Group C: Denmark v Serbia (Munich, 8pm) ITV4

Wednesday 26th June

Group E: Slovakia v Romania (Frankfurt, 5pm) BBC TBC

Group E: Ukraine v Belgium (Stuttgart, 5pm) BBC TBC

Group F: Czech Republic v Turkey (Hamburg, 8pm) ITV TBC

Group F: Georgia v Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 8pm) ITV TBC

Round of 16

Saturday 29th June

Match 38: Runner-up of Group A v Runner-up of Group B (Berlin, 5pm)

Match 37: Winner of Group A v Runner-up of Group C (Dortmund, 8pm)

Sunday 30th June

Match 40: Winner of Group C v Best third-place from Group D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen), 5pm)

Match 39: Winner of Group B v Best third-place from Group A/D/E/F (Cologne, 8pm)

Monday 1st July

Match 42: Runner-up of Group D v Runner-up of Group E (Düsseldorf, 5pm)

Match 41: Winner of Group F v Best third-place from Group A/B/C (Frankfurt, 8pm)

Tuesday 2nd July

Match 43: Winner of Group E v Best third-place from Group A/B/C/D (Munich, 5pm)

Match 44: Winner of Group D v Runner-up of Group F (Leipzig), 8pm)


Friday 5th July

Match 45: Winner of Match 39 v Winner of Match 37 (Stuttgart, 5pm)

Match 46: Winner of Match 41 v Winner of Match 42 (Hamburg, 8pm)

Saturday 6th July

Match 48: Winner of Match 40 v Winner of Match 38 (Düsseldorf, 5pm)

Match 47: Winner of Match 43 v Winner of Match 44 (Berlin, 8pm)


Tuesday 9th July

Match 49: Winner of Match 45 v Winner of Match 46 (Munich, 8pm)

Wednesday 10th July

Match 50: Winner of Match 47 v Winner of Match 48 (Dortmund, 8pm)


Sunday 14th July

Match 51: Winner of Match 49 v Winner of Match 50 (Berlin, 8pm)


How to watch Euro 2024 on TV

Every Euro 2024 match will be televised live on BBC and ITV, both of which are free to watch on their main TV channels.

To ensure that you never miss a moment, even when on the go, games will also be accessible to stream on BBC iPlayer and ITVX.

When is Euro 2024 taking place?

At Munich's Allianz Arena on Friday, June 14, Euro 2024 will officially begin.

There will be 51 games in total, with hosts Germany playing Scotland under Steve Clarke in the opening match.

The knockout stage is scheduled to start on Saturday, June 29, and the group stage will last until Wednesday, June 26.

The final of Euro 2024, which will take place on Sunday, July 14 at Berlin's 70,000-seat Olympiastadion, will cap off the competition, which will last one month.

How does Euro 2024 qualification work?

At Euro 2024, 24 nations will be competing, with host Germany aiming for their fourth title in the competition.

Prior to the quarterfinals, the top two teams from each of the six groups will advance to the round of 16.

The top four third-place teams will also join them to make up the final 16.

The knockout stages continue until the championship match; a third-place play-off will not be held at Euro 2024.

Which stadiums are hosting Euro 2024?

Ten stadiums have been chosen for this year's UEFA Premier International Tournament, which will take place in Germany.

One such location is the 66,000-seat Signal Iduna Park (BVB Stadion Dortmund) of Borussia Dortmund.

The Veltins Arena (Arena AufSchalke) will also be used for Dortmund's close neighbors Schalke.

  • Olympiastadion Berlin
  • Cologne Stadium (RheinEnergieSTADION)
  • BVB Stadion Dortmund (Signal Iduna Park)
  • Dusseldorf Arena (Merkur Spielarena)
  • Frankfurt Arena (Deutsche Bank Park)
  • Arena AufSchalke (Veltins Arena)
  • Volksparkstadion Hamburg
  • Leipzig Stadium (Red Bull Arena)
  • Munich Football Arena (Allianz Arena)
  • Stuttgart Arena

What are the groups at Euro 2024?

Group A

  • A1: Germany
  • A2: Scotland
  • A3: Hungary
  • A4: Switzerland

Group B

  • B1: Spain
  • B2: Croatia
  • B3: Italy
  • B4: Albania

Group C

  • C1: Slovenia
  • C2: Denmark
  • C3: Serbia
  • C4: England

Group D

  • D1: Poland
  • D2: Netherlands
  • D3: Austria
  • D4: France

Group E

  • E1: Belgium
  • E2: Slovakia
  • E3: Romania
  • E4: Ukraine

Group F

  • F1: Turkey
  • F2: Georgia
  • F3: Portugal
  • F4: Czechia
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