4830 elf day
Elf day. Photo: Hanham and long well green voice

National Elf Day is a festive fundraiser which organizers hope will raise money for charity while getting you in the festive spirit.

Organized by the Alzheimer's Society, the day will see participants don green suits, pointy hats or Christmas jumpers to help beat the disease.

This is all you need to know about Elf Day:

What is Elf Day?

Elf Day is a festive-themed fundraiser for Alzheimer's Society, which encourages participants to get into the Christmas spirit and dress up as elves for the day.

You can get into the fancy dress "as much or as little as you like". This means you can go the whole hog and wear a green suit, pointy ears, and a big hat, or keep it simple by wearing a Christmas jumper.

Those who aren't fans of dressing up can also bake some treats, play festive games or hold a movie night.

Remember to either donate to the charity via the person that is organizing or sign up yourself to get the fundraising pack online.

When is Elf Day this year?

According to standard, the official day takes place on Friday, December 7.

But the charity says people taking part can hold it on any day in December that suits them.

What does Alzheimer's Society do?

The Alzheimer's Society is a care and research charity for people suffering from dementia and their carers.

The charity raises money to support those suffering from dementia and their families affected by working to improve their quality of life.

It also raises money to find new treatments and research into curing the disease.

The charity provides information, training, and support to those who need it while hoping to create a more dementia-friendly society "so people with the condition can live without fear or prejudice"

Activities in Elf Day

Elf activities for kids in the classroom can be fun during the busy month of December. But it is important to educate children about the Alzheimer's Society and how kids can help them.


At this station, students decorated real Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles. They also made a simple cookie craft where they cut out a cookie and decorated it with paper frosting and marker sprinkles.


At this station, students made magic reindeer food. They colored a Magic Reindeer Food topper and then mixed together with the ingredients of oatmeal, birdseed, and “magic reindeer dust” (glitter!). They each got to take home a bag of reindeer food to sprinkle on their lawn on Christmas eve,


At this station, our little elves got to decorate some Christmas trees with this cute Christmas tree craft, as the firstieland.


We all know that Santa’s elves have to sew and make their own clothing, so at this station the students made a cute elf hat that even included some special elf ears! We attached them to sentence strip headbands and the kids looked adorable as they traveled from station to station in their official elf hats!


One of the most important jobs at the North Pole is helping Santa make his naughty and nice list! At this station the kids played this game called Who’s Naughty or Nice? where they had to read cards and decide if the action on the card was naughty or nice.


All work and no play is no fun for the elves, right? They have to have some fun too and of course at the North Pole one of the best things to do is have a snowball fight! At this station, kids had fun throwing snowballs (giant marshmallows) into the styrofoam cup snow fort of their opponent.

Each time they landed in a cup, they had to find the matching doubles fact to their answer and put a mini marshmallow on their opponents snow fort. They first person to fill the fort with marshmallows knocked their opponents fort down and won the game! They LOVED this!


Finally, our little elves made the cutest thumbprint Christmas cards to give to their family. They could choose from a string of lights or some mini reindeer on their thumbprint cards. So cute!

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