Money Horoscope Predictions for January 22, 2021



If 2020 was a year to bring us to our lowest point, then 2021 starts out with a sense of rugged determination. There's a way through our financial mess — though it won't come without effort, according to Refinery29.

Below are predictions about money for all zodiac signs for January 22th, 2021.

1. Aries

The Moon's final hours in your income sector are always an important time to listen to your instincts without overthinking things. Even more so as the Moon not only wraps up its first visit for the year but a visit that has been witness to an alignment between Mars and Uranus that will have ongoing and lucrative implications for weeks if not months to come.

Positive thinking can change the world, and you could do with some today. No matter how tough the going gets, take it in your stride, says Ganesha. If you think you can do it, you will. You have the magic touch today to initiate a new business strategy.

2. Taurus

You may find yourself compromising against your will today, predicts Ganesha. Stand strong despite things going awry instead of feeling disillusioned due to poor results. Ongoing negotiations might come to a logical end and a few important decisions are likely to be delayed due to lack of proper information.

Even before the Moon's return to your income sector today your sixth sense will be picking up on a sense of anticipation, sensing that the next few days will confirm what you are already starting to suspect. A sense that 2021 will be a lucrative year is partly because of the support already in place and partly because of the growing professional momentum, Johnhayes noted.

Money Horoscope Predictions for January 22, 2021

3. Gemini

You have been ignoring a few problems that have been plaguing your family members for quite some time now. It's time you looked into the matter, says Ganesha. Irrespective of how difficult the challenges are, today you will emerge victoriously. And amid dealing with mammoth challenges, there will be passionate, quite often sexual, interludes. Quite the charmer!

The Moon is spending its final hours in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart at a friendly aspect to Pluto in your financial sector. This is even more reason for confidence than the Moon's same friendly aspect to Venus yesterday. The Moon and Pluto make this friendly aspect every four weeks, making a chance to fuel your financial confidence, instincts, and imagination more than just a one-off.

4. Cancer

Today, your ability to think clearly in the most adverse conditions will be your key weapon as you get cornered by unrelenting assaults of work and deadlines. The clarity will reflect in your work as you deal with inhuman work pressure. Your mind will save the day for you as well as your peers.

At the same time that the Sun and Saturn are drawing towards their first alignment in your financial sector in three decades, the Moon's return to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart comes with perfect timing. Over the coming days, the Moon will form a friendly aspect that will help to boost your financial confidence, instincts and imagination.

5. Leo

Money Horoscope Predictions for January 22, 2021

Your children's health may be a cause of concern today, says Ganesha. The best way to put your and your family's fears to rest would be by paying a quick visit to the doctor. As always, kids remain a surprise package of delights; the happiness of your children shall double your joy as a parent. But then, Ganesha reminds, only a healthy kid is a happy kid.

You have reached a critical point in a critical week for defining your financial dreams, needs and priorities. With an alignment between dreamy Neptune and the dwarf planet Ceres over, reality might try to creep in, causing you to feel that you should have your feet on the ground. Instead, this is still a time for wishful thinking.

6. Virgo

Foreign contacts will in all likelihood be a source of monetary profits. Ganesha says you will perform wonderfully in anything you might choose to undertake today. Even your ambition of setting up an offshore business enterprise will take root today.

Today you will feel that your financial earnings have become somewhat sluggish. Profits from investments may not be high. You may be disappointed about the slow pace of your gains. Slow and steady investment decisions will win this race for you. Keep to your budget and you will make steady gains over time. Short bursts of income will not create financial stability for you in the end, Astroyogi noted.

7. Libra

Ganesha says that today will be a lucky day for you. You may receive some financial gain. There will be some good news about your children's progress. This is the right time to invest in the business. For financial investors and share brokers this period is beneficial, so make the most of it, Ganeshaspeaks commented.

While Mars left your financial sector 16 days ago, his influence and the impact from his longest visit in decades can still be felt. The difference is that with Mars' warrior spirit banked it is up to you when you put this to use, giving you more control and especially when it comes to choosing which battles are worth fighting.

8. Scorpio

The Moon returns for its first visit to your financial sector for the year today and over the weekend this will be a valuable chance to check-in. Two weeks after the Moon made its first visit to your income sector for the year there is a chance to not only check in on the other side of the financial fence but on the balance between the two.

If you’ve been penny-pinching or afraid to look at price tags you’ll be able to relax a little more with money. The stars are shining upon your area associated with other people’s money. This placement is known for generating cash through other parties perhaps via a partner’s raise, a tidy sum from a parent, an inheritance or lottery win, Smh added.

9. Sagittarius

Money Horoscope Predictions for January 22, 2021

Before leaving your work sector today, the Moon will form a friendly aspect to Pluto in your income sector. This is on the heels of the same friendly aspect to Venus there yesterday and having spent the last few days working with Mars to fire things up on the job front. The difference today is the Moon and Pluto connect like this every four weeks, confirming that the fundamentals are still strong.

The rewards of hard labour will be sweet, so start off by unwinding with some fun today. Ganesha sees quality time being spent with friends and family. All in all, a fun day.

10. Capricorn

Numerous projects and building work pressure can keep you busy, but get done with whatever you have on hand, for Ganesha says the day has a host of recreational activities lined up for you. This will also be the right time to reach out to more people, and devour whatever knowledge or information they have to offer. Moreover, you will experience complete personal freedom and will communicate freely with those around you.

Just three days after the Sun's return to your income sector it is already clear that this is not a repeat of previous years. That is even before the Moon returns to your work sector today, with the next few days set to create some timely insight into both income and job matters.

11. Aquarius

Optimism rules, and you are assured of your success. You are not usually affected by others' opinions, and that is how it should be. But you must keep in mind the inconvenience your decisions may cause people. Any stress or tension will vanish in the arms of your beloved, says Ganesha.

On the other side of an alignment between Neptune and Ceres in your income sector, it is important not to rush the transition from having your head in the clouds to once again having your head in the game and your feet on the ground. The slower the transition the better, with the more practical phase still several weeks away.

12. Pisces

Money Horoscope Predictions for January 22, 2021

Having a good inner balance today paves the way for intriguing and creative ideas which can lead to something financially beneficial in the future, Pisces, so let your imagination lead the way! This is a time when it is good for you to spend some time alone and be with your thoughts. Shut away from the outside world for a while and don’t let distractions stand in your way. This is a positive time for communicating your financial plans with those you trust. Some good advice is out there, Pisces, so don’t be afraid to reach out!, Astrologyanswers expressed.

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