Daily health horoscope for 12 zodiac signs.Photo: Pavitra Jyotish Kendra
Daily health horoscope for 12 zodiac signs.Photo: Pavitra Jyotish Kendra

Some of us giggle over our daily horoscopes on the way to work, while others continuously read them just to see if they “come true.” And then there are those who get a full natal chart reading and faithfully check their horoscopes on a daily. Based on this, they might also check compatibility reports for potential friends and lovers, and even plan major life events according to how the planets are aligned.

Below are all predictions about health for all zodiac signs for January 22th, 2021.

1. Aries

You really enjoy something that is presented with care and dedication. One reason you enjoy dining in fine restaurants is because of the artistry involved in the food presentation, but if that’s not possible, you can try this at home! Colorful vegetables are a great way to start. There are several colors of squash, peppers, tomatoes, and beans. Try tantalizing your taste buds and your appreciation of careful preparation. As you also appreciate well-made tools, consider equipping your kitchen with the appropriate knives and cooking gear! Preparing your own meal can be pure pleasure.

Spend time thinking more seriously about things that you wish to initiate. As you will be full of energy, you can also join a gym and continue it till it becomes a habit. Help others but not to the extent of draining yourself.

2. Taurus

Today's transit can make us feel that everything needs to be perfect before we take another step forward. This is a form of paralysis and should be dealt with accordingly. You have nothing to gain from keeping your health on hold due to some unresolved feelings. If you can't bring yourself to stop eating sweets, that's no reason to put off getting in a good workout! Even if you feel it's useless, you are building a healthy habit that will outlast your negative ones (hopefully)!

Maintaining mental balance is very important today. This will address your mood swings. You can also get rid of your bad habits by taking firm decisions. The day is also good to invest time in Yoga or any other spiritual practice.

3. Gemini

Photo: Vietnam Times
Photo: Vietnam Times

You are a compassionate friend who understands what another is feeling almost without words. Whatever you feel another person is burdened with, check with yourself to see if you might be feeling a bit similar. Although you sometimes tend to hide your own feelings when someone else "reflects" those feelings to you, you suddenly understand. To get more in touch with your feelings, you may want to start a practice in the martial arts, which value patience and self-awareness as well as physical strength.

You will gather more information. You will travel and wander for the same reason. Your energies will be directed towards networking and for this you may spend more energy in building and maintaining new relationships. But you should not ignore routine tasks.

4. Cancer

Staying focused on your dreams is part of what physical exercise is all about. With training, discipline and endurance in our daily lives, we learn to expect results from where we direct our energy. Thus, wishing something could be a certain way (in work or romance, for example) can be effective only with the additional persistence and goal setting we learn through physical exercise and diet. Your healthy habits go a long way toward making your dreams into realities.

You will be very happy with the outcomes of your efforts. This means the energy that you have invested in these tasks is giving you fruits. Doing multiple works could drain you but it will also give you a sense of achievement.

5. Virgo

You have a knack for getting along well with others, and it's time to turn your focus onto yourself and pay attention to what you want and need. This isn't easy for you, and you will be glad to hear that the planetary transit is aiding those on difficult paths. Creating a structure within which you can take care of your health needs is the best way to go: this way, you will not have to think about it. Plan ahead including meals, exercise, rest and entertainment.

You need to take proper sleep and even 'power naps' as the day may drain you easily. You need to make healthy food. The day will also be more demanding at work. Don't undertake sports activities or any laborious work.

6. Leo

Photo: Deccan Herald
Photo: Deccan Herald

Today's planetary movement wakes up the dreamer in you. Yes, think about what you wish for, and with your characteristic persistence and dedication, you will probably get it. This is a good time to focus on the skeletal system and the skin. These two systems are greatly aided by drinking plenty of fresh water - all day, every day. Water helps exhume waste through the skin and eases the pressure that builds up around joints.

If you get angry, you may drain your energy uselessly. Rather you should ensure your time and energy is used in the right type of tasks. Your health will be very good and if you don't want to get tired, stay positive about things.

7. Libra

Wishing you were somewhere else is a recipe for a bad mood! It's not what you say, but rather what you do that matters - so if you want to go away, it's time to start planning that future vacation! But if you are merely frustrated it will serve you to examine your diet and exercise regimen. Are you working out at least three times a week? Are you drinking more water than you ever thought possible? These are realistic goals that will take you someplace new - inside yourself.

Your day will be full of social interactions and communication with people. As this will consume lot of energy, so you can get stressed. To check this stress, you should do those activities which you like. You can also try Yoga or other spiritual practices.

8. Scorpio

Give yourself the benefit of looking good. That's right: pay attention to how you look. This is not as superficial as it sounds. Making yourself look good is an effort to notice what you like about yourself and what you feel are your strongest characteristics. Noticing this is the first step toward acting on what you want to improve. Whether it's a haircut or some exercise, you will accept what you need to do more readily in the context of "looking good."

Your vigor, as well as ebullience, shall peak together today. You should therefore make best use of your energy on the professional and personal front. Spend some time outdoors to shape your body and play mind games to improve concentration.

9. Sagittarius

Photo: English News
Photo: English News

When the time comes to act on something you've been thinking about, you "just know." Ignoring this impulse leads to bad places: frustration, depression and listlessness among them. Waking up to your inner voice is a practice. This practice should be the norm, as it has the power to shape your life. To help keep yourself closely attuned to your inner voice, it is wise to do regular physical exercise and to eliminate harmful dietary habits.

Today your energy level may dip, and adversely affect your performance in office. This indicates that you deserve a break from your tight work schedule. Expend more time with your parents, spouse and kids. They will be more than happy.

10. Capricorn

You appreciate the things in life that take time to create, largely because you are easily distracted - we appreciate that which we admire! By paying attention to what we admire, we can identify what we want to include in our lives that aren't "naturally" there. If you are not a natural athlete, for example, you might admire the athleticism and thus strive to achieve it in your life. Whatever you focus on, you can achieve. Find your healthy passion and follow it!

Remember, an active body also keeps your mind healthy. As your intensity increases, you will also notice that your endurance increases. Get rid of the negative thoughts and look at the positive side of everything to remain healthy and happy.

11. Aquarius

You love beauty. It is from the beauty that you derive much of your happiness. You may find yourself playing homemaker today, big-time. Enjoy the things you can do around your home or work environment that make a difference to how you will feel the next day. Lots of activities we do around the house can be opportunities to perform breathing exercises or do simple stretching. It is a wise person who integrates these things into his or her life!

Your mind will be very active and you will apply logic to things. However, you should also be flexible in things. You must remain open-minded. It's also a good day to read about what's good for your health at this age.

12. Pisces

Sometimes it is possible to find yourself terrified in the face of simplicity. You love drama. When there is no drama you can get anxious. This anxiety can create its own kind of negative drama, so it's better to let your energy out through some kind of physical activity. If you already follow an exercise regimen you may experience the rejection of simplicity in wanting to skip your daily workout. Hang tight!

While it's not a bad day from a health point of view, it's not even an excellent day for your health. Ganesha feels that you should avoid confrontation with others today, which will drain your energy faster. Try to remain happy and balanced.

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