Group E World Cup
Group E World Cup

Group E of the 2022 World Cup is still not finished and no representative is sure to continue despite the last match is approaching. The gap between the teams is extremely close when the bottom team, Germany, still has the opportunity to continue even with only 1 point in hand.

The next 2 tickets will only be decided when the match between Germany vs Costa Rica and Japan vs Spain ends. Scenarios are only in the imagination but are completely at risk of happening.

Spain and Germany are both eliminated

Spain and Germany are in opposite situations when each side is holding two positions at the top of the rankings. While Spain leads, Germany is at the bottom of the table. But there is a scenario that is completely at risk, and this one sounds extremely "crazy".

If Germany loses to Costa Rica and Spain also loses to Japan.

Japan topped the table, Germany was eliminated

This "utopian" scenario is also completely at risk if in the encounter with Spain, Japan wins, and in the match between Germany and Costa Rica, Hansi Flick's army and only won 1. the point.

Japan leads Germany to continue, Spain is eliminated

This will happen when Germany won all 3 points against Costa Rica with a very strong score and at the same time Japan also won 3 points against Spain. Currently, Spain's difference is +7, while Germany's is -1. In the event that Japan wins 1-0 against Spain, Germany needs to win... 8-0. Now Germany will have 4 points with a difference of +7, while Spain will have 4 points with a difference of +6. The bigger the difference between Japan and Japan, the smaller the number of goals Germany needs to score against Costa Rica.


The above scenarios may sound crazy and utopian, but in football, anything is possible and on a good day, the underdogs are completely capable of making things happen before the big boys.

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