College: What Is It and Why Is It so Important in Today's World?
College education is really important in today’s world

Many people don’t see the difference between college and university. However, these two are not the same. First of all, colleges typically feature smaller student populations and fewer study programs than universities. The majority of these institutions are private since they don’t receive state funding. Some colleges award bachelor's degrees, but most of them offer associate degrees and certificates.

Let’s consider some of the main types of colleges.

Liberal Arts college

Liberal Arts colleges don’t specialize in a single academic area. Instead, it provides diverse education programs for students. The range of subjects offered at Liberal Arts colleges typically includes math, art and humanities. Note that these colleges don’t prepare for a specific job but give some transferable skills for a number of positions in different industries.

Community college

Community college is also referred to as a junior college. Basically, this is a two-year school that awards associate degrees and certificates. Usually, community colleges have quite affordable tuition rates and more individualized classroom settings. The majority of community colleges maintain programs to facilitate the transition from college to university.

Technical and vocational colleges

These types of two-year colleges are also known as trade schools. They provide specialized training for specific fields of career. Individuals studying there can benefit from intensive study programs, small campuses, and relatively low tuition fees.

How to deal with college pressure?

No matter what type of school you’ve chosen for your studies, you will inevitably face some academic pressure. And it gets even worse if you combine both work and education. It’s really hard to juggle numerous assignments, exams, everyday classes and job duties. To relieve the burden on your shoulders, you can ask experts to write college papers for money in any discipline you need. No matter how complicated your task is, professional writing services can complete it for you for a moderate fee. This way, you will be able to focus on the responsibilities of the highest priority.

Is college education really important?

College: What Is It and Why Is It so Important in Today's World?
College education is extremely important nowadays

Although less people want to get a degree nowadays, college education is really important in today’s world. Why? Because it brings numerous opportunities to young people. Some of them are discussed below.

Better job prospects

Having a degree opens up more career opportunities. You can get a position that otherwise would be inaccessible. In general, college graduates have more flexibility choosing where to work. According to the statistics, they see 57% more job opportunities than non-graduates. The research published by Burning Glass Technologies shows that two million new jobs posted on the web per quarter require at least a bachelor’s degree. By the way, college education connects you to a lifelong network of advisors, mentors and colleagues, which is also great for your career.

Higher marketability

Modern market has a high demand for skilled and college-educated workers. Over 80% of jobs in the biggest industries,such as healthcare, education, government services and STEM require postsecondary education. Even though about 36% of adults from 25 to 36 have a college degree, the market still falls short of meeting high employer demand. Earning a bachelor’s degree also helps to gain skills that will give you a competitive advantage. For example, you may develop leadership, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills, which are so appealing to employers.

Increased earning potential

According to the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the greater your education level is, the higher salary you can expect. For example, those who hold an associate degree can earn an average of $836 per week, or about $43,000 per year, while those with high school diplomas only usually earn about $520 per week, or $27,000 annually. Bachelor’s degree holders make an average of $1,100 per week, or $60,000 each year. For comparison, that is about $17,000 more than earned by people with an associate degree.

Better networking

It’s not a secret that networking is critical for a successful life. It’s impossible to build a decent career without maintaining a professional network. Luckily, certain aspects of college education, like interning and volunteering, help to build a network. Meeting some great people can be a great advantage for your professional prospects, so why not use college to open new doors and connect you to leaders? You can share incredible ideas and explore new ventures with them.

Final thoughts

College education is extremely important nowadays. It helps to have better job prospects, increased earning potential, higher marketability and better networking. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to get a degree.

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Angela Boggs is a study coach for college students. Her goal is to help them develop their academic skills and ensure their progress with further education. Angela also works to improve student employability and get the job of their dream.

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