Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Theories
Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Theories

After the show's arrival on Netflix on New Year's Day, fans of Cobra Kai have already raced through season three and are now busy predicting what could be on the cards for season four.

The latest chapter spoilt us like a tray of Ferrero Rocher – and we cannot wait for more.

It sounds like most of you feel the same, because season three hit the No 1 spot on Netflix in 28 countries, and reached the top ten in 85 countries. In total, 73 million households have watched the show in some capacity.

Bearing all that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Cobra Kai's future.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date

Officially, there isn’t a Cobra Kai season 4 release date – but that doesn’t mean we have no idea about when it’ll land on Netflix.

Creator Jon Hurwitz said on Twitter that he “would imagine Season 4 will come out roughly a year after Season 3.”

Netflix has zeroes in further, saying we'll get Cobra Kai S4 in Q4 2021. That means it's coming between October and December this year, according to Gamesradar.

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Cobra Kai Season 4: Trailer

Sadly, it's a little too early for a Cobra Kai season 4 trailer right now, but you might enjoy this anime-style intro for the show built from old footage.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Cast

Photo: Heavy
Photo: Heavy

Fans of the film franchise will remember Karate Kid III features multi-millionaire Terry Silver, a war buddy of Kreese's who sends Kreese off to Tahiti after his embarrassment at the hands of Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso, before kicking off a plot to embarrass the pair of them. He fails, predictably.

It's looking pretty likely that he'll be stepping into Cobra Kai season 4 as a villain, however, as the end of season 3 of the show features Kreese making a phone call for reinforcements. While we don't get more information than that, it's looking like Terry Silver will return.

Why do we think this? Well, throughout season 3 we saw flashbacks to John Kreese's military service, with the young version of the character played by Jesse Kove, the real-life son of star Martin Kove.

During these flashbacks we are shown how Kreese developed his "win at all costs" mentality, but also how Kreese and Silver grow close after being captured on a mission gone wrong.

As with everyone else in this universe, Silver is a Karate expert and will probably make Kreese even more ruthless.

Who else could be joining the party for Cobra Kai season 4? While we don';t have a huge amount of solid information at this point, we've had confirmation of a couple of friendly (and unfriendly) faces. Fans are definitely keen to see Hilary Swank coming back to play Julie Pierce again, the main character from The Next Karate Kid. Of course, whether or not she makes it back is an entirely different matter.

With Netflix now trickling out information about returning cast members, we've got a list of those we're expecting to see below:

  • Daniel LaRusso: Ralph Macchio
  • Johnny Lawrence: William Zabka
  • Miguel: Xolo Maridueña
  • Amanda LaRusso: Courtney Henggeler
  • Samantha LaRusso: Mary Mouser
  • Robby Keene: Tanner Buchanan
  • Hawk: Jacob Bertrand
  • John Kreese: Martin Cove
  • Tory Schwarber: Peyton List
  • Carmen Diaz: Vanessa Rubio

We're definitely expecting to see Demetri (Gianni Decenzo) and Kyler (Jeo Seo) again in Cobra Kai season 4, because they were fairly integral in both the fights and story beats of season 3. We're also expecting to see a little more focus on some of the other Cobra Kai students as well, because the roster there is looking a little thin.

While there are no guarantees on who is returning outside of those announced, we've had another tweet from Netflix which promotes Peyton List and Vanessa Rubio to season regulars, and also announces two new faces.

The cast of Cobra Kai will now be joined by both Dallas Dupree Young and Oona O'Brien, both of whom will apparently be playing regular characters in the show, and will no doubt end up throwing hands and feet at some point as well, Techradar reported.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Theories & Rumors

Photo: Dailyresearchplot
Photo: Dailyresearchplot

Season 3 ended with another all-out brawl, this time pitting Cobra Kai students against their former friends (now part of Eagle Fang dojo) and members of Miyagi-do. And it took place in the LaRusso home!

Johnny, then Daniel confronted John Kreese at Cobra Kai dojo, threatening to do whatever it took to stop him. Kreese offered them a deal: He would leave town if they won the reinstated All Valley Tournament. The next day, Johnny and Daniel teamed up to start training the students of their merged dojos.

Cobra Kai season 4 should focus heavily on the upcoming competition at the All Valley Tournament. As for other storylines in Cobra Kai season 4, we expect more love triangle drama from Samantha, Miguel and Robby. Plus, there might be some more movement in Johnny's romance with Miguel's mom, Carmen.

Co-creator Jon Hurwitz recently took to Twitter to tease some emotional scenes in the next batch of episodes. Fans should get ready to laugh AND cry, Tomsguide noted.

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