“Cherry”: Schedule

Photo: Apple TV+
Photo: Apple TV+

Cherry will begin streaming on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 12. Cherry also opened in theaters on February 26.

Customers can view Apple TV+ on any Apple device, recent smart TVs, set-top boxes, or on the web.

“Cherry”: Plot

Photo: Apple TV+
Photo: Apple TV+

Cherry falls in love with his classmate Emily. When Emily leaves to study in Montreal, Cherry enlists in the military as a medic. During his two year service, Cherry suffers from PTSD. To cope, he gets high on drugs, which frustrates Emily, who begins taking drugs and the two eventually become addicts. After Cherry breaks into a safe he was supposed to look over, Cherry realizes his dealer's boss (Black Mask) would kill them. To get back the money owed, Cherry begins robbing banks to make payments. During a robbery with his dealer, the latter bails, forcing Cherry to rob alone. As he tried his getaway, he realizes his dealer could sell him out and goes after him, but his dealer had already been shot. The black mask confronts Cherry and threatens to kill Emily if he doesn't make the rest of the payment. Cherry says goodbye to Emily before performing one last robbery. During the robbery, sadness overcomes Cherry, who persuades the bank teller to set the alarm off. Cherry flees and gives Black Mask the remaining money. He gets the attention of the police and overdoses as they arrive.

In an epilogue, Cherry recovers in a mental facility. He is eventually released and reunites with Emily, who has recovered from her addiction.

“Cherry”: Cast

• Tom Holland as Cherry, a fictional character based on former army soldier and former drug addict-turned-author Nico Walker.

• Ciara Bravo as Emily, the protagonist's girlfriend.

• Jack Reynor as Pills and Coke

• Michael Rispoli as Tommy

• Jeff Wahlberg as Jimenez

• Forrest Goodluck as James Lightfoot

• Michael Gandolfini as Cousin Joe

• Kyle Harvey as Roy

• Pooch Hall as Sgt. Whomever

• Damon Wayans Jr. as Drill Sgt. Masters

• Thomas Lennon as Cherry's Dad / Father Whomever / Dr. Whomever

• Kelli Berglund as Madison Kowalski

• Jose Pablo Cantillo as Drill Sgt. Deco

• Nicole Forester as Doctor

• Jamie Brewer as Shelly

• Fionn O'Shea as Arnold

• Sam Clemmett as Yuri

• Adam Long as Staff Sgt. Greene

How 'Spider-Man' actor Tom Holland transformed for 'Cherry'

Photo: Apple TV+
Photo: Apple TV+

Years after first checking his muscled self out out in his Spider-Man superhero suit, Tom Holland was similarly struck by the sight of seeinghimself asa skinny, strung-out drug addict in his new movie “Cherry.”

Teaming up again with the Russos, who directed Holland in the last two “Avengers” films, the 24-year-old “Cherry” star plays the role as college student, Army medic in Iraq, dope fiend and eventual bank robber over the course of the opioid drama.

Holland’s war scenes involved flying drones, multiple speeding Humvees, a bunch of explosions, lots of running and one real-life dislocated right ankle. “I felt it go (pop) and my foot was like looking at me,” he says. Between that and the basic-training sequence, Holland figures, “I would be a terrible soldier.”, USA Today reported.

The hardest part for Holland – who's currently filming "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (in theaters Dec. 13) – was the “Cherry” chapter called “Dope Life,” where Cherry comes home from war to reconnect with his wife Emily (Ciara Bravo), suffers from PTSD, gets hooked on painkillers and then begins to rob banks to fund the couple's drug habits.

Holland worked with his makeup artist on finding different prosthetics and eyeballs to design Cherry’s strung-out look. Plus at his skinniest, he lost 28 pounds.

But did the already trim star have 28 pounds to lose? “Not really,” Holland admits. “I had to convince my mom to not call the Russo brothers and shout at them on the phone. But it was absolutely necessary. I had interviewed lots of different people who had been through similar experiences and it seemed like the right thing to do.

“The pain which I was going through to lose the weight was only a smidge of what the people would have gone through in real life. So I was able to kind of use that as a fuel to keep going throughout the process.”

After filming his junkie scenes, Holland found it equally challenging to then shift to filming the beginning of the movie where Cherry and Emily's romance blossoms.

“I kept thinking I wasn't doing a good enough job,” Holland recalls. “And (the Russos) were like, ‘Dude, just remember that for the last eight weeks you've been playing a drug addict and now you're playing a young boy falling in love.’ The mental aspect of that was difficult and it took me a while to get over. But when I see the film, I don't see any of those worries in my performance.”

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How to watch the Tom Holland movie Cherry

Beginning Friday, March 12, you will be able to watch Cherry streaming on Apple TV+. You’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch the film, or a login from a friend. A subscription to Apple TV+ is $4.99/month. There are also a few Apple TV+ free trial options you can try if you haven’t used them up already.

You can also catch Cherry in select theaters. Check your local listings to see if the film is playing near you.