Causes of Emotional Rift Based on Numerology
Numerology explains the cause of broken love
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What is the key number/life path index?

You cannot ignore the key number, also known as the life path number. Because this number influences all events and personality traits in your life. The life path index identifies your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to orient and plan for the future.

The key number will reveal whether you are introverted or extroverted, rational, disciplined, or dreamy and romantic.

How to Calculate Key Number/Life Path Index/Destiny Number?

Each person's key number is calculated based on the day/month/year of birth.

The simplest calculation is: Add up all the digits of the date of birth (solar calendar) and simplify to get a one-digit number (except for the special cases 10, 11 and 22).

Specifically, you can use the life path index calculation based on the following steps:

Step 1: Write your date of birth on a piece of paper in the order of day - month - year of birth.

Step 2: Add the numbers on your date of birth. Add until the total is between 2 and 11. For example, if you were born on January 3, 2002, your life path number is: 0 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 8. So, 8 is your life path number.

Note that there is a special case where the total is 22. If you have a total date of birth of 22, you should clearly write it as April 22 to distinguish it from the regular number 4. According to the Pythagoreans, there is no cardinal number = 1. So the cardinal numbers will start from 2 to 11.

1. Key Number/Life Path Number 1

People with the key number 1 are very individualistic, prefer to be self-sufficient, eager to pioneer, and always move forward. The destination is most important to you, and you will do everything in your power to achieve it; however, as a result, you can be imposing, domineering, and paternalistic at times, affecting the relationships around you.

Looking at the causes of broken relationships according to Numerology, it is clear that this is the reason your relationships are difficult to maintain. No matter how close you are to that person, you will find it difficult to rely on them. In fact, you always make your own decisions without considering the other person's thoughts and emotions.

If you want your relationship to last, you need to change your behavior and stop forcing him to follow your every decision. Listen and rely on that person more, so that they feel respected.

2. Key number 2

People with the key number 2 have a gentle and tolerant heart. You are afraid of discord and conflict, so you devote a significant amount of time and effort to maintaining relationships. However, overvaluing relationships can lead to dependency, a loss of self-worth, and even self-harm.

Your excessive altruism is the source of the schism between the two sides. You forgive the other person's mistakes too easily, giving him or her the impression that what you do is obvious, and thus they no longer appreciate you.

It's time for you to become more aware of your own emotions and love yourself more. When you are dissatisfied, tell that person directly; don't hold back forever just to keep the peace.

3. Key Number 3

People with the dominant number 3 often have sharp thinking abilities, but this also means that you are often impatient and less tolerant of those around you when they do not meet your expectations. Even when you're close, you tend to make harsh judgments and comments.

If you want to have a long-term relationship, you must change your behavior. Do not repeat mistakes that he or she did not intend to make. Be more tolerant of one another, and avoid comparing minor issues.

When a conflict arises, it is best to maintain a more positive and tolerant attitude; do not intentionally say hurtful or sarcastic words to that person because they will create a wound that is difficult to heal.

4. Key Number 4

People with the key number 4 are very sincere, loyal in love, and frequently seek stable relationships. As a result, even if you are not overly proactive in your search for your other half, once you have found someone, you will always do your best to keep the relationship stable and growing.

However, when looking at the causes of broken relationships using Numerology, your choice is not always correct. When you are together, you may notice that both sides have disagreements that are difficult to resolve.

This is when you must use reason to analyze the problem; do not try to change yourself in order to become what the other person desires to the point of losing your true self.

Be confident in yourself and understand when to stop to avoid injury. You don't need to put too much effort into a relationship; perhaps someone better for you is out there?

5. Key Number 5

People with the key number 5 are always lively and outgoing. You captivate everyone's attention, so there is never a shortage of satellites surrounding you. Your love affairs often begin quickly but are difficult to maintain because when you understand your other half too well, you become bored and want to try new things.

It's time to take relationships more seriously. Once you've decided who you want to be with, you must constantly remind yourself to keep your distance from others and not get too involved in parties and leave your other half alone.

Rather than making promises, take practical steps to strengthen your relationships. Be grateful for what you have; otherwise, you will be sorry if you lose it.

Causes of Emotional Rift Based on Numerology
Numerology explains the cause of broken love

6. Key Number 6

People with the key number 6 are very kind, responsible, caring, and compassionate toward others, particularly children and other family members. It could be said that you are the ideal partner.

However, it appears that you are overprotecting your loved ones. That causes people to feel suffocated in the relationship and attempt to leave you. If you want a long-term relationship, you may need to give the other person their own space.

Furthermore, you should not keep pessimistic and negative thoughts in your heart, as this will cause the relationship between both parties to become tense. Learn how to be more open with that person.

7. Key Number 7

People with the key number 7 are typically quiet and introverted. You enjoy reflecting, concluding, and exploring problems, but you are always skeptical and find it difficult to trust anyone. That gives others the impression that you are cold and do not understand your thoughts and actions.

Before entering a relationship, you are frequently extremely cautious. Even if you have decided to get together, you cannot fully trust that person. You're always worried that he or she will betray you.

Instead of being self-centered and suspicious of others, learn to understand and trust them. Believing in your partner also demonstrates that you believe in your own decisions.

8. Key Number 8

People with the key number 8 are not ugly, but they are extremely practical. You always prioritize financial security; only when your income is significantly greater than your expenses can you feel secure, so when looking for your other half, you frequently specify financial requirements. Main to the top.

Money, however, is not the only factor in maintaining a stable relationship. You should examine your relationship from multiple perspectives. If two people truly love each other, they can be happy even if their living situation is not ideal.

According to Numerology, if money takes precedence in a relationship, the two people will become extremely distant, unable to rely on or trust each other, or even trust each other. They are even willing to take advantage of one another.

9. Key Number 9

People with the key number 9 always want the best for their families. You are even willing to sacrifice your own interests and change in order to reconcile with your loved ones. You always strive to create a warm family environment in which everyone can truly care for one another.

However, because you do not want to put additional pressure on others, you frequently keep your worries and concerns to yourself. You frequently solve problems on your own and do not want family members to assist or intervene. But did you know that this will gradually cause both sides' relationships to drift apart?

Allow that person to spend time with you, care about you, support you, and better understand you. Don't be afraid to cause trouble for others; instead, rely more on your loved ones; you'll feel less stressed and more connected to your other half.

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