Brawl Stars How to Get All of The New Skins – Starr Force
Brawl Stars How to Get All of The New Skins – Starr Force

As Season 5 of Brawl Stars, Starr Force, begins, players will have an opportunity to unlock several new skins for their character.

Brawl Stars is a 3v3 multiplayer battle royale made especially for mobile by Supercell, the same studio that created Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Matches are designed to be quick, and there are multiple game modes to choose from. Most game modes are top-down, third-person shooters with objectives that range from putting a ball in the other team's goal to holding a specific area of the map, to holding onto 10 gems longer than the opponents can. Before a match, players will need to select their Brawler, and there are many options to choose from. Each one comes with their own unique abilities that can be upgraded. Players can also equip skins that will change the look, animations, and sounds for that Brawler.

Season 5 introduces three new skins that are specific to the Starr Force theme, as well as four additional new skins and a set of four returning Lunar New Year Skins. While none of these will fundamentally change the abilities of the Brawlers to which they belong, they can add a welcome change for the character's appearance, giving them a fresh start for the new season. Most of these skins require players to make purchases using Gems, and, while these can be earned multiple ways in-game, they are also a microtransaction that can sometimes require real money.

Players who don't wish to spend money will want to choose their skins carefully. Here's every new skin coming to Brawl Stars at the start of Starr Force.

How To Get Every New Skin In Brawl Stars

Players can get some of the new skins simply by purchasing the Brawl Pass for Season 5. The Brawl Pass costs 169 Gems, or about $10 USD. For other skin, they will want to save up some Gems and Star Points and take a trip to the Shop. Players interested in collecting the Lunar New Year skins will need to do so quickly, as this is the last time they will be available for purchase.

Brawl Stars Starr Force Season is right around the corner, and it is the finest time to see how you can get every single one of the new Skins that will be introduced within the game. In this season we are looking at some of the best Skins they present so far, so I’m really excited to get my hands on these, especially the sinister-looking Dark Lord Spike.

Starr Force Skins

  • D4R-RY1 – Darryl’s new Skin will be the default reward for grabbing the newest Brawl Pass, so he is unlockable right away. Featuring a theme undeniably inspired through Star Wars, this is for sure one of the best Skins you can have for our barrel friend.
  • Dark Lord Spike – There it is, the one I am most looking forward to. Again, an influence from the famous franchise, this cool-looking Spike Skin can be acquired by buying it through the in-game Shop, for 149 Gems.
  • Navigator Colette – Throwing some futuristic elements to Colette’s design, you can get this Skin from the in-game Shop, for 79 Gems.

New additional Skins of Brawl Stars

  • Smooth Lou – A rather interesting choice of a Skin for our chill dude, this one is reminiscent of a certain idol in the music industry, who needs no introduction. Grab this smooth Skin for 79 Gems in the Shop.
  • Dark Tide Carl – Similar to his ‘Captain Carl’ Skin, this one is a re-color and with additional flair, like Carl having a glorious mustache and an angry look. You can get this one by spending 10.000 Star Points, which means you don’t need to spend Gems to give Carl a fitting pirate theme.
  • Ronin Ruffs – Here we have the crown jewel of this season, a Skin for Coloner Ruffs himself. Normally rocking a general’s outfit, fitting the captain of a starship, this Ronin look completely transforms him into a cyber-samurai, which is by far one of the coolest-looking Skin Brawl Stars ever created. Worthy of being the reward of reaching Tier 70 to the newest Brawl Pass.
  • Space Ox Bull – Bull’s future look looks so good on him, that I could easily pass it as his default one. Spend 149 Gems in the Shop and it’s yours.

Lunar New Year Skins of Brawl Stars

The Lunar New Year themed Skins also make a comeback, and you can get all of them from the Shop, by spending a certain amount of Gems. Just remember, this will be the last time that these Skins will be available for purchase, so make sure to not miss this chance. Additionally, all of the Lunar Skins are sold on a discounted price.

  • Royal Agent Colt: Available in the Shop for 79 Gems
  • Lion Dance Brock: Available in the Shop for 79 Gems
  • Virus 8-Bit: Available in the Shop for 219 Gems
  • Heroine Bibi: Available in the shop for 109 Gems.

There you have it, that’s all the Skins you can get with the release of the Starr Force Season.

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