Boss Level Release Date

Boss Level will be released on Friday, March 5th 2021.

The film was directed by American filmmaker Joe Carnahan, who is perhaps best known for having helmed Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team, and The Grey.

It stars Frank Grillo – who Joe worked with on The Grey – as a retired special forces soldier who attempts to escape a time loop that results in his death.

How to watch Boss Level

Boss Level is being released on Hulu on Friday, March 5th 2021.

The American subscription video on demand service was founded back in 2007 and offers subscribers a wealth of content across film and television.

It costs just $5.99 for a basic membership and $11.99 for Hulu Premium.

They also offer a free trial, which gives new and eligible customers access to the service for one month, Hitc reported.

Boss Level arrives in cinemas in Australia this week

Boss Level arrives in Australian cinemas this week and it seems to feature a huge range of creative and hilarious kills: I particularly love the shot in the trailer of Grillo’s decapitated head bouncing down an escalator.

Boss Level Casts

Boss Level Premiere on Hulu: Release Date, How to Watch
Photo: screenrant

A brief synopsis of Boss Level to refresh your memory: This trippy action movie follows Roy Pulver (Grillo), a former special forces agent who discovers clues leading back to a secret government project that could explain his untimely death and time loop situation. Roy is catapulted into a race against the clock to hunt down the head of this shadowy government program (Mel Gibson). The hunt will have Roy crossing paths with a multitude of assassins attempting to keep him from finding out the truth. As Roy fights for answers, he also fights into order to save his ex-wife (Naomi Watts). Don't be fooled by Boss Level's time loop device, either. Even if you think you know what to expectjust because you've seen Groundhog Day or Hulu's hit 2020 time loop movie Palm Springs, the electric duo of Grillo and Carnahan promises this movie will be operating on an entirely new level of fun.

In addition to Grillo, Gibson, and Watts, Boss Level's cast includes Annabelle Wallis, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, Will Sasso, Selina Lo, Meadow Williams, Rob Gronkowski, and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Carnahan directs from a script co-written by Chris Borey (Open Grave), Eddie Borey (Open Grave), and himself. Boss Level is produced by Carnahan, Grillo, Randall Emmett, and George Furla, according to Collider.

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Boss Level Details

Boss Level certainly has an increasingly familiar and appealing setup that’s in line with Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, and Happy Death Day, but with the added bonus of being likely more grizzled in its action movie exploits given Carnahan’s previous films, which include Narc, The A-Team, and The Grey.

The film cements Frank Grillo’s continuing rising stature as an action star after previously appearing in the Captain America sequels and the last two cult-loved The Purge movies. And Gibson seems to officially be in the comeback, renaissance era of his career after directing the superb, Best Picture nominated Hacksaw Ridge last year, and having since appeared in the box office comedy hit, Daddy’s Home 2.

Plus, just imagine one day that it’s revealed all of these time-bending movies are related, and all of these people’s time-looped lives—be it on their sorority-themed birthday, during a terrorist attack, or an alien invasion—are at the mercy of an angry, uncaring god named Punxsutawney Phil! Stranger things have happened onscree, Denofgeek cited.

Boss Level Trailer: Frank Grillo Is Stuck In Deadly Time Loop

Boss Level Premiere on Hulu: Release Date, How to Watch
Boss Level. Photo: whatsondisneyplus

Hulu released a new trailer for their action-packed original film Boss Level, the latest from director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, The Grey) starring Frank Grillo, best known for his role as the MCU villain Crossbones. In Boss Level, Grillo plays former special forces agent Roy Pulver, trapped in a time loop that continually repeats the day of his murder. After many deaths, Pulver eventually discovers a secret government project that may be the real reason behind the loop he is living in.

In Hulu’s newly released trailer, Grillo’s character has become jaded after repeating the same day over and over again for an indefinite period, a familiar situation found in time loop narratives. “No matter how hard I fight… I die. Every. Single. Day” says Pulver. “It wasn’t always like this,” the lethargic Roy says, who now finds solace in baiji. “I had a woman once (Naomi Watts), and a son I loved (Rio Grillo),” who seem to be the emotional core of the film as Roy goes on to fight the sinister Colonel Clive Ventor. Watch the full trailer below:

Carnahan regular Mel Gibson stars as Colonel Ventor, the head of the secret government program. The film's cast also features Annabelle Wallis, Michelle Yeoh, and Ken Jeong with appearances from now-4x Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski and retired MMA heavyweights Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Boss Level streams March 5th on Hulu.

Boss Level is the latest in a long line of time loop films, which first rose to popularity in 1995 with Groundhog Day and have experienced a resurgence of late with Happy Death Day, Russian Doll, and Hulu’s own Palm Springs. Each of these films seemingly applies the time loop scenario to its respective genre, and Carnahan appears to be doing the same with Boss Level, a full-throttle action flick. Hopefully, this hybrid film can bring something fresh to the action genre, Screenrant wrote.

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