Born in October: Top 10 Interesting Facts and Characteristics
Born in October: Top 10 Interesting Facts and Characteristics

Well, there are many believers of the fact that one’s behavior and other personality traits greatly depend on the month they are born. In this article, we will be discussing some interesting facts and characteristics of October born babies!

#1. October-born people are romantic

People born in this month are die-hard romantics. Whenever they fall in love, they love with all their heart and soul. Love holds too much value and importance to them, and they do not shy away or hesitate to express their love.

They can go out of their way to show to their partner how much they love and care for them and also how important they are to them. When you fall in love with an October-born, get ready for romantic getaways, dinners, and more such sweet acts of love.

#2. October-born people are calm and quite

October-born people love peace and they wish to make their surroundings quite calm and pleasant. It is rare to see, raising their voices and getting angry even in hard times. One of the special things to be noted, that they can keep the people whom they love in their life in a safe and comfort zone without letting them meet any issues and frustration. They try as much as possible to stay in a calm place and keep their minds peaceful.

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#3. October-born people are collected

The people born in this month are collected and poised. They seldom blurt out their feelings, anger, or worries to people around them. In case they feel scared or nervous, they would prefer to keep it within themselves to avoid making hoopla of a situation. They are very sensitive and empathetic towards other people, and instead of confronting you, they may offer you a helping hand. They do not like to judge people.

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#4. They are born with high willpower

October-born babies are bold, hard workers and they stay focused on their goals. No matter how difficult and hard the job is, they ready to go for any extreme to finish such a task in the best manner. Naturally, they are born with problem-solving capabilities, which help them to succeed and stay out of the crowd. Whether it may be studies or job, they desire to give their best with maximum effort.

#5. October-born people are positive

People born in this month are very optimistic and positive in their approach towards almost everything in life. They never give up, and if they make up their mind in achieving something, they do not stop until they achieve what they thought off.

Even if a failure is met, they do not stop, and they work tirelessly towards achieving their goals. They may not appear so, but they can be extremely stubborn towards achieving success or achieving their goals. This trait also motivates others to offer their best.

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#6. October-born people are unique and creative

Their way of thinking is too different, which helps them to have a unique identity in this competitive world. No surprise in that, the October babies are highly creative and advanced. They create a situation and let the world know them with a peak of success.

The field of arts and interior design are the most suitable and luckiest path for them to have a great career. The aim and intention of such personality people are exclusive and you might be known the fact if you are a friend of an October born person.

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#7. October-born people are smart and intelligent

They generally perform well academically, and they are such keen learners that they like to invest their time and money in acquiring more knowledge in the field they are interested in. They are focused and quiet and when they say something, it is correct and relevant.

They tend to observe and analyze various situations and then come up with the best possible solutions that usually please everyone. People often ask them for their advice because they have great ideas and they are very sharp.

#8. October-born people are friendly and kind hearted

This is another most Interesting Things About October Born Babies who have the nature of treating everyone in a kind manner. You might feel comfortable with them and they never like or wish to hurt anyone, even if they did wrong. October-born babies have good and decent souls who think about the welfare of the people’s ambiance.

#9. October-born people live in the present

These people are live wires and believe that life is to be lived with loads of fun and for that each moment must be lived to the fullest. They do not like to worry about the future or the past, and prefer living in the moment.

They perform their duties and responsibilities diligently and worry only when a problem is faced rather than worrying about it before it is even there. They do not worry about what will happen tomorrow because they are focused on what is happening today.

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#10. October-born people have perseverance

These people are very perseverant, and whatever they undertake or start, they will finish to the best of their ability. No matter how difficult a task or job is, they will try their hundred per cent to solve the issue and find a solution for it.

For this very reason, they like to work solitary or alone rather than working with others or more number of people. They achieve greater levels of success, and they usually have a well-settled and stable life.

Interesting Facts about October-born Babies

1. Two birthstones

Unlike other months that only have one special stone, October has two birthstone gemstones: the opal and the tourmaline, which is considered to be the most colorful gemstone on Earth, reported. Which matches the colorful personalities of the October babies perfectly.

2. A Libra or a Scorpio child

Depending on the day that they’re born in October, babies might either be a Libra (born September 23-October 22) or a Scorpio sign (born October 23-November 21). My girl falls into the former category, and true to her astrological sign, she’s social and sparkly, funny and full of energy, according to Mom365. Scorpio babies tend to be strong-willed and intense, with an unmistakable charm.

3. Peaceful birth flowers

This month boasts two beautiful birth flowers, marigold, and cosmos.

Marigold (Calendula) is known in some cultures as the grieving flower, but its vivid orange color turned the symbolism of this flower into the representation of the Sun, light, and resurrection. Cosmos represents harmony and peace, which is visible through the symmetry of the stem and blossom.

4. Trick or treat birthday

Kids can get away with dressing up for their birthdays, but Halloween means that you can have a spooktacular celebration in honor of your little one. So if your little one wants to dress up as Dracula or Vampirina in a couple of years, it will be ghoulishly great. Break out the apple bobbing and prepare for some creepy good fun.

5. They’re easier to nurse

While you might have to go through the month of August heavily pregnant (which isn’t a lot of fun), having an October babe means that boobing can be a breeze. You won’t have to worry about your baby sticking to you, or the two of you bonding together in a sweaty mess.

6. They might be President one day

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, having an October baby means that your baby might be President one day. There have been 6 Presidents born in October, starting with John Adams (October 30), Rutherford B. Hayes (October 4), Chester Arthur (October 5), Teddy Roosevelt (October 27), Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 14), and finally, Jimmy Carter (October 1).

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