Birthday gifts for your best friends
Birthday gifts. Photo: Pinterest

Getting your best friends a present can be quite the ordeal. You want it to be special and to show that you love and value them, but also that you know them so well that you can figure out their likes and dislikes. Most of all though, you want it to be special, which is why it always takes months of careful preparation, investigation and planning – and even then, you might still be empty handed on the eve of the event when you’re due to hand out said present.

1.Special Cushion with your picture on it

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: FlowerAura

When it comes to planning something really unique but heart-touching for the friend of your life, gifting this awesome personalized picture cushion could be the best idea. All you need to do is send us a picture of your bestfriend that you like the most and we will have it imprinted on the cushion. Whenever your bestie will use this cushion, they will simply remember you.
BFF Scrapbook

Birthday gifts for your best friends
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Contrary to popular belief, scrapbooking isn’t just for middle-aged cat ladies. Even you, the average college student, can take it up, especially when it comes to gifts for your best friends.

Head to your nearest craft store and pick up scrapbook materials (paper, stickers, glue, etc.) and you’re good to go. You can never go wrong with pictures of you and your BFF through the years. To make things more exciting, you can also include screenshots of funny texts you’ve sent to each other, movie and concert ticket stubs and anything else that makes your friendship special.Yes, this definitely includes those embarrassing pictures of your drunk, dad-like dance moves.

2.Fancy Friendship bracelets

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: Moms Who Think

You can never go wrong with a friendship bracelet. Columbia State Community College student Emily Larocque said, “Hand made jewelry is cool, cause you know someone really put time and effort into it.” These are perfect as far as best friend gifts go.

While tying and knotting may take you back to summer camp days, these bracelets get a much-needed update with the use of chain instead of string and rhinestone beads.

3.Happy Birthday Celebration Mug

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: BIG W Photos

Wish someone on their birthday with a beautiful customized mug and send warm wishes with it. Decorated with shining stars, colorful balloons, and a warm birthday message, FlowerAura is here to give you an amazing gift that you could send to your dearest ones anywhere and everywhere.

4.Muffin in a Jar – Mini Birthday Cake

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: Glorious Treats

If you love to bake then here’s a perfect idea for you make! Instead of baking a huge birthday cake, make a small birthday muffin. Place the muffin in a jar which is is decorated with confetti and other birthday ornaments. Then put a few candles in the jar as well. This way when your best friend receives the cute birthday muffin, they will be able to light a few candles as well, as well as making a birthday wish!

5.An Alternative to an Album

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: Bonusprint

Everyone loves looking back at old pictures and sinking into an ocean of nostalgia. It can be a great feeling, looking back at all the times you’ve spent together. Instead of placing photos in a standard album, create an alternative homemade birthday gift. Attach photos to an oval or circular shaped wooden board or even a blackboard, on which you can write a few words.

6.A Polaroid

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: Happy Mag

Best friends deserve the best sorts of presents! Let your best friend know how much they mean to you. Create a picture which has a scrapbook feeling to it. Stick a polaroid on it of the two of you, a few stickers, write a quote, it’s really up to you how creative you’d like to get! Then stick this in a frame and present your best friend with it! They will be able to put it up on their wall or bedside table!

7.Bottle Up Feelings

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: Amazon

People say, never to bottle up your feelings, and this bottle helps you not to do so. A personalised message and a pretty image on this bottle lamp will help the receiver to stay positive not in broad-daylight only but also when they are alone at night.

8.A Beautiful Keychain

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: SmilyShopee

Does your best friend always have trouble finding their keys? Get them a keychain to make it a bit easier for them! You can have a custom keychain made, a picture of the two of you on one side and a small message from you on the other side.

9.Elle Star Perfume

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: FlowerAura

When your gifting gestures ask for something different and classy, you must move your choice to pick up a bottle of perfume for your beloved ones. We bring you Elle Start perfume with natural fragrance packed in a royal glass bottle that is handy and beautiful.

10.Special Lady Personalized Watch

Birthday gifts for your best friends
Photo: FlowerAura

Trying new things is the flavor of the season. Be it your dressing style or accessories. Everyone wants to be the next fashionista. For all those style divas, the copper & silver foldable personalized wrist watch is the ultimate choice. The craftsmanship and design are impeccable.

Whether you’re looking for something that is quirky and original or a fun and sweet gift, store-bought, customizable or truly handmade, we’ve got you covered here with our gallery of perfect gift ideas for your best friends. If you have any ideas, feel free to add them to the comment section below, and remember to like, and share KnowInsiders with your friends and family. Thanks for tuning in!

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