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Even an older car can be reliable if it’s been well-maintained, and treating your car right will not only save you money on repairs and greatly prolong your vehicle’s lifespan, but can even help you to reduce your environmental footprint. Research shows that a poorly maintained car can release as much as 100 times more pollution than one that has been well-kept.

So what exactly do you need to pay attention to when it comes to extending your used vehicle’s lifespan? Here are some of the most important things you should know, according to Lifehack.

1. Drive with inflated tires

Your car’s handling and performance are dependent on the proper inflation of its tires. Driving with inflated tires will not only make it easier for you to handle your car but will also provide you with better fuel economy. So, before you leave for that road trip, make sure that your car’s tires are properly inflated!

2. Read your owner’s manual

Most drivers leave their owner’s manual buried under a pile of napkins and receipts in the glove box. They forget that the manual has tons of important information inside, such as the recommended maintenance schedule and how to use important functions. If there's ever a question about how something works on your car or when to change fluids or filters, the first place to look is the owner's manual.

3. Keep up on fluid changes

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Engine oil isn’t the only fluid that needs attention. Other fluids that require periodic replacement include transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Drivers of four- or all-wheel drive vehicles need to be mindful of differential fluid and transfer case fluid too.

It’s imperative that you check your fluid levels and conditions between services. Keep an eye on your fluids to stay aware of problems, such as leaks, that could cause major damage if not remedied. It’s a good idea to check your fluids every couple of weeks, Quickanddirtytips suggested.

4. Drive less

Especially, avoid short journeys. Cold starts are hard on engines, your gas mileage, and the environment. Short journeys can also significantly shorten the life of your muffler. Basically, you get condensation in the exhaust when you start a cold engine, and if you don't run the car for long enough to evaporate all of the condensation out of the system, excessive amounts of water can accumulate in your muffler, and rust a hole through it.

5. Wash and wax regularly

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Washing and waxing your car regularly can help prevent a buildup of dirt as well as rust and water spotting on the paint, but how often you should wash it depends a lot on the season, climate and the type of roads you drive on.

Obviously, if you drive on fairly dusty roads in warmer climates or muddy roads in wet climates you’ll end up washing your car more frequently, but even during the colder months it’s important to wash or at least rinse your car once every week or two, as salt residue from the roads can build up on its surface and undercarriage, making it more susceptible to rust damage.

Waxing should be done at least three or four times a year, as this will help you to maintain your vehicle’s shine and color and can also help prevent small scratches, Lifehack noted.

6. Store your vehicle in the garage if possible

If your garage is crammed full of old stuff, maybe it's time for a yard sale – making room for your car is a much better use of space. Keeping your car inside protects it from the elements, flora, and fauna that can damage its paint. It also prevents it from getting covered in snow and ice on those chilly winter mornings.

7. Drive carefully

One of the best ways to increase the longevity of your vehicle is by driving carefully when you’re on the road and avoiding accidents. Driving carefully means accelerating slowly and being aware of cars, people, and structures around you, Caradvise advised.

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