Photo: Time Out
Photo: Time Out

Music is one of the most powerful ways that children learn, so we love adding music anytime we can to our own preschool themes and preschool curriculum.

We’ve put together our absolute best-loved songs for kids that children beg to listen to over and over again. Don’t worry, you’ll like these too! So grab your dance moves, warm up your singing voice, and get ready to play the best preschool song playlist!

“Baby Shark”

This list wouldn’t be complete with the smash-hit “Baby Shark.” Unfortunately, this song has won over kids all over the world. Its melody, lyrics and dance created a viral sensation. As a parent, you won’t be able to escape Baby Shark and its family, so you might as well accept Baby Shark as your new overlord, according to Fatherly.

“Wheels on the Bus”

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Photo: Pinterest

This song can get a bit grating after many hours of singing it, but for some reason, kids love the most repetitive songs that exist. Luckily for you, some adults have written multiple verses to this classic kids’ song, so you aren’t just singing “wheels on the bus” over and over again.

"We Are the Dinosaurs"

Laurie Berkner's tune dropped more than 20 years ago, but it doesn't get old. Young kids love the strong beat and the chance to act out the lyrics and pretend to be little dinosaurs; parents like the tune, which holds up even after 20,000 listens, Time out cites.

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"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

"Twinkle," as it's known to professional musicians, is a classic for a reason! It's legitimately gorgeous: Mozart wrote 12 variations on the song when he was at the height of his compositional powers. You don't need to listen to his harpsichord versions to enjoy its beauty—the lullaby is a soft, sweet and perfect goodnight tune for your tots.


This homage to David Bowie from Disney's animated hit Moana is voiced by Jemaine Clement, known to you and me as one-half of the "Flight of the Conchords." Your kids won't know, or care–they'll just like the catchy tune–but you're listening, too, and you should also enjoy the playlist.

"Let It Go"

Elsa knows how to bring it. The Queen of the cold melted hearts everywhere with her emotional hit, "Let It Go," which details the struggles she faces with her icy powers but this song will always hold a special place in our hearts.

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

Kids love this song because it features a great number of barnyard creatures. You could even incorporate stuffed animals into your performance.

“Hakuna Matata”

The ode to no worries is of course on this list. Even hearing it as an adult makes you feel just a little bit more lighthearted. You could just sing both Timon and Pumbaa’s parts yourself or switch off with your partner.


Everyone knows and loves Bingo the dog. This catchy tune is a lot of fun to dance around to with your kids and teaches letters and rhythm. It might be a subtle way to turn your kids into dog people.

“If Happy and You Know It”

Celebrate happiness with this fun kids’ song. Make sure to clap, stomp, and shout “hurray!” with enthusiasm. If you can’t remember the words, this video below featuring Elmo can help you out.

"The ABC Song"

This is where it all begins. Nobody has one the Nobel Prize without first mastering the alphabet, and the more you sing this song with your little genius the more likely a trip to Stockholm for the big prize is in the kittle tyke's future. That's just science.

“This Is the Way”

Before Daniel Tiger, this song taught kids how to get ready in the morning. It’s still an effective teaching tool today.

“Baa Baa Black Sheep”

This literal black sheep could talk, so this sheep was pretty neat. Emphasis on the “baa” will definitely get you more laughs from your kids.

“Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

This is a great song to sing to help educate your younger kids, but it can also be fun. Make it a race to see who can sing the song and do the movements the quickest.

“The Ants Go Marching”

This song will get your kids ready to stomp around the house and do their best soldier-ant impressions.

"You Are My Sunshine"

Simply put, "You Are My Sunshine" gives us a sense of comfort. The skies are no longer gray when we hear this soothing, beautiful ballad. It makes a great lullaby for little ones who seem averse to closing their eyes and getting some shuteye.

"Row Row Row Your Boat"

Making your way outdoors? Get the whole family involved in the fun with a singing session, starting with "Row Row Row Your Boat." It's simple, catchy and will give you a hankering to spend some quality time in nature.

"London Bridge is Falling Down"

This traditional English nursery rhyme details depredations of London Bridge and the many attempts to repair it. Although it's catchy and hard not to enjoy, some people take a gloomy approach and assume it may have even darker leanings. With the catchy beat, we certainly hope not!

The family armed with an arsenal of catchy, classic kids’ songs never need fear the long road trip or interminable snow day. Singing songs with your kids is a great way to keep the family entertained, whether or not it actually sounds good. The best kids’ songs are the ones' parents and kids can both sing easily even if no one in the family has the talent to turn it into anything other than a hobby.

Next time your kids want to hear “Baby Shark” or “Let It Go” for the one-millionth time, take matters into your own hands. Instead of just hitting play on an hour-long YouTube video that has all of the kids’ nursery rhymes queued up, which you know will drive you insane, sing silly songs to your kids or with your kids. Plus, kids' songs tend to be generous to those of us who struggle to keep a tune. You can sing along to a song, go a capella in front of their crib, or each takes up a verse.

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