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Just follow this article as Knowinsider has listed some of the useful natural remedies to help you ease your sore throat.

What is sore throat?

Sore throat often appears with that scratchy, itchy, painful-to-swallow feeling. Some episodes of pharyngitis (the more technical term for the miserable condition) come with colds or the flu, while others stand alone to create your misery. If you are once in this situation, don't worry.

Ease sore throat: Honey

A familiar name, right? Some research shows that honey works better at relieving sore throats than a placebo and dextromethorphan, a common over-the-counter medicine. Not only does it give the throat a protective coating, it also has antibacterial properties. "Honey contains a compound that is converted into hydrogen peroxide in addition to other antimicrobial compounds," shares Caroline Roberts, M.D., assistant residency director at UNC Family Medicine with the goodhousekeeping."However, children less than a year old should not be given any honey because of an increased risk of botulism."

Ease sore throat: Use warm and cold fluids.

The skinny: Sip on warm drinks, such as tea or chicken soup. (It’s not just for the soul!) Or try cold liquids, such as ice water or popsicles.

Doctor’s advice: Liquids help clear mucous membranes, keep things flowing and prevent sinus infections. Warm temperatures may also reduce coughs by soothing the back of the throat. Try both warm and cold to see what works best for you, as listed in the health.clevelandclinic.org.

Ease sore throat: Teas

"Warm drinks can be soothing for the throat," says Dana Neutze, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor at UNC Family Medicine. "There is a small amount of evidence that herbal teas, including marshmallow root, licorice root, and elm inner bark help with pain, but the reason is not known."

A popular research-backed one that combines all three is Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat. Ginger, sage, thyme, and chamomile teas may be worth a shot too.

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Ease sore throat: Saltwater Gargle

There’s a reason your mom or grandma probably told you to do this. "A saltwater gargle helps with swelling and keeping the mouth clean,” says Monika Jindal, M.D., a physician at Denver Health.

"Most recipes suggest ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt per cup of warm water." It’s totally safe (and easy on the wallet) to try several times a day while you’re in pain.

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