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Best Food s for Those Having a Toothache - Photo: Tahran Times

Soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, mashed potatoes are going to make it easier to get some nutrition without having to use the teeth to bite or crush food when having a toothache.

You have sore or sensitive teeth, make sure that you whip up some of the foods mentioned below for the best way to enjoy a comfortable meal:

Dairy products - Foods That Help Relieve Toothache

Dairy products are great food ideas when having a toothache. To be precise, go for the likes of yogurts and milk. You can also try cheese and scrambled eggs.

What these foods have in common is that they are soft and so they’re not going to cause any disturbances when you eat them. Milk and yogurt will undetectably sip through the teeth without awakening the pain. That makes them ideal more so if your tooth stops aching for a while, and you need something that will keep away hunger without disturbing the tooth.

Milk is also a source of calcium, which is known to be an essential element for your teeth.

You should, however, have them at food temperature if you want excellent results.

Mashed potatoes - Foods That Help Relieve Toothache

If you are in the mood of enjoying some vegetables, take mashed ones and to be precise, mashed potatoes. It is a very common food for kids since it doesn’t require any form of chewing, that is the main reason why it is on the list of best foods for anyone with a toothache. The mashing should be thorough so that you don’t end up having lumps accidentally landing on the sore tooth, causing problems. You should also avoid putting too much salt or too many spices. Those are some of the things that are popular for causing a toothache.

Soft cakes and sponge cakes - Foods That Help Relieve Toothache

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You can also consume soft cakes and sponge cakes though in limited amounts. These are the types of nourishments you should have for breakfast if at all you want something delectable, and you can’t stand any more pancakes. These cakes tend to come with a soft texture that is going to see you have an easy time consuming the foods. Make sure that the cakes you pick don’t have any toppings, and they should also not be too sugary to offset the pain. You can accompany them with milk and yogurt if you wish. Avoid the type of cakes that are going to put extra weight to weight to your painful tooth and trigger what you are trying to avoid all along.

Pureed meat - Foods That Help Relieve Toothache

Consuming proteins is essential even if you have a dental problem. You should thus continue taking your beef but in a different format. Make sure the meat puree comes with fewer spices before trying it. Eat when warm and not hot. Avoid pepper and other spices and ensure that you take the meal gently. If the spoon happens to clank on the aching tooth, then you are going to have a hard time calming it down. That is why most dentists advise you use a plastic spoon. It is among the tips on what to eat when having a toothache that is going to keep you in check.


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Whether it is greed or the fact that you can’t restrain yourself, you end up eating pasta every second day of the week. But when you’re having a particularly bad tooth day, pasta is the recommended item on the menu. It melts in your mouth and leaves no room for your teeth to exercise. Problem solved, according to Hungryforever.

Tuna and salmon

Your palette is tingling for something other than the taste of bitter painkillers; tuna and salmon are the right fish that can satisfy your seafood craving and avoid causing distress to your teeth.

Mashed fruits and vegetables

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Nothing spells a good work-out for your teeth like fruits and vegetables. But you are a slave to your diet and hence, require your daily dose of nutritional supplements. To make vegetables easier to eat, they have to be mashed till you achieve a smooth semi-solid consistency.


You don’t need to tell someone even with a tooth ache to gobble down custard and pudding. These sweet milk-based desserts can bypass any agonizing ache and by the time you know it, you’ll be too full to remember the tooth pain.

Soups with mushy ingredients

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Forsaking appetizers for soup? You must have a cold. Or in this case, a severe toothache. The soup can be light or thick, but the accompanying ingredients will need a good pounding before they are added to the broth.

Toothache: What To Avoid

Foods that are hard are on teeth are a bit trickier. Try to avoid foods that are high in acid content. These items include favorite like coffee and soda pop. Other acidic foods are citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

Tomatoes also fall in this category. Candy is out not only because of the sugar content, but sticky candy gets stuck in the teeth and can cause pain. Dried fruits may seem healthier but they have the same effect on your teeth as candy. Although dulling the senses with a glass of wine might seem appealing, alcohol decreases saliva production and the associated sugars are then left on your teeth and cause tooth pain.

Foods high in vinegar like pickles can also cause more decay, as Emergency Dental Omaha cites.

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